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  • Morning, TAY!

    I lost my first Splatfest over the weekend. Damn Team Tidy, you ruined my streak! It’s everybody else’s fault but mine. (Just goes to show how little you personally actually contribute to the total scores though. I think my teams only lost around 5 or so times throughout the entire day but Team Messy dominated both the popular vote and win-rate. Ah well, still got 18 Snails).

    Also I made some more Mario Maker courses if anybody is still playing. Here’s a code for one! 0435-0000-0055-3D54

    • Team tidy nooooo. How could we possibly lose with our desire for uniform and thorough ink coverage?? Oh well, didn’t get a chance to play too much yesterday, at least I won most of my matches.

  • Hey broooooooos and brooooosephines!

    Anyone played The Ties That Bind yet?
    I’m keen to start putting together some global stats on player choices, so please give it a go, and let me know the results code the game spits out for you.

    I’m also keen to receive any feedback you might have, regarding the balance, your satisfaction with the availability of choices, glitches, bugs, and any other comments you might have. This is a prototype and all feedback collected will inform future development!


  • What up Taybees?

    I had a pretty cool weekend, hung out with @rocketman on Saturday. Went and saw Dragon Ball Resurrction F which was surprisingly good. I was expecting it to be stupid but it was genuinely good. Although I had to ask rockets who half the characters were because I hadn’t seen the previous movies.

    Spent the rest of my weekend playing Destiny, finally hit level 40 and finishing most of the soloable quests. Enjoying the endgame now. Much easier to get gear instead of just never getting anything of value. Also tried one of the old raids with @cakesmith @blaghman and @saturday … it ended about the way you would expect it to. =P

  • Thanks @os42 and @blaghman for the raiding!
    Took out first boss Sunday night.

    And Grats to all you cats who have already cleared it.
    “shakes fist”

    • Congrats on the boss clear! Get anything good? And thanks for the opportunity to reexamine that first boss – learnt a few new things my earlier group had missed. So far, we’re three bosses down. Had a crappy haul, tho – a ghost shell, a class item, and a few mouldering shards. That said, the raid itself is amazing, so I don’t mind too much. 😀

      • Yeah got an awesome machine gun – heals you on triple kills and reloads itself when stowed, as well as bonus damage vs taken 😀
        Looks badass to.boot.

        The whole thing is great so far, just gotta find a consistent team.

  • My pebble time steel finally arrived on friday, at the same time as the seiko I ordered to stave off the horologically-induced shakes. Both are fantastic, the Seiko will be getting more of a workout when I go diving in Fiji next month.

    I’ve also gone for a moustache for the first time in my life without it looking stupid. This is quite the milestone achievement.

    And super Mario maker is giving me Mario paint flashbacks of when I competed on A-maze-ing. I still have that gameboy somewhere…

  • Hi.

    Post spoilered because it’s sad.

    My baby sister Sophie passed away last week. She was only 27. She hadn’t been well, but developed a serious infection and ended up on the ICU. I got the news on Monday afternoon and flew to Darwin on Tuesday morning. She passed away that night. I’m very grateful that she passed surrounded by her family, a couple of hours difference and she would have been on her own.

    The funeral is on Friday. This is going to be a very long week.

    I ran the Bridge Run yesterday in her memory.

  • Morning TAY
    Had a nice weekend just full of little things rather than big activities. Work on Saturday and then grabbed some fish for dinner. Got home and Tiglet drove me to drink so I had some of the wine I opened on Friday night. So basically just played with her until dinner was ready. Then when I wanted to play GW2 there was an update so I I just chatted with a friend for a while.
    Sunday Mrs Tigs went to the market so left us at home. We played some blocks and then did some vacuuming. Exciting stuff. Although I did work out I can actually get some vacuuming done is I have the front facing carrier and have Tiglet strapped to me while I do it.
    Then after we finished that we decided to treat ourselves so went down to the cafe for coffee and cake. I got a rather nice apple and berry crumble and Tigelt had the banana bread. So once we were done there, Mrs Tigs came home and had stuff for a picnic lunch so after Tiglet woke up we went down to a park. Lots of puppy dogs and bikes and trains so it was nice.
    Before dinner I managed to get some more cleaning done, sorting out the spice rack area which has been upsetting me for a while.
    Then ended up staying up too late to finish off some work but that was a good weekend.

  • Just chucking in a reminder for pax meat!
    I have 33 people confirmed. We have room for 80! So tell yo friends, tell yo family! =P
    Also, do people attending want catering? It’s an extra charge which depends on what food you want.

    • Catering like last year with lots of little foods or catering as in full-on dinners?

      Also: @tech_knight I sent you the payment via Paypal a while back, did you receive it?

      • They are platters. Platters or canapes
        Tier One – $88.00 per platter (20 pieces)
        Mushroom arancini served with aioli
        Bruschetta with roast peppers with marinated feta & thyme
        Sautéed silverbeet and haloumi filo parcel
        Chicken and leek pies
        Sausage rolls with a tomato and capsicum chutney
        Mini pizzas

        Tier Two – $100.00 per platter (20 pieces)
        Sautéed silverbeet and haloumi filo parcel
        Shepherds pie with capsicum chutney
        Charred garlic and herb calamari with ginger & lime aioli
        Corn cake with sautéed mushroom sour cream and chives
        Spiced eggplant and chicken skewers with mint yogurt
        Cinnamon French toast brioche with crispy pancetta crème fraiche almonds and maple
        Garlic butter king prawns
        Rare peppered beef with caramelised onion & beetroot horseradish on crouton. A reminder that Freeze is allergic to prawns, so if you want this, please be careful.

        Tier Three – $120.00 per platter (20 pieces)
        Duck pancake with cucumber garlic chive & a ginger dressing
        Marinated goats cheese walnut & caramelised onion tart with kale and truffle oil
        Lime cured scallops with pickled ginger purple carrot & Sheso
        Rosemary lamb skewers
        Smoked trout with salmon roe radish & cane pepper fraiche on quinoa & potato latke
        Freeze may also be allergic to scallops. Please don’t shove them in his face, he’s had enough hospital visits this year.

        Tier Four – Mini Dish $150.00 per platter (20 pieces)
        Pulled pork sliders with potato wedges
        Spicy chicken ribs & herb polenta chip cones
        Snapper fillets on velvet mash with a butter leek & caper sauce
        Garlic beef lettuce cups with purple carrot cucumber coriander & sweet chili lime dressing
        Kransky in warm buns with home made chutney dijon mustard & a light sprout salad

        Tier Five – Petite Sweets $110.00 per platter (20 pieces)
        Cinnamon apple crumble
        Mini lemon meringue
        Berry trifle
        Chocolate coated profiteroles with crème patisserie
        Cream brûlée

        • I reckon we should probably kick in for some of these. Happy to put in some extra toward it. Hopefully we’ll actually get a chance to eat them before they disappear this time too! 😛

  • Morning all. Hope you had a good weekend.

    I am still working through the Taken King content, as well as catching up on House of Wolves and Dark Below backstory. Would be keen to hit up strikes with Kotaku people if you’re up for it. I’m sibalicious on PSN. With the new loot drop rates, light progression system and story it feels like a whole new game.

  • Morning all!
    How was every body that belonged to a person’s weekend?
    Mine was full of non-gaming related activities like 3 dancing achievement exams Saturday morning, taking my son to the mid-autumn lantern festival, having dinner with friends, going for a 4 hour hike on Sunday followed by more gym. I’m tired today 🙁 Please send sleep posthaste!

    • See above
      Sounds like a nice weekend for you, but based on TAY this morning it sounds like there is a sleep shortage, STOCK UP NOW!!!!

  • “I think one of the things that we won’t be looking to do very soon is World of Dancing Unicorns.” — Wargaming’s head of EU marketing Keith Anderson, talking about what new games Wargaming will and will not be working on. What the hell @batguy, you had best sort your bosses priorities out

    • It’s kind of hard to see anything that Wargaming could do now. They’ve got Tanks, they’ve got Planes (though World of Warplanes was a flop compared to War Thunder) and now they have Ships. What’s left, aside from the obvious (unicorns)?

      The answer is for Disney to throw the rights to Star Wars to them and ask them to make a World of Warships-esque game with the various capital ships of the Star Wars universe

        • Submarines wouldn’t really work. Their bread & butter is team-based PVP with lots of tiered vehicles. They deliberately left submarines out of World of Warships after trying them very early on in the design phase and realizing they broke the balance of the game. The issue was that they were basically undetectable and realistically only Destroyers and Cruisers had a hope of detecting and combating them, but torpedoes are so powerful that you would usually not get a chance. As it is, right now the IJN Destroyers can blindside you with torpedoes in the water before you even see they’re there.

          • That could be a balance issue with trying to add it to WoW. If you locked it down to subs as sub vs sub might work. It is an odd one for sure and how it would work with the PVP who knows. Probably not fast paced enough for them. Have something like ship convoys like the original ground troops in War Thunder that are AI controlled.

        • I forgot they picked up Master of Orion. That was a great old series.

          P.S. World of Warships has gotten its hooks into me bigtime.

  • I just want to shout out to my fellow Humans and/or Unhumans from Brisbane.


    I saw Jay and Silent Bob Get Old at the Tivoli on Saturday night. Great show, he spent most of it talking about Tusk, Moose Jaws and Cop Out. Mr Smith did also read an extract from the Moose Jaws script, I’m super pumped for it!

    Also for the movie buffs,

    The Gallery of Mordern Art is playing classic western movies until November.
    They are playing Mad Max 2 this Friday (25th) at 8:30, I kinda get how it’s westernish but any who……
    I also believe they are showing it with an original 35mm print <3

  • Finished The Witcher 3’s story on the weekend. I don’t see any game this year beating it out for GOTY for me…and that’s including Fallout 4. Time will tell, I suppose.

    • My thoughts are similar. I’ve played some excellent things this year, but Witcher was an unexpected delight.

      If only for the attention to detail in quests, consequences, cause-and-effect actually taking place out in the world. That’s a world that was paid attention to.

      I played Dragon Age (still haven’t finished, intend to do so) last week, week before, and noticed two quests which had steps which had been completed out of order and thus resulted in incorrect dialogue. Witcher 3? They almost always anticipated that and rather than just blocking you off and not letting the quest progress until you did things in order, it just got factored in to the world naturally.

      Something so simple shouldn’t be such a revolution, but now that I’ve experienced it, it’s noticeable anywhere I see it missing.

      • The only time I remember The Witcher 3 not reacting to order changes was with the Godlings. I cleared the one in the house first, and so he sees her and is like “Ahh, a Godling.” And I was like “Cool, he just recognises her kind. Nice, nice.” But then when I met Johnny in the Swamp he does the whole “Are you a dungleberry, a drumpkinburg? Oh, no, a Godling” and it’s like YES YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT GERALD(sic) YOU SAW ONE TWO HOURS AGO.

          • I can understand it working fine if you do it in the right order, but if you do it wrong he assumes correctly the first time, then fucks about the second, which doesn’t make sense.

          • From what I recall of the sequence, he meets the swamp one when it’s hiding pretty deep in the cave and isn’t entirely visible.

      • The thing that impressed me the most about Witcher 3 is that CDPR finally managed to make something that wasn’t shit. I reinstalled the first one after finishing 3 and I REALLY tried to like it, honest I did but it was just so damned awful… It was so bad that I sent them a tweet suggesting that they remake 1 & 2 in the engine of 3 just because I want the story but there’s only so much crap I can endure for it.

