Tomb Raider Headlines Next Month's Free Xbox Games

Tomb Raider Headlines Next Month's Free Xbox Games

Just after Sony revealed its PlayStation Plus lineup, Microsoft has announced which free games are coming your way on Xbox One and Xbox 360 next month.

It's not a surprise Microsoft would want to have more people playing Tomb Raider, given it's invested in Rise of the Tomb Raider being a timed exclusive for Xbox One. Plus, it's a great game, and if I lived in a world where there was more time in the day, I'd happily play it again.

Here's what's coming next month:

  • Deer God (Xbox One)

  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition (Xbox One)

  • Battlestations Pacific (Xbox 360 / September 1-15)

  • Crysis 3 (Xbox 360 / September 15-30)

Remember, with Xbox 360 games, they're only available for two weeks, for whatever reason. This is not the case on Xbox One.

Not familiar with Deer God? Have a trailer for the PC version.


    Nice to see regular retails for X1 GWG keep it up Msoft.

    Last edited 26/08/15 9:21 am

    Think it's time to buy an X1.

    It's hard to imagine who might have an Xbone and hasn't played the new Tomb Raider, but if that's you make sure you check it out. Fantastic game.

      I actually started playing it on my 360 but I will be jumping onto the X1 version without a doubt! Can't wait!

      That would be me :P too many games on the list at the moment, too many good games getting neglected at the moment!!


    Hopefully if MS keep this up it might light a fire under Sony to get them to improve the quality of their PS+ offerings. It used to be absolutely amazing value for money, but since PS4 came out and PS+ became mandatory for online play, the retail games have all but disappeared.

      *cough* Rocket League *cough*

        Rocket League is a great game, yes. It's not that the PS+ games on PS4 have been bad, but the value for money proposition is very different. On PS3 it used to be 1 or 2 full retail games every month. Things of the calibre of Red Dead Redemption, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Far Cry 3, Tomb Raider, Just Cause 2, etc.

        About the only retail games we've seen on PS4 that I can recall are Injustice Gods Among Us and Infamous First Light.

          Awww man
          I am only new to PS+ and I thought it was great...
          From what you are saying, it used to be even better, here's hoping that competition breeds quality once again


            From about 2012 onwards there was some amazing stuff on PS3. Like I said, there have still been some great games on PS4, but not retail stuff - certainly nothing of the calibre of what we got in the PS3 days.

              Am I the only one who thinks “Instant Game Collection” is intentionally misleading?

              I signed up to PS+ and was pretty annoyed to find that “instant” meant “monthly” and that all the games that I’d missed had been removed.

              Everyone understands that if you LEAVE PS+ that they take away your ability to play the games you’ve downloaded, but they should leave them up for at least a year so that there’s an element of instant collection in their “instant collection”.

                Well I think there are usually about 6 a month (2 each for PS3, PS4 and Vita). 6 is a collection :P

                It used to work a little differently where there were a couple of games that would hang around long term (about 6 months or a year, I think... struggling to remember), while the others would rotate in and out each month.

        Rocket League was a surprise indie level hit. Nothing retail about it.

    I love these deal... but man they are making my pile of shame grow and grow

    That's 5 retail games so far. Sony has offered 4. Good stuff, hope they both keep it up.

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    Deer God looks pretty sweet, but personally I've been hanging out for Tomb Raider to come to GWG for a while now

      Actually interesting both Tomb Raider and AssCreed Black Flag had GWG outings on the 360 so maybe we'll see the X1 versions of Thief and Sleeping Dogs in the not too distant future...

    Already bought Tomb Raider (and Crysis 3!) - great freebie though

    That Deer game looks pretty cool

    Time to sell it back to eb. Got xbone version and 360 version. Ill make a huge profit of.... $10.... prob.

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