Remember This?

Oh boy! I've got a live one! Taking it to day 2. It's been a while. In your face everyone!

Here's yesterday's clue for easy reference:

Good luck friends!


    I still say its FFX. You're picture must be wrong Serrels! :p

    Perfect Dark Zero

      Bang on!

        Holy crap! That was a total honest guess. I thought the second photo looked like a temple from one of the later levels.

          Well done mate. Even reverse searched it and it came up with nothing so you did damn well :D *high five*

      Wasn't this one of the launch titles for the 360?

      Was so disappointed when I read the reviews for it, as Perfect Dark on 64 was fantastic!

    I'm leaning toward FF12, it could be a picture taken in Rabanastre.

    Looks like doom to me

    Biker Mice from Mars!!!!

      Kinda hoping if Remember This? Gets shelved, that the last game is Bike Mice from Mars :P

        Today is the last day. :(


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