        When I initially played the first one, I hated it so much that I completely disregarded the second and it never got a look in. By contrast I loved the third one so much that I’m now tempted to get the second and see if it’s playable. Now that I think of it, the same thing happened with ARMA, 1 was abysmal and so I never ended up getting 2 until last year by which time it was too late since I was playing 3.

        I also really liked the way Witcher 3 had variables in the missions although I’d have preferred it if all the variables actually worked and all of the quests were able to be finished. I’ve still got a quest to find that merchant you can help hide from the guard (in Novigrad I think) and he just stands there at his new position being all unresponsive. There’s also the end of Skellige’s Most Wanted where you win the fight but it doesn’t trigger the finish. There has to be some kind of progressive trait that the trigger is looking for and isn’t finding it, probably from something like a rename or typo. Some people have managed to finish it so it has to be substantially more complex than an “is boss health <1” check.

        All of that said, fucking great game and I’m almost definitely going to buy the DLC when I read a few reviews of it. I doubt they’ll do the Arkham Knight style disappointment but it pays to be wary.

        • I struggled a bit with the first and ended up settling for watching a YouTube video. The second is very playable. It set my expectations for 3 and those were blown away.

          • Hmm, well I may end up grabbing it on sale one of these days, if nothing else it’d be nice to have a save to import for replaying 3

        • Witcher 1 had average combat but I could easily forgive it because it was an amazing game and story. I don’t regret any of my time with it, and considering I’ve played it multiple times over the years it’s a fair chunk of time 😛

          I was surprised when I saw a tonne of people complaining about Skellige’s Most Wanted, because it went off without a hitch for me. Shame that’s not the case for everyone, because it was a fun little experience that hopefully made people think a little bit more about how they approach certain in-game events.

        • See, I really liked the first one. I got the CE on the cheap way back, completely blind. It was on sale somewhere just after launch for like $50 because no one was interested and I grabbed it. Was immediately struck by the insane attention to detail. Combat sucked, but everything else about it was fascinating and a great contrast to the stuff I would normally have been playing (IIRC I went into it off the back of KotOR)

          The Witcher 2 is a vastly better game and honestly the only huge difference between 2 and 3 is the fact that 3 is in a larger open world. I knew I was going to love TW3 going in based off experience with the previous two.

          If they can hit the same level again with Cyberpunk 2077 I’d have no hesitation saying they’re the best RPG developer out there now.

  • Hola Tayberinos.

    Back at work today after 3 sick days last week. Voice is shot, not above a whisper, but otherwise I’m feeling a lot better.

    Spent my sick days working on my Pip Boy, which is getting there, and watching Netflix. I don’t think I’d ever seen any of the Godfather movies all the way through, or if I had I’d forgotten- I reckon I’d watched up until Sonny getting killed in part one and Vito stealing the rug in part 2, so remedied that. Also played a chunk of DA:I, mostly tooling around, and on Saturday felt better enough to get back into MGS V, which is just fantastic. One of my favourite gameplay loops ever I think, it just feels right.

    Yesterday was feeling a lot better than I had so went to the ConCentric board game convention that I was SUPPOSED to be at Fri-Sun. Played some new ones to me (tokaido, Roll to Power, Ra) and some older favourites (Qwirkle, 7 Wonders, Pandemic). Bought Quantum second hand, so looking forward to getting it to the table.

    A Monday Morning Question: Sure, we have our board game conventions and comic-cons and Paxes, but what convention would you organise if given carte blanche?

    • The FreezAppreCon. A week long convention for people to gather and celebrate how awesome and funny and handsome that FreezeSPreston fella is.

    • Robocon, appreciation for all robot/android characters in series/movies/video games, mainly revolving around artificial intelligence and how far it’s gotten.

      This could also be known as a Skynet Demo 😛

    • A Musical Theatre (and Movie, I guess) Convention.

      You’d get stars from the latest shows giving talks about what it’s like, highly organised flash mobs throughout the day, I’d have an excuse to invite Tim Minchin and just like, talk to him so much. I’d have to have Stephen Schwartz, Hugh Jackman, and Idina Menzel there as well.

      Basically I’d just use it as an excuse to try and hang out with the elite of musical theatre. And have none of them turn up to my musical convention.

      Oh man, I could strike out on Anna Kendrick. That would be fantastic.

      • Wait, Lucy Durack. Oh yeah, I could strike out so hard there.

        And be intimidated by Jack from So You Think You Can Dance, because that dude didn’t think he could dance, he fucking knew it (played Link in the recentish Aussie run of Hairspray).

  • “No games 2015” is a failure.

    I allowed myself 3 exceptions: Bloodborne, Witcher 3, and Fallout 4.
    But I was weak. I caved.

    In a fit of retail therapy, I bought MGSV.
    (Which is amazeballs levels of fun. Damn, you guys, propelling men and animals into the sky NEVER GETS OLD. EVER. AND THE DOG IS ADAWWWWWABLE I LOVE HIM AND WANT TO PET HIM AND PLAY WITH HIM AND GIVE HIM CUDDLES)

    The only way this could be salvaged is to swap FO:4 with MGSV and call that the 3. I could probably survive the month and a half without it, especially with holidaying, but the Collector’s Edition Pipboy necessitates the 2015 purchase.

    I’ll still finish the race anyway, but the 9th month lapse means disqualification in my eyes; continuing is merely symbolic. My willpower… it is not strong.

    • I think that the sheer volume of games you’ve managed to avoid buying makes this year/exercise a win for you. Also, the 3 games thing is a nice idea until you realise that Fallout 4 could be the fourth game you buy. It’s like maths is telling you it’s OK. Right? RIGHT?!?


      *dives out the window*

      • I think that the sheer volume of games you’ve managed to avoid buying makes this year/exercise a win for you.

        Yeah. I think as long as he doesn’t go berserk during the holiday period (the real cash/time sink) it’s a pretty big win.
        Besides, one year, one month, ten months, thirteen months, they’re random points in time. One year just happens to sound nice. If he set out to do six months without games he’d be patting himself on the back, but instead it’s a failure because an unanticipated game showed up nine months into it (we all knew MGSV was coming, but we thought it’d be MGS5 not this crazy awesome new take on the series). If he tries it again he’ll have the advantage of a personal best to aim to beat rather than just a random date on the calendar.

        Plus if he tries it again next year he’ll know to leave himself a wildcard to allow for a situation like this (maybe attach some conditions, like a month long cooling off period). It might sound like cheating, but I think MGSV proved that the original rule set needed refinement to handle this. Odds are it’ll make it easier to resist buying an unplanned game because it’ll cost him the wildcard he might want to use later.

      • Rize brings me up… and you put me back down. Where I belong. In the dirt. Like the miserable, weak-willed worm that I am.

    • Looking back I’ve actually had a pretty tame year…. Mostly thanks to money spent in/on MMO’s =P That said yours puts me to shame!

      I think I’ve only bought Wolfenstein The Old Blood; Bloodborne; Witcher 3 and MGSV. Only remaining purchase for the year is FO4. No wait… there was also Helldivers, Oreshika Tainted Bloodlines….. *frowns at self control* [email protected]

    • MGSV is allowable under the same pattern that established the purchase of the other 3 – these are not yearly retail treadmill releases, they are big projects that have taken a lot of time and effort to deliver to a grand vision.

  • I ended up buying The Taken King. I’m not sure if it’s worth the $70, but it’s nice to play though an actual story in the game.

      • The first time I really started having fun, I think, and not just going through the motions was when I did that quest where Ikora Rey sends you back to the Vault of Glass.

        It was the first thing to show up as ‘hard’ on the level-selection for me, and initially it was. At one point I couldn’t just yawn while face-rolling because I was getting overwhelmed by enemies, and died like… four times before waking up.

        • Yeah, before that mission I was having fun; subclass was great, game structure and narrative was so much better ect. But was just cruising.
          But it was only on that mission that I started to respect and pay attention to the Taken as an enemy. That they went from kinda cool looking but same old to unholy foes that will mess you up if you take them lightly.

          Was a good moment.

  • Gave Starship Titanic a try. But after two IRQ errors in a row I put it aside.

    Might try again later inside a VM but for now, I’m not risking my physical box.

    But at least GOG has replicated the whole experience, including the QuickTime style IRQ errors, :-P.

  • Hello TAY.

    Spectacularly shitty weekend.

    Dead quiet at work. I’m bored.
    Looking at assessments I should be doing & I have zero motivation to do them.
    Zero motivation for anything right now to be honest.

    How’s things with you lot?

    • Yeeaaaah, that’s a bit shit. Try and stay positive, cut down the communication with her (or you’ll make yourself feel shittier) and in short order you’ll be amazing women with your manly beard and knowledge of bands no one has heard of.

      Quiet as hell here too, because school holidays, and I’m also still too new to have any project work to do. I’ve spent most of my morning reading software manuals to wrap my head around OH GOD IT’S JUST AS BORING EXPLAINING IT TO PEOPLE.

      • how fantastic are school holidays?
        none of the distractions & all the extra time to put off doing things is pretty great.

        I’m just doing mindless processing of journals trying to find authorities for certain requirements of a valid contract.

    • Sorry I couldnt make yesterday, was quite ill for half of it.

      My day is the calm before the storm of my performance review. and the calm before the storm of my work system change tonight

    • SO i am going to delve into the bank of Rocket stories because this happened a long time ago and i think our situations are pretty similar

      About 3-4 years ago now i started talking to this girl, lets call her Blaghman, now blaghman and i talked all the time, I hadn’t ever had a girlfriend and i didnt really talk about it because it was a odd situation. Blaghman lived in a different state and through our talking we formed a weird long distance relationship. It went on for like 6 months of talking everyday, first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I was excited that anyone was intersted in me and was really excited that we had plans to do some stuff when i went on a holiday to see her. 2 days before i went to see her she pretty much told me that she made a mistake and that she didnt want to talk to me anymore, she blocked all forms of communications with me to this day. I still occasionally think of emailing her and at least telling her no hard feelings. Its a loose end in my life and it bugs me way more than it should. I was a emotional wreck for ages and ages. But time has at least partially healed. I dont blame her and im not mad. It just makes me sad that i lost at the very least a cool friend.

      Tl;Dr i hope your okay, your situation sucks, i can empathize. Fell better soon.

    • As shit as it is, at least there is some closure there. Last time you spoke of this it was on very rocky shores but you had no idea where you actually stood. You might now be adrift in the middle of an ocean, but at least you know it and aren’t looking towards a cliff that you can’t climb. best thing to do is ignore any of that crap she is saying now, breakups aren’t nice and if she needs to blame you for this as a way to cope with the failure of the relationship then whatever.
      Good weekend with lots of little girls time and cleaning.

    • That is definitely a shitty weekend. It might help to know that no-one is ever the bad guy of the movie that is their life. They are the struggling hero. This gives rise to people believing their own bullshit rationalizations for their shitty, selfish behaviour. Anyone who says, “You trying to make me feel responsible for this is abuse,” is making a shitty excuse. Blocking is because they desperately need to not hear anything that might them feel like anything other than the Good Guy. The put-upon hero who had to make a hard – but right – call. Your odds of any form of acknowledgement from her about how she was the bad guy were always very low.

