This Is The Best Grand Theft Auto V GIF Ever... For Today

It'll change in like the next day or something but, for now, this is the all-time best Grand Theft Auto V GIF. Seriously.

Like seriously — how do you top this? Man drives motorcycle. Does a flip in mid-air. Shoots down helicopter in mid-flip.

If this happened in a movie you'd be like naaaaaaah.

EDIT: Click the above link to watch.

But it's Grand Theft Auto V. These things just seem to happen.

Via Reddit


    Doesn't really look like he takes out the chopper though? just shoots it then it seems to crash itself. Could be wrong...

    I was totally confused, thank you Zombie Jesus.

    There is an option to have assisted aiming, my guess is he has that on..

    One could interpret the title to mean daily GTA gifs starting today.
    Please, please don't let that happen.

    That was awesome, but if that happened in PvP, I think he'd deserve a Giffy

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