We Shall Wake Looks Like Dynasty Warriors Meets Dragon Ball Z

We Shall Wake Looks Like Dynasty Warriors Meets Dragon Ball Z

Now that’s some cool-looking combat. We Shall Wake‘s high-speed, higher-flying combat looks like it was conceived in a steamy love-making/127-episode planet-destroying battle between Dragon Ball Z and Dynasty Warriors. Enemies everywhere, like somebody cartwheel-kicked an ant hill. Punches and kicks roaring overhead like a storm. Development is ongoing, but it already looks sweet.

If all goes according to plan, We Shall Wake is going to be much more than a slick aerial punchmans game. Primary influences range from Dark Souls to PlayStation 2 cult hit RPG Dark Cloud.

Current features (prototypes/finished features already present in the game) include:

  • Functional and detailed Move-Set customisation system
  • Flexible menu system (designed and improved after Morrowinds UI)
  • Crazy combat, reminiscent of Metal Gear Rising, Devil May Cry, and Kingdom Hearts.
  • High speed, flexible, fluid movement
  • Each level is either pre-made or generated by our detailed custom rogue-like algorithms
  • Dark Cloud-esque Item Synthesizing System and Town-Builder
  • Incredibly detailed AI, driven by generated “DNA” systems that give each one their own look, feel, and personality
  • Participate in the battle by changing the tide of a dynamically evolving war
  • Detailed lore shown through a minimalist approach, Dark Souls style
  • Dozens of different enemy types each with their own AI decision making algorithms

Planned features (will be done sometime in the future) include:

  • Over 10 bosses, each with pre-built arenas
  • Three completely different environments to explore with their own secrets to be found
  • Items to build and find – explosives, gadgets, and weapons
  • Adaptive boss AI

That’s a shit-ton of stuff, especially for a small indie project. More power to them, though. I would love to play that game, if We Shall Wake‘s developers can actually make it happen.

You can try the latest demo of the game on PC if you donate. If you’d prefer not to, you can watch a few more videos of the game in action on YouTube. So, what do you think?


  • The problem with name dropping (especially in large quantities) is that it’s very subjective and games mean many different things to many different people. It also seems to be a very large and diverse list which makes me worried it will detract from the core focus of epic and fast paced battle. I’m super keen to see how this goes though. Hopefully it’s a proper brawler and doesn’t go down the “Lots of enemies standing around waiting their turn” route. The fact that it makes me think of Casshern only serves to raise my hype levels to over 9000.

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