      On the plus side, you’ve got your first taste of the things wrong with them as a person, as a partner. I remember the second (and last time) I was dumped… she was a coward about it. “I just need to be single right now and enjoy that life – I don’t think that’s where you’re at, you want something more serious.” Her new girlfriend moved in within a few weeks. She told a bunch of lies about me to her scene friends to save face, either not thinking that would get back to me, or not caring; a couple I’d met were pretty sympathetic, in a ‘well, she’s our friend so we can’t really say anything but feel sorry for you anyway’ kind of way. The thing that helped me move on was letting myself see all the negative traits that I started realizing I didn’t miss. The things that had always made me uncomfortable or annoyed that I had glossed over for the sake of being with her. The crass and self-centred aggressiveness in public, the hypocrisy, the demand that things always be black and white, ‘with us or against us’. Friends are only friends so long as they agree with you and always take your side. Surprise moments of poorly-hidden racism. That helped take some of the sting out: recognizing that I didn’t have to cringe any time these things reared their head.

      Maybe you’ll see the same… maybe you won’t. Either way, you’ve been put in a shitty situation and the only way I see out is through some grieving, then some moving on, not all of which will be fun, as you find yourself repeatedly surprised by the seemingly-innocuous things which bum you out. Just… be kind to yourself and let it be OK for these things to get you down. It’ll be bad enough without beating yourself up for thinking it’s stupid to be upset. Seen way too many people get stuck that way.

      • You, my very perceptive friend, are striking on a lot of very familiar sounding points. A lot.

        @35 All I can add from my own experience is that if you’re looking for closure in the form of some admittance of wrongdoing, you’re probably never going to get it. Sorry to say.
        Don’t torture yourself trying to get it, take the high road, don’t respond. Even if you hear shit being talked in 3rd party circles, don’t engage it. There’s nothing to be gained.

        • To be fair to her, she fell for an irreverent, easy-going guy with a dry wit who gave zero fucks what she thought of him and was happy to spar suggestively with her like she wasn’t some smoking hottie way out of his league, utterly ignoring the apparent intimidation of her being known in our circles as only interested in women. (Which was actually the reason I was happy to banter with her like one of the guys in the first place, because I didn’t think she’d take it seriously. Then she goes and asks for my number.) What she got after a few months of swapping body fluids was a ‘nice guy’ eager to please, willing to compromise for the sake of a relationship, polite and attentive, sickeningly sweet. I turned into ‘boyfriend material’ instead of the roguish, somewhat aloof guy she “fell for”. It’s fundamentally unfair to bait-and-switch like that. She thought she was getting a man, and ended up with an obedient puppy, eager to please. It’s no wonder she had second-thoughts. Product did not match what was on the box. That’s an oversimplification for and dismissive of acceptance of the facets of people that are uncovered with intimacy over time… but the differences we’re talking about were pretty damn stark. I turned into a giant pussy. She could’ve handled the dumping better, by y’know… not saying shit to her friends, but whatever. Guilt and rationalization make people do fucked up things.

          The main point is… I was too dazzled by booty and keen to be in the relationship to ever have much hope of acknowledging her serious personality incompatibilities. The fact that she ended it hurt – a lot – but it was freeing. Years later, when looks have faded, I probably would have not been particularly thrilled with the abrasive, incompatible person left behind. Realizing that… really helped with the hurt.

          • Your last paragraph hits my nail on the head perfectly again.
            And the part about me turning into an obedient puppy. Not the “irreverent, easy-going guy with a dry wit” bit though, I didn’t have that much going for me.

          • Ah man the booty trap…. Many a kind soul has fallen for that =P That said over time the memories of the booty trap always make up for the shit that happens in the fallout!

    • Is this the same girl you’ve had troubles with and posted about in the past on TAY?

      If so I’m going to risk stating the unpopular opinion; devil’s advocate and all (making a habit of it lately I think) and just say it as I see it. If this is the same girl (and I have a feeling it is) you guys were on rocky ground already (I know you had a great weekend where you got back together but attempting to salvage a serious relationship even after it’s ended is pretty much the social norm; our brains have trouble accepting change). The problem with attempting to salvage something that had already ended is that you risk a larger more explosive end to the relationship (been there and it sucked). What you need to realize and accept is that it’s not your fault and it’s certainly not hers.

      She has every right to end any relationship whenever she wants and doesn’t have an obligation to an explanation to herself or to you. That said given the intimacy of the relationship you shared it is expected however not owed. What/how your ex has reacted in the grand scheme of things is pretty normal; she’s feeling shitty, she’s looking for space and she just doesn’t want to deal with this right now. Given she has complete freedom over herself she’s allowed to act however she pleases; that said I can only say the long term emotional fallout she’ll suffer by dealing with this situation in an immature manner sucks balls.

      But you still need to accept this; she has freedom over herself; the two of you are no longer together and she’s made that clear. The silver lining and trust me this is a silver lining is now YOU have freedom of YOURSELF. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again; use this time to rediscover yourself as an individual and stop tying your happiness to others; yes mourn the relationship but also celebrate it. Learn to love yourself and treat yourself well; prioritize you and reprogram your mind away from the hormonal attachment it feels towards her. And if she comes crawling back a third time respect yourself enough to say NO.

      You deserve better, she deserves better. Love yourself as you before learning to love someone else. Sometimes effort alone isn’t enough in a relationship. No one is to blame and both of you are to blame. I have no sympathy because when I went through this sympathy was the last thing I wanted; I wanted my friends to drag me out of my house and show me that life can be good again; I wanted people I cared about to help me refocus my priorities and remember before she came along I was doing just fine meaning I can be a damned sight better after she’s left.

      A relationship is akin to a flame on a candle; sometimes it lasts a lifetime; sometimes a fleeting heartbeat but regardless of the duration and it’s inevitable end it doesn’t mean the memories of warmth and light it gave won’t keep you warm in the future.

      You seem like a good dude; you deserve better and you deserve to meet someone better. Just pick yourself up and remember to love you.

      • yeah, same one. & no, there’s nothing wrong with an unpopular opinion.

        Though the only thing I’ve gotta add is that, sure, she has the right to end it whenever. that’s not in question. But I have the right to not be treated like shit, used to facilitate her need to be the victim so she can absolve herself from any guilt & then cast aside just in order to make her happy.
        that’s whats got me pissed off.

        As for your silver lining… It took me years to like myself enough to believe i was at a point where i had value & that i was worth sharing with another person. that was all undone in two days. I mean, shit… if someone spends a year saying they love you, & you feel like they actually value you & that maybe, just maybe you were right to stop hating yourself, but then they demonstrate that no, you’re not actually worth shit in their eyes, then… I dunno. I’m gonna have a hard time believing anything like that again for quite a long while.

        • Of course you have every right not be treated like shit; and the way to accomplish that is to not put yourself in the firing line. Your ex is clearly not dealing with this situation well; if knowing this you continue to put yourself out in the open for her to take shots at then there is a mix of who is to blame. The way for you to exercise your right to not be treated like shit is to get yourself away from a situation where you could be treated as such; attempting to reason with your ex or tell her how she’s treating you is only going to worsen a bad situation with both of you acting badly.

          Your ex’s way of dealing with this is to make it go away; sweep it in a rug; whack it in a closet and come back to it when she feels she’s up to dealing with the personal emotional fallout; I query the long term emotional health of doing that however I’ve seen it happen before; heck I’ve been on the receiving end and the serving end of that reaction and trust me it sucks big time regardless of which side of the equation you’re on.

          This is going to seem impossible given how emotionally attached you are to your ex but you need to take your focus away from your relationship and bring to yourself. What could you do for yourself to make yourself a little happier? Spend more time thinking about the things you want for yourself and less obsessing on what you’ve lost.

          And mate here’s the point almost every person on the receiving end of a break up forgets. In order to have had the relationship with someone as amazing as your ex you must’ve been a pretty amazing individual yourself. If you look to value yourself through the eyes of others 35 you will always be disappointed. Always. You need to accept and feel right with who you are (something that took me years to come to terms with and still am coming to terms with). You will never be happy in a relationship if you aren’t happy with yourself (after all it takes two to tango; how can that be possible if one person doesn’t like to dance).

          Just because they don’t love you anymore or don’t say they do anymore doesn’t mean they never did. It doesn’t mean you need to stop saying it to yourself; I’m an incurable narcissist and even I forget to tell myself that from time to time. If you can live your life without causing intentional harm to those around you; you’re already better in my opinion than the majority of the human population. I don’t know how that can’t be considered special.

          “”…Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
          Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
          It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

  • I’m a bit wiped out after Oz Comic Con over the weekend however I’m glad I went. The event was bigger and better and, aside from the lack of guests that I wanted to see, it was a pretty great con. I helped out in the board gaming area for all of the weekend and unfortunately didn’t get to run any RPG stuff aside from one game of Pathfinder. Everyone wanted to play D&D which I wasn’t scheduled to run which was a bit of a bummer. Also, for some inconceivable reason they placed the Just Dance stage right next to board gaming area so I couldn’t hear crap. I also have a new found hatred for the Ghostbusters theme for hearing it endlessly replayed over the entire weekend.

    On a related note, overheard a discussion between my friend who runs the board gaming area and Guy Blomberg who helps organise PAX Aus. Apparently the same company also runs the Comic Cons and the intention is to turn the Comic Cons into mini-PAXs. So Pax North could totally be a thing (@dc) 😛

    • @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @negativezero @beeawwb @gingerchris86

      For TAY RPG tonight I can run Pathfinder if you guys want. Let me know if you still want to play but I’m aware that some people have other stuff that might prevent or inhibit playing. It might be a case of we have a break tonight and rejoin in two weeks.

  • Hey TAY,
    long time no post, i don’t hate you well i dont hate all of you. New job is amazing, best i have ever had. Miss my ladyfriend alot but that is expected. My house is nice. Life is pretty okay.

    (exits for 3 months)

  • So I had another bad Warmachine tournament. Even though I won my first match, the CO called dice down for some reason, which becomes an automatic loss for all people still playing. So that annoyed me. Then I lost the next two matches due to stretched out charge lanes. Although our team still came third it still feels like I let them down. At least I had my brother to visit to cheer me up.

  • Afternoon errbody hows every little thing? My weekend was tiring.
    Saturday I had to help empty the bar at the footy club which took a few hours followed by going on an 8k walk with Moni and Cathryn through Westerfolds park which was enjoyable but tiring. Then we went home and made salad for a BBQ Which was delicious. That night we went and saw Everest it wasn’t bad but the amount of people does make it confusing in parts.

    Sunday there was more bar emptying followed by taking moni and shadow this time to Ruffey Lake Park for a 4km walk and they both went swimming in the creek which was both cute and nerve wracking as shadow is blind. Went to Cathryns dads place and went for another 4km walk so my legs are jelly by this point. Had chicken curry for dinner and fell asleep watching an episode of Zoo.

    I have no morning question other than where is the cheapest to just get The Taken King DLC from, my friend who brought a ps4 around the same time I did has been I wouldnt so much call it bugging as it is harrassing me to get the DLC. He loves Destiny, and I like it too but I have heaps of games and $70 to drop on DLC is crazy to me

    • Eh best I could do is $59 by trading in Destiny for the legendary edition at EB and price match JB.
      Still a lot of money but depends how much you will play it.

    • The expansion is pretty good, fixed a tonne of problems with the original game. Still, I can understand not wanting to dish out $70 to try something you might not enjoy. I still think Bungie could make a butt load of money if they gave players a free trial week or something like that.

