Uncharted Trailer Cuts Together Some Of The Best Scenes From The First Three Games

Uncharted Trailer Cuts Together Some Of The Best Scenes From The First Three Games

Normally I’d feel bad for wanting a remaster — except this one.

As someone who played through the Uncharted 2 story more times than I care to admit, it’s hard for me to not want to immediately drop money down on Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

I’ve deliberately held off from playing the original because I had a hunch a few years ago that it would get a re-release at some point, so I’m going to be able to enjoy the series with some fresh perspective when it launches on October 7.

If you’re not quite as excited as me, then perhaps this latest trailer will get you there. It cuts together some of the better scenes from the first three games, showing you a little of Drake’s progression as a thief and his relationship with Sully over that time.

It’s basically exactly how I’d want to promote the game. All of the footage is supposedly captured on a PS4 as well, giving people a chance to check out what Bluepoint (the studio handling the remaster) has done to touch up the first game in particular.

Some of the models are still a bit weak, although Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 still look pretty reasonable. And the animations in Uncharted 3 look like they’re pretty passable for 2015 too.

I’ve rewatched the trailer three times now while writing this story. I’ll probably watch it again this evening. The Uncharted collection is coming. Are you excited?


  • Oh man i cannot wait for this.
    Might need to buy a PS4 for it.

    Would like to see if they have a UC branded PS4 bundle.

    Alas, i will be over seas in October and part of November 🙁

  • I’ve not really followed this since the announcement, any idea if the gameplay has been altered at all? As in is it uncharted 1 remade in the uncharted 3/4 engine or just a fresh coat of paint and an emulation profile slapped onto the original

    • I read somewhere a while back (can’t remember where now) that they’ve made some game play tweaks to the first game to bring it more in line with the other two. Not sure exactly what that entails… Removing the motion control stuff, maybe?

      • I’d be happy if it was just fixing up some of the random bugs and control/camera issues from the first game. Some parts later in the game were way harder than they should’ve been because of that stuff.

      • I think I remember hearing that they’ve tweaked the aiming from the first game, so that you no longer have to fire a whole clip in the hopes of eventually hitting a barn door…

  • I just finished Golden Abyss on the Vita, the only game not included in the remaster. So yes, I’m excited (although I played a quarter through the first Uncharted and I hope they’ve tightened up those ‘waves & waves of enemies’ bit in the dungeons)

    • Did you play the second or third games? They shit all over the first one. The original was a great game for its time, but hasn’t aged all that well. It looks and feels like a rough prototype compared to the other two (the second one in particular), which are about the most polished action / adventure games that money can buy.

    • I would rank them:
      UC3 (I know not the popular opinion)
      Golden Abyss

      But needless to say they are all brilliant. Day 1 purchase for mine

        • Remind us again why you bother with preorder? 😛

          Retail has the advantage that it will work on a friend’s PS4 (or you can resell it), and it will keep working when Sony eventually shuts down the PS4 part of PSN. Which we all know they will do eventually. Whereas digital cannot be resold, and eventually will stop working.

          (That said, I have way too many games in my digital library. Too much clutter to keep buying physical media.)

          • I don’t preorder as a rule, I only mentioned it in the context of pricing comparison – JB is currently 8 dollars more expensive. Plus if PSN gets taken offline, good luck trying to get physical discs to work.

          • Speaking from personal experience – my Internet was offline for a week or so recently – this depends a lot on the title you’re playing. Some games play without any trouble at all, others with no apparently online functionality whatsoever refuse to even show the title screen.

            I would like to think that before PSN support is yanked there will be a final firmware patch that basically fakes online functionality, but rather suspect any such belief to be wildly optimistic. Certainly there won’t be anything to fix strictly online functionality – witness the fate of the XBox.

            Once the hard drive goes (post-PSN) there’s probably no hope…

      • I thought UC3 was better mechanically (for the most part) but I loved the story and setting of the second game more. Both very close for me though.
        I never got around to finishing Golden Abyss, might need to dust the Vita off and play through it along with the other games when this collection comes out.

  • Looking forward to this! a lot. I have already watched the trailer a few times, and shared to a few a friends, and watched it again after i posted it on their fb lol

    That was a really well done trailer! I haven’t touched uncharted 1, 2 and 3 were brilliant. So glad this is happening :D!!!!!

    • Seems like it… The music didn’t sound familiar to me, at least. I do love the music from these games, though.

      I wasn’t planning on buying this as my gaming plate is already pretty full. But the closer it gets, the more tempting I’m finding it.

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