Ubisoft Has Delayed Rainbow Six: Siege From October 13 To December 1

Ubisoft has delayed Rainbow Six: Siege from October 13 to December 1, citing player feedback as a reason the team needs a few more weeks to polish the game up. The upcoming closed beta will still kick off on September 24, however.

Normally a date like December 1st would be a placeholder date, but here's hoping Ubisoft wouldn't risk the embarrassment of two delays in such a short time. More eyes will be on the beta now, as people try to discern exactly what kind of feedback led to the delay.


    I smell a rat. Not convinced this is going to be up to snuff.

    Can anyone say they are surprised after the batch of shitty games ubi has been releasing lately. This definitely has me worried for the division

    lol i was meant to be in the beta and haven't received an invite :/ when did it start ?

    I'd say there's still a 100% chance it will be busted at launch. Do not trust Ubiscum.

    Please don't screw this up Ubi....
    Then again, I've lost all hope for The Division so it won't be too hard to add Siege to the list.

    When it comes to Ubisoft, delays can only ever be a good thing.

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