      • I know I like destiny, i played the shit outta it but its just the idea of spending the equivalent of a new game on DLC i mean granted i s to ll have 2 character type that I need to go through the game with as ive only done hunter but im on the edge haha

        • If it helps, there is more content In ttk than vanilla by a notable margin (though that’s not saying much). Plus the 2 DLC if you did not play them.
          I consider it to be a whole new game.

  • The people bargaining for our new enterprise agreement have just issued a communique that says “It’s time to talk. It’s long past the time to talk.”

    Evidently, they’re trying to confuse management into a deal.

  • For those interested in grabbing Dishonored Malibu Stacy edition I saw a PS4 version at Gametraders for $50. Doesn’t seem like a bad price for it (I already have it on PC so I didn’t get it).

  • I’m considering going on a Persona blackout until 5 drops. Problem is I’m so desperately in love with P4 that I’ve been scrounging the internet and want to know everything I can about P5, to the point where I tried real time Google translate captions on the latest trailer.
    I guess the good news there is that I learned nothing new, but the bad news is that I want it so much, please Atlus, help me. *starts crying*

  • Anyone know if Club Nintendo has confirmed this coin thing one way or the other? I’ve got 5250 stars sitting there I don’t have any particular use for. Seems a waste to blow them on digital codes.

    • Argh, I edited in a second link to my comment and now it’s held in moderation 😛


      You have to use all your stars before the 30th of this month or they go bye-bye forever

      I seem to remember reading something about “this is the last reward item that will be added to the store before it shuts down”, but I can’t remember if it was official or not and can’t seem to find it again 😛 Possibly a dream…
      EDIT: Ah, here it is!

      • Damn. Must have come and gone between my checking the store. Oh well, probably went to people who cared about them more than I do anyway.

        If there’s nothing more to come I guess I’ll buy some games on the 28th. If anyone wants any of the physical rewards call out. I think the only noteworthy stuff is the card matching game and the shopping bag.

  • Hi all! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent a great deal of mine playing Destiny… so many quests. Although 13-14 hours or so was spent in King’s Fall… (Thanks again for the extra look at the first boss, @jocon & @blaghman – I’m glad you beat him without me, so I didn’t deprive someone of drops) Holy crap. I can’t even… I’ve had a silly grin on my face since we got past the front door on Saturday. 😀

    Going in with a blind group on Saturday, exploring the puzzles, trying to work out mechanics and strategies on the fly, was amazing. We hit the final boss yesterday, and while I’m not overly familiar with MMO raiding, this feels like what a raid end-boss should be. We still have no idea how we’re going to beat him, but I was certain I needed to get above my (then) 288 light loadout for that final fight, so I mainlined a few quests last night for better gear (and managed a reasonably good 292-ish loadout) for another try tonight. Still need to do a nightfall, but don’t know if I’ll get time before reset tomorrow…

          • Fair enough! What class?

            If you felt like doing an alt, and using the “boost to L25” thingy, I’m always happy to help power through the early stories. My third (my warlock) needs some love and attention as she’s only just started and I’m sure she’d appreciate some company.

          • You tempt me with your words good sir, to run a titan or a warlock but thats the question, I might make a titan alt

          • Both are fun. 🙂 Warlock nova bomb and new lightning spray are both brilliant, and of course the self-res trick, but Titan is smashy awesomeness – both the striker ground-smash and the sunbreaker hammer time are very useful. Hammer time has got me out of trouble a few times now when getting swarmed.

            I got sucked into some strikes with a couple of regulars last night. Did you start an alt?

            I’ll be on tonight around 9:30pm.

          • @coldcamv

            Main is a L40 Titan (240 Light).

            Also a L34 Hunter (130 light) that hasn’t really played since TTK came out so is primed for assistance with all the early missions.

            Finally a L27 Warlock (150 light from year one gear she inherited) who is brand new (but went up a lot of levels in an afternoon in the Crucible playing Mayhem… :D).

            You do get a “spark” you can use to bump one character straight to L25. Use it wisely…

          • Phoned missus.

            Me: “You’re having drinks with your bestie aren’t you?”

            Her: “No, I’m about to ride home. Why, did you want the tv all night?”

            I detected a hint of “I want to watch tv tonight” in her voice.

            Me: “No, no… it’s only tuesday, nothing happens on tuesday.”

            Her: “I thought it was Raid Night…” (She gets points for this!)

            Me: “Yeah, but if you’re home I’ll cope…” (I get points for this…)

            I shall spike her wine glass… with WINE. She’ll be asleep by 9pm… Everybody wins. 😀

  • @shane – hey is rocketay still happening? looks like we are a couple of games behind.

    @markserrels @freezespreston – you guys still up for our overdue match?

    • Haha, we are so far behind. Oh man. I think (but could be wrong) we’re overdue for a match against @bdkiaf and @coldcamv as well.

      I’m still keen, though!

  • Weekend? Where’d it go?

    Mostly just playing Elite CQC and Mario Maker I guess. Tried out the 20 levels Patricia posted the other day, need to go back and finish the two insanely hard ones at some point. Sunday was Splatfest, and pretty much went the opposite of the last one. I was on team Messy, and everyone was playing like absolute shit. Had a win/loss ratio of about 1:2 by early afternoon. I figured I’d keep trudging on and give up once I hit max rank, but then by some kind of miracle all the good players started appearing before I could call it quits and we steamrolled nearly every Tidy team we came up against. And most Messy teams too. Good god there were tonnes of same-team matchups this time. Finished the day on +31.5, with 56/34 for matches against team Tidy, and 19/8 against Messy. Totally brought it home 😛

    In other news, things are getting blah around home again. Family friend forwarded something about jobs going in air traffic control, and Mum’s getting in my ear about doing something there. Blah blah, “the money’s good”. “Well you’re not doing anything with your other studies, may as well try something else”. “You’ve got friends in [city], you’ll be fine”. Killing me.

        • Hmm, depends. Could be one of those things you find is actually super interesting once you’re into it.

          Thing is too that a lot of air traffic control is becoming remotely managed, so you may be in Adelaide managing the airspace in Alice Springs (which currently happens). Lot worse gigs than sitting in a cushy control centre in Mawson Lakes.

        • I hate being on team naggy, but you don’t need a good reason to do everything. A job can just be a source of income. Worst case scenario the job is bullshit and you quit, but who knows you may end up liking it. Weird hours work for some people and I could be wrong but I think in this case stressful is mechanical pressure that doesn’t come with you when you go home.
          I know personally I’ve been a lot happier since I quit looking for a job that would define who I am. Rather than trying to make work something I enjoy I just made it something I don’t hate that funds the stuff I already enjoy.

          • I can agree with the concept, though I don’t know if it works for me. My last job fit that pretty well, it was a relatively cruisy position in a really relaxed place, the work stayed at work and didn’t follow me home or anything. It was pretty much “something I don’t hate that gives me moneys”, hell maybe I even did enjoy it a bit. But it still wore on me before long, I grew to dread going there every day and was looking forward to being able to leave. I don’t think I could survive doing something like that for an extended period of time.

          • Well, and this is gonna sound kinda glib, but that’s called “working for a living.” Every workplace can have a grind, and a sense of ennui- that’s why I quit my last job. Current one is at least different, if not better, but we’re the generation for which work is not a central core of our lives- it’s 100% true that for people in the workforce now, we’re expected to change careers (not jobs, CAREERS) like 7 times before we retire. All we can do is use our work as a scaffold to do the other things we want to do in life.

            I work so I can buy stuff, and save money and travel. I don’t work because it’s my “one true career” or shining destiny.

          • I guess that’s the problem I have. Working gives me a whole pile of money, but I don’t really do anything with it. Granted that’s probably thanks to still living at home so the biggest ongoing cost I have would be running my car (but even then, outside of the annual insurance/rego I only have to fill that up about once a month). But yeah, for the most part there’s little drain on funds so the money doesn’t have much significance to me. So I guess it means I see the work as more of a waste of time or something? I don’t know. There seems to be a distinct lack of purpose in doing anything.

          • Well, that’s an incredibly nice problem to have, but if you build up cash, do something with it- travel, invest it into something you want to do, save for a house.

            Financial goals are good, and then you can work toward something. I’m plotting a trip maybe second half of next year.

          • There seems to be a distinct lack of purpose in doing anything.
            Welcome to life 😀

            Seriously tho: there is no intrinsic meaning to anything, so do what you want.
            Want to pour yourself into an intense high flying career? Go for it!
            I think no matter what you do, eventually it will just feel like the same old shit and you will look for greener pastures. But a fancy, high paying career is something that is very much harder to start later in life. So if you are up for it, do it now then you can quit and chillax later in life with a nice bundle of cash and no regrets about missed opportunities.

          • Again you’re probably getting nagged along similar lines so I hate to be the one saying it, and feel free to ignore it if you’ve had enough of this crap already today, but it doesn’t last forever so take advantage of it. Eventually living at home is going to get embarrassing (or creepy). At that point having huge wad of cash saved up for a deposit on a house and a stable job is going to come in really handy. I get the impression you’re searching for meaning in work which isn’t my cup of tea but that’s fine and you’ll figure it out yourself eventually, however maybe you should try looking at the meaningful things you could be doing if you went out and established a life on your own.
            I mean living on your own is great. If I want a bondage dungeon I can just convert my spare room. Hell I can convert the lounge room if I want. It’s a bit of a stupid example but the point is that I’m free to set my own boundaries and that freedom really lets me grow as a person. It also sounds superficial but money facilitates happiness. It’s a lot easier to date or just hang out with your friends if you have the cash to go to the movies or have a nice dinner.

            Another thing that I hate to bring up is that your parents may be cool with you living at home for pretty much free right now but that’s going to change sooner or later. Retirement is expensive and the bills you aren’t paying are effectively getting paid out of your parents savings. I’m not trying to guilt you into taking this job (or any job) but I find most people aren’t cool with doing that to their parents they just never realised what they were doing. It’s hard to think of that stuff as inconveniencing your parents when you’ve been doing it literally you’re entire life. Having them pay all the bills is just normal until someone points it out to you. By all means continue to enjoy the benefits of living at home, but you can respect the sacrifice they’re making simply by putting some money away on the side. They’re doing this to help you after all.

            Also in the long term you don’t want gaps on your resume (I assume because your mother is bugging you you’re unemployed, not just working a job she doesn’t think has a future). Taking this job doesn’t mean locking yourself into it forever* or giving up on what you want to do, it just means taking the job until you find something better. Most people working their dream job or even just people with long term careers they tolerate have worked jobs they didn’t care for to fill in the blanks. You’d hate to lose out on a job you actually want simply because you’ve got a weak CV that people don’t look twice at.

            *Personally I really struggled to make career decisions, or even class decisions back in high school, because I felt like if I took a job or went down a career path my personality would keep me there forever. I’m good at just ignoring things and sticking with what’s working even when it’s not working so if I got a job at McDonalds I figured I’d still be working there when I was 60. In retrospect I think there was an element of truth to that when I was younger. If I went to dental school I’d be a dentist now and forever. However the potential mid-life crisis would have done less damage than my indecisive attitude.

            Sorry if all this sounds a little harsh, judgemental or over dramatic, I’m really not trying to pressure you into taking this job and obviously I don’t know your situation at all. I’m just getting the impression you’re struggling to find a reason to take any job short of a fairytale romance. You might not need to change that mindset to be happy, but it seems like you’re stalling because inaction is more comfortable than action and that’s something I really grew to regret with my own life.

