Congrats to tr33t0ps who did a great job of guessing that yesterday's ScribbleTaku. It was Commander Keen!

I thought everyone would assume it was Ocarina of Time, which some people did. But yeah. You are all too good at this.

Good luck with today's effort. It's by me!

If you have any suggestions or scribbles of your own, send them my way, we'll post them on the site!


    The Dig.

    Edit: I said so in gist, but for some reason I actually think it is!

    Last edited 18/09/15 12:19 pm

    They look like mushrooms
    Alice in wonderland?

      Although for some reason I feel like it is from a Kings quest game. The Perils of Rosella perhaps


      I see it now that you mention it!

      The object on the right has to be a Silt Strider. Just seeing it gives me a Seyda Neen vibe.

        *looks at picture again*
        *goes to buy sandwich*

    Metroid Prime

    Tomba/Tombi? The part with the laughing crying mushrooms and those damn jumping flowers

    Tomba! / Tombi!

    Donkey Kong 64.

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