Remember This?

Well, looks like you all need a second clue!

Yay! I really like it when we have to take Remember This to a second day. THE DRAMA.

Anyway, here's yesterday's clue for reference:

Good luck everyone!


    It reminds me of a lifesaving tower or... look, I dunno. I have doughnuts on this....
    Baywatch: the game? (not affiliated with Baywatch: the breast identification guessing game.)

    Lylat wars or maybe Fzero X....

    Last edited 09/09/15 12:25 pm

    No idea what this game is, but the next game will be Rampage.

    Lego Island! So many wasted childhood hours in that game

      Oh, it definitely is! I haven't thought about that game in years. Had so much fun with it as a kid.

        It was a great game, but I wasted so much time playing it again and again and again. I probably finished it around 20 times. Never found out what was behind that door in the cave though.

      YOU WIN!!!

      Edit: Beaten to the punch. Curse you, Dr_Neeson... if that is even your real name.

      I don't think it's quite the right screenshot for today's clue, but it definitely is for yesterdays.

      Last edited 09/09/15 1:13 pm

        My internet is very resticted at work, best I can do is wikipedia lol.

        It's not my real name, and I'm not even a doctor :(

        Last edited 09/09/15 1:53 pm

          Just like that other fake doctor.

          I can see it now. You bust in... "Hi Everybody!"

          "Hi Dr. Nee(k)"

          Last edited 09/09/15 2:24 pm

      Dammit, I picked it from that second thumbnail but you've well beat me to it!

      Well done!

    Looks like a low res version of motherboard from MGSV :P

    An early version of Formula 1 ?

    I was thinking Terminal Velocity but that can't be it.

    I am also thinking Microprose's F117A Stealth Fighter or Something from Microprose????

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