          • I spent 2 years working in an Abattoir. I did it because I was sick of studying and of being poor. Ultimately, this meant I was getting $800+ net per week working 4 days a week and ended up in really good shape (it was physically hard work), and suddenly I had time and money to just live life and enjoy myself.

            I don’t regret working there at all because it was just doing a job for money. After a decent break I got back to studying and jumped into an industry and a job I wanted.

            Slightly graphic:
            The fact that I spent some days literally elbow deep in half-digested cow shit didn’t take away from the fact that I was making plenty of money for someone just out of high school working in the country. I went in each day, did the job, and went home…and was nice enough to not talk about my experiences outside of work 😛

  • eBay buyers are really shitty people. I had some stuff up for sale the other night as an auction, one item sold at auction the other sold at the buy it now price, the auction winner paid me and all sweet, the buy it now person is still yet to pay me after 5 days and i’ve even opened a dispute with them.

    What I don’t get is why doesn’t eBay allow me to set it, if someone selects the buy it now option that they HAVE to pay then. I can set this if I am selling a quantity that isn’t going to auction. So frustrating, especially when i’m offering free postage and a better price than the other sellers selling the exact same thing. Oh well, sadly this is not the first time i’ve had to do this for the exact same situation.

  • Is there a way I can tweet all the taybies? People seem to be ignoring my tweets so I’d like to force them to even acknowledge them.

      • All of them? I want to ask people who haven’t responded or don’t know about pax meat. Those who know I want to ask them about Catering.

        • At the end of the day you can only go on the numbers you and @tech_knight have got. If people miss out, it’s not like you haven’t posted here/fb/twitter/TS/wherever.

          (I’m coming gave techie my money months ago :))

          • I’m happy either way, honestly. If I’m drinking and there’s food, I’ll eat it, and if there’s no food and I’m hungry I’ll go find something.

            I do remember eating Hungry Jacks at like 1130pm for tea last year after Karaoke, so maybe I won’t do that again, might eat a proper dinner.

          • There will be small food to buy from the bar. But I think it’s probably better to do the food, but I’m not sure if people want to pay extra

          • I can translate if you want.

            Tier One – $88.00 per platter (20 pieces)
            Mushroom arancini served with garlic mayo
            Roast capsicum, marinated fetta and thyme on toast
            Silverbeet and cheese filo parcel
            Chicken and leek pies
            Sausage rolls with a tomato and capsicum chutney
            Mini pizzas

            Tier Two – $100.00 per platter (20 pieces)
            Silverbeet and cheese filo parcel
            Shepherds pie with capsicum chutney
            Charred garlic and herb calamari with ginger & lime garlic mayo
            Corn cake with mushroom, sour cream and chives
            Spiced eggplant and chicken skewers with mint yogurt
            Cinnamon French toast with crispy bacon. sour creme. almonds and maple
            Garlic butter king prawns
            Rare beef coated in pepper with onion & beetroot, horseradish on toast.

            Tier Three – $120.00 per platter (20 pieces)
            Duck pancake with cucumber garlic chive & a ginger dressing (vietnamese pancake)
            Marinated goats cheese, walnut & onion tart with kale and truffle oil
            Scallops cooked in Lime with pickled ginger, purple carrot & Sheso(<-no idea what this is)
            Rosemary lamb skewers
            Smoked trout with salmon roe(eggs), radish & sour creme with pepper on quinoa & potato latke(again, no idea)

            Tier Four – Mini Dish $150.00 per platter (20 pieces)
            Pulled pork sliders with potato wedges
            Spicy chicken ribs & herb polenta chip cones
            Snapper fillets on velvet mash with a butter leek & caper sauce (fancy fish and mashed chips)
            Garlic beef lettuce cups with purple carrot, cucumber, coriander & sweet chili lime dressing
            Kransky in warm buns with home made chutney dijon mustard & a light sprout salad (hot dogs)

            The last one was desserts

          • I would do either tier 1 or tier 4 personally but god damn thats expensive. Is that 20 pieces of each or theres 20 pieces of 5 so 4 of each

          • I’ve asked about size. Waiting on a response. I’m wondering if it’s possible for people to choose which they want and stuff.

          • @coldcamv: “kransky in warm buns” doesn’t sound suggestive at all. Nope.

            @scree: Presumably you need to pre-arrange any catering, but is it paid on the night or beforehand? When do you need to let them know?

            Do you have rough numbers? It was looking about 33 confirmed but there will probably be guests and extras and so on, so maybe about 50 people total? If so and assuming that each of the platters is 20 of each thing, I’d think to have enough you’d ideally want to go 2 of tier 1 and 1-2 of tier 4.

          • 33 confirmed. I have no idea, a lot of people have pulled out this year and I don’t know if everyone wants catering. I’m waiting for the catering company to tell me the size of the food.

          • I would say that you don’t worry about catering. If we can get food over the bar people can get what they want. And you will get some people saying yes and some no and then there will be issues of people either paying for what they don’t want, or people paying and missing out on the food they want.
            Easiest way is just to say no catering, people can grab something themselves. It will not be an issue if people know, and helps keep the costs down for those who are pushing the weekend costs already

    • Ask them whatever you need to nicely. If they don’t reply after a few attempts, assume they’re not coming. If they show up, tell them they’ll have to sort out their own food as you repeatedly asked for confirmation and they didn’t give it. If you’re uncomfortable with doing this, ask someone you know (who is attending) to handle that side of it for you.

  • Weekend gaming:

    – Finished Fault: Milestone One (I refuse to not capitalize it the way they do). It’s… okay. Given the way people had been raving about it I was expecting more from the writing. It’s not bad by any stretch, but it wasn’t anything particularly special. Definitely don’t regret playing it and I want to play the second part as soon as they add achievements on Steam (I would have not even cared and gone straight to it had they not said they’re going to patch them in!). So I guess mission accomplished on their part. I think the biggest issue I have with it is that it feels a little like it’s going through the motions and that it doesn’t have anything particularly interesting to say or explore. But maybe that’ll change as more parts of it are available.

    – Played a fair bit of Destiny. Finally was able to do all the single-player parts of the Dark Below (fuck you, Sardon) and then played through a fair bit of new Taken King content. Logged off just after hitting 38. Not really enjoying fighting the Taken very much, though. Most of the enemy types are a pain but the Thralls and the Captains are fucking terrible to fight. The thralls because of that sideways teleport they always do (and because I hate any enemy that just rushes at you) and the Captains because they spam that unavoidable bubble thing that blinds you for several seconds. Fuck that shit so much. Anyway next mission I have involves getting a properly working Stealth Drive from Rasputin. The story missions are so much better than the base game, as an aside! Not sure if I’ll stick around once I’m done with the story though. There still doesn’t seem to be anything to do once you get to the end unless you want to group up with randoms or roll another class.

    – Played a fair bit of World of Warships. Logged on on Saturday night to give it a go, see if I like it. Suddenly it was 4am and I’d just gotten enough XP to unlock the tier II destroyer (requires unlocking tier II cruiser first). Played more on Sunday and after some absolute horror runs where I discovered that when armed with torpedoes I’m more dangerous to my own team than the enemy, and discovered that the Chikuma is an utter hunk of shit but I had to play heaps of matches with her still, I managed to unlock the ability to earn non-ship XP (‘free’ XP) and that gave me a big whack of it which allowed me to unlock and purchase Tenryuu at tier III, which is a vastly better cruiser. Still have to play a bit with Chikuma to unlock the other part of the tech tree branching off her (Tier II battleship, Kawachi). Still haven’t set foot in a proper PVP game, have only been against bots while I learn the ropes. I’ve noticed though that the bots feel like they cheat. You can throw torpedoes at enemies from outside of their detection range yet they’ll dodge and weave and somehow avoid being hit unless you’re in very close, which is not like the way it works for real players AFAIK (if I launch a torpedo at you from outside detection range you’re not even going to know it’s in the water until it’s too late, that’s the whole point).

  • Oh yeah I cracked out Super Hexagon again for some reason over the weekend. Think I was kinda bored, didn’t know what to do and saw the icon just sitting there on my desktop. Still gotta beat Hexagoner and unlock the last level. But played through the other two levels first. My old record on it was 45 seconds, managed to extend it to 49. Haven’t gotten out of the 30s since then though.

    Also, it turned out to be a pretty good time-filler while waiting for matches during Splatfest. Which was severely required, the connections this time were HORRID. Matchmaking took forever, especially since half the time I would just get disconnected from the lobby for no apparent reason.

  • Fun day looking at dinosaurs, eating overpriced sausages and fruit smoothies with @dc and my eldest.

    I hadn’t touched a video game in 3 weeks, felt like every game was this insurmountable chore to even load up. Last thing I touched was MGSV on launch and still felt meh on everything. Late Saturday night I booted up Shadowrun Hong Kong since I was getting bored of watching YouTube film reviews. By the time I turned off the game Sunday night I had 18 hours of play time. I had forgotten just how damn good the Shadowrun games were and Hong Kong has just made it all even better. Especially like the revamped Matrix even though I’m terrible at it and new design isn’t helping me much but that’s my fault.

    • Shadowrun Returns, like Pillars of Eternity, is one of those games I really liked, backed on KS, and should have spent more time on.

      I do have it on my tablet though…

      • The games get better written and more slickly designed with each one. Returns feels more like a rough alpha by this point.

      • Shadowrun Returns, like Pillars of Eternity, is one of those games I really liked the look of, backed on KS, and then have never bothered to play properly.

        Well, in Pillars case it’s because the game’s full of bullshit mechanics that make it a complete chore to play, but that’s a different issue.

    • Do you get a fixed team of characters in Shadowrun HK? One of the things that annoyed me a bit in the original was you were forced to keep changing your team from mission to mission depending on funds available =[

      • You can hire outsiders but I’ve run with the same team of base characters (Duncan, Gobbet and Is0bel) every run. There’s more characters in your team than you can take in a mission so there’s always a variety if you want. Same as Dragonfall was.

    • It’s really funny looking at the progression of the Harebrained Shadowrun games. They just seem to improve the overall gameplay and story with each iteration, with few (if any missteps). It makes them really stand out from a lot of other devs.


    Previous Hexagoneest record: 49.54
    Latest round result: 49.44

    Also I think this game is haunted. I swear I can hear voices in there somewhere behind the music.

  • What a crazy weekend… the bucks party was fun, but the part stuck in my head is when I was being introduced to someone and as I shook his hand he reached over a bar stool with his left hand, cupped my crotch and gave it some spirit fingers for good measure.

    I just froze and had absolutely no idea how to deal with that.

    What followed was 12 hours of booze, gambling and general bucks antics. Sunday I was ridiculously hung over and had to attend a lunch with all the in-laws feeling particularly shady – nothing like feeling your stomach flip and roll in the car as you drive to the restaurant.

    At home with a sick child today thinking of the mountain of work waiting.

    Hope everyone had a good weekend and didn’t get fondled by a friend of a friend!

  • Oh good. Not one but two attractive tattooed redheads working next to me today. It’s been less than an hour and already my gut is protesting being held in. Only 8 more hours to go.

  • So TTK is a pretty cool guy, I like him he seems nice although a little misunderstood. All he wants to do is collect things is that so bad?

