Theory: Mortal Kombat And Enter The Dragon Are The Same Movie

Theory: Mortal Kombat And Enter The Dragon Are The Same Movie

Here’s undeniable proof that Mortal Kombat and Enter the Dragon are indeed one and the same.

Or, as previously pointed out, maybe it shows how Mortal Kombat borrowed heavily from Enter the Dragon?

This clip is from YouTuber J. Matthew Turner, who recently showed how Ralph Macchio’s character is an unhinged sociopath in The Karate Kid, which I agree with.


  • monk + rich withe playboy + non-white non-male character equals 3 main characters, mortal kombat is about life, and half of the plot is ripped off… now read it backwards. half-life 3!!! it’s confirmed!

    oh wait, isn’t that dead yet?

  • I have no problem with this. It’s probably the reason why Mortal Kombat is the only video game movie to have not sucked.

  • To say Mortal Kombat and Enter The Dragon is the same movie is to completely ignore that Mortal Kombat is also half- Big Trouble In Little China. Ancient soul sucking sorceror? Flying thunder wielding warrior with large sedge hat? No nonsense blonde with attitude ending up the damsel in distress?

  • Hahaha, I’ve been saying this for years! Glad to finally see that I am not completely crazy.

  • Watching that video, BOLO is the “champion” in the movie Blood Sport. Blood Sport is actually where Mortal Kombat comes from as it was originally going to be a licensed game. The dragon in Mortal Kombat’s symbol is found in the movie and Johnny Cage is based on Van Damme

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