Remember This?

Congrats to DG who totally guessed that yesterday's Remember This was Parasite Eve. Nicely done.

It seems like a lot of you are in favour of a return to Scribbletaku. Which is alright by me.

We'll get it kicking this coming Monday. Look forward to it!

Good luck with today's Remember This.


    I was thinking along the lines of a metal gear at first......only fitting for today right??? Looks like crimson skies

      Crimson Skies confirmed

      Good guess!

      With a name like Baron, you would know it's Crimson Skies ;)

    reminds me of the sort of ground textures from something like NOLF or Serious Sam or Soldier of Fortune (or some other shooter of the era), but it's probably going to be from one of the console games I haven't actually played >.

    Final Fantasy VIII

    Maybe it's time for a new -taku. Singtaku, doodletaku, haitaku, raptaku, riddletaku, who knows?

      Interpretive dancetaku.

        Can you imagine Serrels doing interpretive dance?

        I would crowdfund this.


            I would be so freaking happy if this became a thing.

            We could get Serrels to do a dance with Simon Pegg, and then try to tell them apart. It would quite possibly be the pinnacle of human history.

            Last edited 01/09/15 2:53 pm

    It reminds me of crouching down in Metal Gear Solid, looking across to the guard towers.

    One of the Civ games, I think. Civilization IV or V maybe.

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