    • So he kacked the price because it needs to turn a profit but if you cant afford it and need it hes goving it away for free? The confusion knows no bounds! That said im gonna buy stock in turing pharmaceuticals now

  • Two things I learned from playing Heroes of the Storm with Puppet yesterday:
    1. Optimisation is still completely crap, play with everything on lowest graphics settings on a GTX 580, FPS keeps tanking to less than 10 FPS at random times but at worst during 5v5 fighting on the same screen.
    2. Li li is just bullshit lol… I randomed her for two games and not one death in either game, even if I’m in the middle of the fight, the heals are just too strong, whenever I’m around unless you’re in a 1v5, you won’t die, it’s ridiculous!

    • But it’s such a pretty game! =P

      Screw that lili; my highlight was the zagara/raynor combo we pulled off xD Just had the enemy team in full retreat =P

      More games tonight?

      • That was hilarious, I just summon Hyperion on top of them just before your group CC ends and they just get shredded xD.
        I could be up for more games yeah, depends on my LoL mates if they’re going to be playing tonight, I was only more free because Skype was down last night haha

          • @eronin yeah mostly AI because lately the queue times for quick matches have been ridiculously high. I’ve been grinding exp on AI because faster matches; faster queue times; and the exp/gold reward is the same as quick match. About 3-4 games away from unlocking Hero League at which point I’ll be jumping in there =D

    • Sucks to hear optimisation is so poor on a good graphics card. I’m playing on a laptop so I thought it was just me, but I guess the game is just blah. The FPS stuttering really hurts when I’m trying to use skill shots or heal the right person in a team-fight. I hope Overwatch is better optimised.

      • To be fair @tech_knight I’m not certain how much of the FPS is latency vs optimization; that being said I have to admit the game is poorly optimized as even I tend to have a bit of stuttering during team fights. Too many pretty explosions imo =p

        • No, FPS tanking can impact play a ton, especially with stutter step auto attacking (Or Orb walking if you want to speak in DOTA terms), which is hugely important for a game where your abilities don’t scale due to item builds (Since there aren’t any), so auto attacking is extremely important as that adds onto your overall damage. If you’re able to stutter step you have a much higher chance of winning the trades especially against melee enemies, with FPS tanking it’s harder to predict where your enemy will be even if he’s running in a straight line, which means higher chance of misclicking and may end up moving closer to your potential death.

      • My stutter stepping keeps getting horribly screwed with the FPS problems so I keep mistepping and going out of position while I try to kite for instance. It also doesn’t help that the cursor doesn’t really change when you’re hovering over an enemy, makes it impossible to know if my click hit home or not. I would play Heroes of the Storm a fair bit more if the optimisation is better, I am a fair bit competitive in my game playing, and I really hate when the game itself screws me with its own problems. Lag I get frustrated like anyone else does but at least that’s not something the devs can really control, a badly optimised game I get way more annoyed with, as that is more a direct issue for the devs.

        • Oh I didn’t realise there was a maximum reply limit on a thread. So to reply to your other thing, ah fair enough. I’ve been playing Heroes of the Storm since alpha and I played a lot of VS AI there, but honestly I’m still not very good. I enjoy hero league though, since most of my friends stopped playing and solo-queue in quickmatch feels really…lonely? At least in hero league people try to communicate with you.

  • @highperformance new TAY mean’s new comment! =p

    Face value is obtained with lots of cheap minions that synergize well and who’s primary purpose is to aim for the enemy hero; ignoring all his/her minions. Basically this creates enough hp based pressure for them that they have to deal with your little army of minions by sacrificing theirs. A murloc based pally deck with buffs and murloc knight has crazy synergy and can quickly spiral out of control!

  • I just checked a “You may like” article about saving space in a small kitchen. They didn’t even mention storing bread in the microwave.


    • Yeah I’ve come across this before, the concept sounds awesome, whether or not it’ll actually be good, yet to be seen, but I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

      • Relevant.

        Rize @rize 22/09/15 9:14 AM
        It’s really funny looking at the progression of the Harebrained Shadowrun games. They just seem to improve the overall gameplay and story with each iteration, with few (if any missteps). It makes them really stand out from a lot of other devs.

  • Welp, it has been confirmed that I play far too much Heroes of the Storm. Finally reached rank 1 in the solo ladder so I guess that’s an achievement. More than I ever accomplished in Dota or LoL.

    • …That is really impressive actually, I thought solo ladder would be even more a nightmare than DoTA/LoL to climb due to the lack of being able to carry a game and requires way more coordination with strangers than the other games.

      • I got stuck around rank 5 for a while but I had a series of wins where my teams were on the ball. Certain heroes were deemed pretty important for teams and some of them, such as Kael’thas, Jaina, and Leoric, were notable for being in almost every game that I played in the higher ranks.

        Combo breakers were pretty great to pull off and high AoE and CC were pretty much vital. It is a game where you can give yourself a good chance of winning at character selection.

          • Pretty much. Almost all of the recent heroes in the past few months have been top tier in their respective roles. Jaina is a bit older but still a very good mage hero.

          • My main assassins in my climb were Valla and Tychus and he is definitely feasible. Just opt for the drill laser rather than the Odin as you can use all of your other abilities while the laser burns people.

          • Her hard CC is great but I find that she is an excellent chasing hero with all of her slowing abilities. If she spins you with her elemental while you’re on low health, you’re pretty much done unless you kill the elemental quickly or have support close by. Still, jumping spiders from Nazeebo are even more infuriating on low health as you are doomed unless you can get shields or heals.

          • FYI Kael’thas is considered to be very very broken; his abilities once upgraded synergize together ridiculously well. Leoric doesn’t die the normal way; once he’s killed he turns into a ghost where his upgraded abilities can slow enemy heroes (do some damage?) and follow the enemy team around until he respawns on where the ghost is. Effectively means his downtime from the fight is equivalent to his respawn timer.

  • I’ve said before that my office gets really quiet during school holidays, but this is ridiculous. Zero emails, zero calls so far this week. It’s eerie…

    Not that I’m complaining *increases TAYing*

  • Spent another three hours in King’s Fall last night, trying to beat the last boss. I think we understand the mechanics… of what I hear is the first of three phases of the fight. Oh well, at least I got my nightfall done last night… although all I got was coins.

          • Unless you know someone who has the emote who can then use it to take you to a secret chest hidden on a PvP map which only spawns after a 10 kill streak and will then allow you access to all strikes and missions that the emote unlocks!

            tl;dr – Just buy the damn Redbull =P

        • The redbull gives you points, points to put towards that emote on the in-game store, but one redbull will make you just 25 points short of the 900 point requirement of the emote, so you have to buy one more to get you over the mark, but now you’ve got 840 spare points and you feel obligated to put that towards more stuff, but you’ll always be left with some left over that you literally can’t buy anything else with.

          • Next update you’ll have to buy ammunition with Red Bull points. No ammunition? Hope you’re good with melee attacks.

          • Or the “free” ammunition that can only hurt your enemy on 4% of the target’s body, if you hit on the other 96%, the bullets just bounce off them.

    • Heh, sounds like a doozy.
      Jumped in on a team of semi-randoms last night to try boss 2 and after a couple hours of glitches and screw ups, finally got our shit together and took him down! Mad close to the wire tho – about 30 seconds before enrage, boss on about 2% hp, 2 people dead, need one more shot to his back… And the sniper misses!…and runs out of ammo! So I jump up, take the shot in one, jump down and we manage to burn him just as he kills me.
      Love fights like that.
      Might have a good, consistent team here too, which would be sweet.

  • Good afternoon TAY.

    I have about 60 hours of overtime saved up at work, so I took a long weekend last weekend (⌐■_■) My weekend was very unproductive (depending on how you look at it). Lots of House of Cards and Destiny really.

    Probably the most exciting thing that happened to me during the days off was rescuing a dog from the side of the road last night. I pulled over to try and calm it down because it was darting on and off a dark road. My girlfriend was convinced it was a dog I had picked up and had taken to the Vet before… and it was! I called it’s name out and after it barked at me a few times from up the street, it ran and me and tried to lick my face.

    I didn’t bother calling the owner, given the first time I picked up the dog and rang them they never called or messaged me back so I coaxed the dog onto the back of my ute and drove Bonnie to drop her off at the vet. she’s a sweet Kelpie… I wish I could keep her 🙁

  • My roommate loves long deep conversations, I was eating dinner last night and we were talking about work and a hour later the conversation ended on why her school years have shaped her and why shes more “smarter” than people give her credit for. I don’t hate long deep conversations but we seem to have the same conversation over and over and my god it gets hard to keep paying attention when she has repeated herself 14 times already. She is a lovely person but my god sometimes i just want to eat my dinner, do my dishes and do my own thing.
    (RANT over)
    also she was talking during doctor who an i nearly went full hulk.

  • Help I sent a thingy to a guy who was looking for an accordion player for their group and now they replied and I want to go and hide instead.

  • Played some more Warships yesterday and had a pretty good outing. For starters I discovered that I’m an idiot. I’d been complaining that the Chikuma was a piece of shit, yet looking around people were saying it’s the best Tier-II cruiser. Turns out I had researched the hull upgrade but never actually installed it. With that in place, the thing goes from having 4x 15cm guns to having 8x. It’s an old pre-WW1 protected cruiser so it has guns along each side and one turret at each end, meaning side-on you could only get 3 guns on target with the starting hull. With the upgrade that goes up to 5 and suddenly you can dish out some real hurt. Played a couple of bot matches with it and decided I like it (though I like the tier-I Hashidate more).

    Had a couple of goes in the Umikaze again and I still can’t get the hang of using her against bots. They seem to have an unnatural ability to avoid your torpedoes sometimes, though it may simply be that I’m being spotted when I don’t realize it – I just unlocked the ability to rank up my ship captains and one of the first things I unlocked was situational awareness, which notifies you if you’re spotted or not.

    Then I was like “fuck it” and decided to finally jump into PVP, this time using my Tenryuu. Had a pretty cautious game first up. First time against an aircraft carrier, snuck around the map with another cruiser and fired on the carrier but wasn’t able to sink it before the other team managed to capture our base. Not quite sure what happened.

    Second game I played went okay at first, managed to land some nice torpedo hits on an enemy battleship. Wasn’t enough to kill it though. Then I encountered an enemy destroyer who I assumed had launched torpedoes. Started to turn away to go around the back of an island, but they landed a lucky hit that jammed my rudder full sideways and I ran aground and was a sitting duck. 🙁

    Third game was another high-tier match and I didn’t do that badly. This time our team worked incredibly well together. It was a new map for me, teams were split in half, with one half in the top and the other on the bottom of the map, split in half by an island in the middle. Our side had myself, another cruiser, a destroyer and a battleship. We met the other half of the enemy and set about destroying them quite convincingly, first taking out their cruiser and then me scoring some lucky torpedo hits on their battleship. Came together quite nicely. First win.

    Fourth game though was where something finally clicked. Lower tier match (previous ones had been tier V). Other team had 3 battleships, 2 destroyers and 3 cruisers. Ours had 2 battleships, 3 cruisers and 3 destroyers. Other team probably thought they had the advantage. I basically steamed up the side of the cap circle with a teammate and we spotted the first cruiser. Launched torpedoes and opened up on him and managed to score a couple of torpedo hits, then finished him with guns. By this point my companion had been taken out by the first target combining with a second cruiser, a St Louis that came out from around an island. St Louis is basically on full health and gets into a close-range broadside-on slugfest with me. So I start just firing my guns in sequence, using HE to try and take out some gun batteries, keep him on a flat trajectory while I dropped torpedoes in between salvoes. I don’t think he even realized I’d dropped them, certainly didn’t evade. Boom. 3 hits, devastating strike. Having dispatched him I start to pull a turn to head back toward my team and around an island comes a destroyer and he’s basically broadsiding me. I assume torpedoes are in the water and continue the turn away from him, and yep – spread of 4, really nice cluster. Somehow I managed to maneuver such that I was right between two torpedoes. Guy must have been spitting, one of them was pretty much touching the side of the ship. But meanwhile I’ve started unloading HE on him to try and convince him. I was at half health by this point. Completed my turn and I know it’s safe to be broadsiding him because he’s just launched torpedoes, will take a few seconds to launch again. Drop my own from about 800m and he has no chance. Hit him straight on. Second devastating strike award. At that point, I’ve done another turn and I’m pointed back toward the enemy end of the map, and another cruiser comes out from behind an island on full health and starts unloading. I start trading shell hits with him, just harrying fire really. He’s pretty close though so I turn broadside and torpedoes out again as soon as they’re reloaded, and am rewarded with the 4th kill. Devastating strike again (note: this is awarded for dealing >50% damage and sinking a ship in one salvo). No threats nearby so concentration drops a bit and I look at the scoreboard and find that I’ve taken out half the enemy team and the BBs and DDs on my team have done the rest. One single destroyer on the enemy team still up, and we’re only one ship down. Match ended just after. My best game so far. 100k credits, 1.5k XP. I’m not going to have another game that good in a long time. Tenryuu being this good makes me even more excited to get deeper into the cruiser line. In the mean time though, that sudden whack of XP was enough to be able to unlock and purchase the Kawachi. Apparently she’s pretty terrible but Battleship! Yay! One step closer to the Yamato.

    • One thing I noticed was that I’m getting way better at estimating where to fire to score hits at longer ranges. Multiple times I was able to zoom in and fire off a salvo that scored hits at long ranges while heading behind islands etc. Basically getting to the right spot quicker and getting that spot right more often. Though it probably helps that the dispersion on Tenryuu’s guns is pretty low.

    • I’d like to maybe, but given that it’s generally been panned and that I haven’t finished Hearts R, have Zesty next month and there’s a bunch of other JRPGs that are actually good that I want to get to (eg Atelier, Ar noSurge, Drakengard 3) I can’t see it happening any time soon, if at all. I dislike even turning my PS3 on nowadays, it’s so old and clunky. 🙁

  • *sigh* it’s that time of year, when Queensland based ‘news’ sources rustle a bunch of jimmies and tell the public they should have daylight saving time. Yeah no. To even make it semi-successful they’d need to split the state up into at least 2, maybe 3 time zones to make it work. So yeah, fuck that shit. It would be one giant cluster fuck.

    I remember the time the NSW premier said they wanted to make Tweed Heads (where I live) not operate on DST to satisfy the Queenslanders who come over the border and get confused as to what the time is and where they’re standing.

    • Having moved from Sydney to Brisbane 6 years ago I miss the f*ck out of daylight savings.

      Split the state in two would suffice – somewhere between Bundy and Mackay. All you’re really doing is moving the whinging to a different set of people who can’t add 1 to another number. I reckon SEQ would see some big positive changes if it was introduced with people out and about longer on weekends and weeknights.

      Last I heard the group complaining the loudest was agri-businesses with cattle that need attention when the sun comes up – so all of a sudden it’s earlier than it was pre-DST. Which I personally call bullshit on because sunrise time moves every damn day and it’d take them a handful of days at best to sort their body clock out. And they forget the other end it’s a bonus – when it ticks back they get to get up an hour later.

      This could also be me ranting that I don’t get enough daylight hours with my daughter when I start thinking about all the stuff I did as a kid in Sydney on summer nights… *stares into the distant past*

    • A few people in my office are picking up some sniffles as well, I wonder if something is going around? ……

      *Slides swine flu mask inconspicuously over mouth*

  • Warshippery Log, 22nd September: Kawachi is a horrendous piece of shit. It’s slower than a hippo wallowing in half-set concrete, the guns have insultingly short range (my tier III Tenryuu can fire 11km and my fucking battleship can only get its guns 8.9km?) and the dispersion on them is so fucking terrible that hitting something like a cruiser or destroyer at 2-3km is difficult. And if they’re that close they’re just going to torpedo your ass. 🙁

    But despite all that, god damn is it satisfying to fire those guns. The sound is amazing. And when you actually land a hit it can feel pretty awesome.

    Can’t wait to be rid of this piece of shit though. I feel like the first two tiers of the IJN line are there deliberately to dissuade players away from battleships to help keep matchmaking diverse. Tier V onward you get into excellent battlecruisers and battleships like Kongou and Fusou but to get there you have to suffer through the Kawachi and the Myogi which while far better armed was built back to front, with the designers opting to put two guns in the rear of the ship and one up front. But at least that thing can fire father than a cruiser.

    • Don’t worry, Myogi fixes both the range and speed issue. It’s really fast for a battle ship, I think it’s top speed is about 28knots when fully upgraded and with it’s scout abillity on it’s range is just shy of 20k.

      However it’s still frustrating to play because it’s spread is so terrible that firing a full broadside at anything short of another battleship there is a a decent changes you’ll watch your shells fall in a circle around your target and not one hit.

      • The dispersion on the Kawachi is like that too. 144m dispersion means that if you shot at the center of a cricket oval, all you can guarantee is that the shots will fall somewhere inside the oval. And the bigger issue is the dispersion is that big until above about 4km. Makes Destroyers practically invulnerable – a Wakatake-class is about 80m long and 7m wide so you need a really lucky shot to even land a hit and by that point you’re going to be eating torpedoes. 🙁 I doubt Myogi’s dispersion at closer ranges is anywhere near as bad. WG didn’t actually model the Kawachi accurately anyway. The caliber of her turret guns should be 50cal not 45cal (i.e. hit harder) and she should have torpedo tubes.

        Anyway, Myogi looks like a Battlecruiser? Fast but lightly armored, good for long range shooting and boom-and-zoom style tactics (which makes the two rear guns make more sense).

        Can’t wait to get to the Kongo and Fuso. But I’m kind of tempted to go down the cruiser line first instead. Tenryuu is heaps of fun against the right enemies and I expect that Kuma is similar. I guess you probably run into a similar shittiness roadblock with Furutaka though.

        • Myogi is definitely more fun to play then Kawachi it’s just such a shame that the dispersion pretty much completely negates the only real advantage it his, it’s fantastic range and speed to keep it that way. It gets frustrating watching rounds that are clearly armed right on target splash all around it. I almost never get more then a single hit in a volley of 6 rounds.

          On the bright side the speed means you get to ram the occasional unsuspecting destroyer to death when the stars align and you are feeling ballsy.

          • It’s ridiculous that they make you go through these awful pieces of shit to get to something that’s fun to play. See lots of people claiming it’s so you can ‘learn to play a battleship’ but honestly I don’t think you’ll play any battleship the way you play Kawachi. To be effective you’ve basically got to come out from behind islands and hope you can catch someone with their pants down. Got to be stupidly aggressive and hope you don’t eat too many torpedoes. Second lowest gun range of any ship in the game. :\ It’s like you turned up to a firefight where everyone else has rifles and you’ve got a sawed-off shotgun.

  • Here’ a link to my Tyrano builder game jam entry
    I’m not a writer like Shane so it’s not going to be amazing. I would like feedback to improve it, especially because I would like to improve it. I would also like to use my own art.
    Um…yeah. Sorry, I’m actually nervous. Why did I do this again?

  • They mustn’t have sold many raffle tickets yesterday, they’ve replaced the girls with another one with a very different sales tactic. Wear more make up than clothes and yell out super sexual come ons to all the passing men, making vague innuendo promises if they buy a ticket.

    It’s kind of gross and off putting watching it but it seems to be working very well for her.

  • Rant:

    God damn eBay. I had to open a dispute with a buyer because they refused to pay for an item or even contact me, they contacted me 48 hours AFTER I opened the dispute asking I cancel their order. So i’m like yeah i’ll do that, so get this since i’ve opened a dispute even though I have a resolution eBay won’t let me close the dispute I have to wait until the 24th, wtf. I can only close it if I have recieved payment, that’s so stupid, especially since there’s an option that says “The buyer and I agreed to cancel a transaction.” oh well.


    On the bright side I scored a PS3 & PS4 game along with Sweeney Todd on Blu-Ray & GOT season 1 on DVD yesterday for a couple of bucks because someone donated them to the salvo’s but we couldn’t sell them due to their MA15+ rating.

    But saying that the amount of DVD’s this bloke donated was insane, his son was moving out and didn’t want any of it o.O I kinda feel he should’ve taken them to somewhere that would’ve given him some money for them since there was some decent titles in there, especially since there was the entire Black Adder collection. But saying that, it’ll all go quickly since DVD’s are heaps popular at our store, like I walked in yesterday and saw someone donated a fuck ton of kids movies, which had a lot of Disney ones.

  • RockeTAY League

    Round 6!

    This week’s matches are:


    As always, if you’re yet to complete previous rounds just get to them when you can.

    The full fixture is available in this comment.

    @redartifice @tigerion @benny @fatshadylive @zetrox2k @shane @phoenix @cakesmith
    @coldcamv @markserrels @freezespreston @jacksonwryan @rize @finishedlast @blaghman @cookingmama @gingerchris86 @batguy @alexwalker

  • @dogman @cubits @hoi_polloi are you interested in coming to the pax meat? I’m trying to remember who said yes and who said no and who I’ve asked

  • Last night I finally finished the Destiny normal story line, and started playing The Taken King story missions. For the first time in a while I was excited to play Destiny again, I woke up early to play again before work rather then go to the gym lol.

    Getting to use the new Nightstalker void class was really cool, as someone who really enjoys playing the support class of something like a Titan Defender I like how the meta of the class plays out.

    Sorry @trikeabout for my mic, I’ve dropped my headset one too many times it seems and that whirring noise you were hearing a few people have mentioned to me before. I am thinking about a cheap playstation headset, I can’t remember if I kept the little microphone with the PS4 console :S

    • I thought for sure that I was done with Destiny, but everything I see about The Taken King is dragging me back. I almost certainly will be buying it tomorrow.

    • Hi! Yeah, that was a bit frustrating and loud. NAT issues also which is why you couldn’t hear me. Have you configured your network to put PS4 in a DMZ? I did run a check of my network to be sure the PS4 was configured right after I did the upgrade to a bigger drive but it seemed to have remembered the settings. Could have just been Tuesday night though…

      Headset – can get a reasonable one for PS4 and XBox for $70-$80 and the official PS4 one is around $100. 🙂

          • Demilitarised Zone in this context too. Basically, all ports are open to the DMZ, so you don’t need to set up port forwarding.

          • My friends, I have no clue what port forwarding is.

            I turn my PS4 on, connect to WiFi and then I’m away lol. I imagine this will effect the other people in my house?

            Edit: I imagine this describes what I’m talking about and how to do it:

            I’m worried though, will this effect people using the net at my house? I know that when I check Facebook I get connection issues with Destiny ‘Checking Destiny Servers…’ message almost every time I do it.

          • Yep, that’s exactly how to do it. I’d be very surprised if it caused any issues, but it’s super easy to change back if it does.

          • How many sharing the connection in your house?

            If you have admin access to the router, this should be possible to configure, although you might need a crash course in basic networking… 🙂

          • I would need a crash course in basic networking. There’s my parents, my girlfriend, my sister and her boyfriend… six of us.

            On a 1mbps connection with a 50gb dl limit :O

            Jesus wept.

          • @highperformance

            Pub then to discuss your situation. Friday? Will be there anyway… bring our kiwi comrade… 🙂

          • @trikeabout That sounds swell, on Friday I’ve got an indoor soccer game til 7 and then a comedy show at 9pm though. I’m happy to grab a beer between then and the show though? @blackdahlianz

          • Cool – I’m usually around so if it’s a bit tight for an ale, most fridays work for me. Will PM you number later.

          • @highperformance @blackdahlianz

            Should we shout out to anyone else? My usual plan is Mitre Tavern from about 17:30 onwards but if your comedy gig is far away from there then I can be flexible. Just need to keep my other mate appraised as to our movements…

          • Hey mate, I’ll be at the Mitre Tav a round seven (I’m coming from Bundoora) is that cool? @blackdahlianz will probably be there earlier than me lol

    • My headset was doing the same while playing rocket league with @bdkiaf so ive been using my samsung phone headphones and they work well so that might be an option for you

  • So something @cakesmith pointed out to me last night: Babymetal is going to have a track in Rock Band 4. Had a quick look around online and there’s discussion that it may be part of the pre-order bonus exclusively for Xbox One.

    Either this speculation is wrong or I’m no longer in any rush to get Rock Band 4.

    • They’re timed exclusive bonuses. Xbox One gets X songs first, and PS4 gets Y songs first. Eventually they’ll be made available on everything…at least that’s what I took away from the wording on the article I first found.

    • I’m still so incredibly undecided what to do with Rock Band 4.

      – I have a full set of X360 RB3 instruments, but I really only enjoy playing guitar so I want to get rid of the instruments and buy new ones.
      – I have a big chunk of X360 RB3 music purchased, but I don’t know if this will still count if I move the account to another region
      – I want to get a US copy, since I’m going to be moving and everything
      – Since I want a new guitar anyway and I’m not sure the DLC will carry over, do I want to get it for XB1 or PS4? So hard to decide. I hardly ever turn my XB1 on, it’s very much a tertiary system for me (primary platforms are PC and Vita, then PS4)
      – It comes out just before I get to the US so I can’t preorder it.

  • Argh, need to do assignments but MGSV has me hooked. I’ve somehow managed over 50hrs! I managed to get a good way through mission 20 but had to stop and make dinner. That mission has me freaked out. I think I’m near the end, i’m in the building which has people in it…it involves blood, then I got to a cut scene when I found the person I was looking forward then you know who came out and…well, that’s where I had to stop. (Phew, I managed to avoid spoilers)


  • Blood Bowl 2 happened last night. And my excellent, excellent luck from the first game appears to have carried over as one of players got killed in my first match. Yay. Still a very fun game though and I eagerly wait for new teams to be added in the future.

    On a side note, the developers seriously stuffed up with their preorder DLC. It was a fairly basic thing in that if you preorder you get one of the DLC races for free once the game releases. However, the developers have since said that they haven’t actually finished the preorder races and they’ll be out in about a week. While that’s not too bad, it doesn’t inspire confidence in them releasing future DLC in a timely manner.

    • Were you playing online or offline.
      I would be keen to know how the online is and if it has improved. Previous versions were dodgy and a small connection issue automatically had you forfeiting the match. And there were a lot of connection issues.
      Also what’s new, which races are out and anything else interesting in it?

      • Connectivity is still a bit of an issue but apparently they’re looking to smooth things out. I haven’t been disconnected from a match yet.

        As for what’s new, the main changes are primarily cosmetic and UI but everyone looks really good now. The animations for the players are pretty great and they’ve done very well in showing the tackle and smashing animations. Game-wise though it’s basically the same although there is actually a single player now.

        There are only eight races currently with two more in the preorder DLC with more to come. The races are: Humans, Bretonnians, Orks, Skaven, Chaos, High Elves, Dark Elves, and Dwarfs and the Lizardmen and Wood Elves are the preorder races. They’re not locked out forever but you will have to pay for them later. All of the other races from the first game are likely to come out soonish.

          • Basically they’ve greatly expanded on the single player of the first game and have you follow a team from lowly beginnings to championship victories. Also they’ve tied in things such as building your fans and your stadium so you can really feel it when you have a home field match.

            It’s much, much more fleshed out and it feels a lot nicer than the very bare bones approach in the first Blood Bowl.

  • Is anyone heading to ComicCon in Sydney this weekend? If so, can you please give MacGyver a hug for me – I will be at the most poorly-timed wedding reception of all time, so can’t do it myself.

  • This is sort of a complaint about EB games. Not so much the staff, more so the corporate structure that lead to a less than ideal solution to a problem.

    So, I bought the MGSV limited edition PS4 console, right?

    Did I need it? No. But damn man, Metal Gear is my favourite. My faaaaaaavourite.

    So anyway, I bought it on release from the EB near my house.

    About a week after I bought it the controller’s D-PAD started to stick. There was way more resistance than usual and the buttons had to be forced down until they audibly cracked into place. Think a Mad Catz PS2 controller you got with a copy of Burnout.

    Then a week later, September 15th, the day of The Taken Kings release, I woke up to the console being stuck in the safe mode death loop. For anyone who doesn’t know what that is basically my console would only boot in safe mode and there was no way to get it to boot proper without a full reformat.

    So I reformatted it, redownloaded TTK over a billion days (in reality like 14 hours) and figured everything was fine.

    Cut to me having to rebuild databases almost every morning, finding out the headphone jack in my controller was busted and then finally, on Sunday just passed, the console stopped reading discs.

    So I already had a PS4 so I’m not too fussed. I can still play my video games so if this takes a little while to get sorted with EB, I’m cool with that.

    I go to EB and the manager is like “That sucks but as it’s a limited edition it might be hard to find a replacement.”

    I’m already expecting this so I’m all no prob, if you can get one that’d be great but if in the end I have to ring Sony then so be it.

    He calls around and I wait around for an hour or so with no luck. I ask if he can contact head office and he says “I’ll try but our acquisitions team will probably just tell me to call around stores in my area.” I tell him that sucks but would appreciate any help he can give.

    Eventually we hit a brick wall, and I really want a burger from this particular bar that stops serving food at 3pm, so he agrees to keep trying and will call me if he finds one.

    As I stumble out of the bar later that afternoon, burger down my front and beer in my belly, I get a voice mail telling me that there’s a replacement console available at a store about an hour away.

    Here’s the problem, I don’t have an hour to drive out there for at least two weeks. I ask if they can hold it for that long, they tell me they can’t. I ask if it can be sent to my closest store, they tell me it can but it comes out of their own pocket. That sucks, I reply, but maybe head office can help you out on this considering it’s not just a normal console. “Thing is”, the manager tells me, “if I call my area manager with this I could face disciplinary action.” In so many words. I think the actual words were “It will cause all kinds of headaches for me.”

    Oh man, I don’t wanna get anyone in trouble, especially not a 19 year old in a shitty retail job. So I ask what the solution is. They’re not sure but they might be able to get the console brought to a meeting, a middle ground, sovereign soil if you will, and the manager will then lug it back to the store that’s closest to me.

    Sweet, just lemme know.

    Next day, I check my voice mail.

    “So we’ve come up with a better plan, Dan. If you can come in and buy a gift card, we’ll use that gift card to layby the console at the other store which you can then go out and pick up after which we’ll refund the money to the gift card and you’ll have a gift card for all your trouble!”

    I must’ve misheard that message. It sounded like the most hair brained of schemes so I listen again.

    Nope, definitely hair brained. Dick Dastardly/Wile. E. Coyote levels of hair brained.

    So I call back, this is the solution they have for me. To me spending almost a grand on plastic and sand from their store. I’m not mad, I’m just, kinda, gobsmacked that this is a solution to a really simple problem.

    And the worst part is I know it’s not these kids fault. This is literally the best solution they think they can give me due to either poor training, worse working conditions, intimidating management or a combination of all of the above.

    EB as a company you are a joke. As a store though, you really do go that extra mile, even if it is with an ACME rocket taped to your back.

    • Nice. Breaching your consumer rights… and workplace law. EB have got to be next after this 7-11 shenanigans is done with.

      You should tag Serrels… there’s got to be a story in this!

    • If you can come in and buy a gift card, we’ll use that gift card to layby the console at the other store which you can then go out and pick up after which we’ll refund the money to the gift card and you’ll have a gift card for all your trouble!”

      ‘… and we’ll force you to buy a gift card for all your trouble!’.


  • Well, that was certainly a thing… I just ate the worlds hottest chilli.

    As a method of suicide, I expect there’s less painful ways but not many that impresses so many people, I seem to be a bit of a hero at the gym. That or they’re all scared of the loony who evidently doesn’t back down from a stupid challenge.

    My trainer and I somehow got on to talking about chillies a few weeks ago and he looked up the world’s hottest, the Carolina Reaper and unbeknownst to me he ordered some. I suspect that he didn’t really expect me to actually eat one but he was so excited that I didn’t have the heart to say no and I really did want to try one just to say I’ve done it.

    It was a wee bit spicy as you might expect. The scoville scale measures the heat of chillies and the common or garden jalapeno has a rating of 1000-20000 scoville units (usually closer to the lower end) and the Carolina Reaper has 1.5-2.2 million scoville units. They were dried and extremely brittle so when I bit it, it kind of exploded into powder and a bit got stuck in the back of my throat which was the cause of a bit of coughing and the powder spread over my tongue rather rapidly. It took a good 20 minutes and at least 1.5l of milk for the majority of the heat to subside, my stomach is still churning a bit and I’ve not stopped burping since.

    I’d not recommend having them in a salad or on a pizza but it was certainly an experience. I’m not looking forward to it coming out the other end…

  • Attached is a songlist (we do cool, if a little cheezy, arrangements of the world’s coolest songs and have a lot of fun! You sound to me like you might fit in and enjoy it. How about looking at the list, choosing a few and coming around a for a play, perhaps next Tuesday?*goes back to bed, hides under covers*

  • Just when I think video games comment sections are bad, I read the comments on an iPhone vs Android article.

    It’s kinda funny but also not.

    • According to a friend of mine, Al Jazeera has the best (worst) comment section on the internet.

      Regardless of the content of the article, everything turns into an Israel/Palestine argument.

      • ’10 reasons why being hydrated is better than being dehydrated: An Al Jazeera exclusive’

        Commenter 1: Yeah, I want 3 minutes of my life and 600mb back.
        Commenter 2: Drinking water is good for you, who thought.
        Commenter 3: Not Palestine, obviously.
        Commenter 2: Another Israelite who’s a smartass. Go comment on another website for bigots.
        Commenter 4: FIGHT ME IRL PALESTINE

        • Okay, so grabbing the first article I saw “EU leaders to gather for emergency refugee summit”, the second comment was about Palestine / Israel.

          Europe needs to accept the fact that by colluding with US losers it was complicit in this whole mess and now must face the music. It should have thought hard before bombing Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and allowing the Zionist cancer in Palestine 1948. History is unforgiving.

          Also, all the comments are fucking stupid. These people are ludicrously xenophobic.

  • “Hey sexy stud, I’ve been saving myself just for you!”

    For crying out loud lady, tone it down just a little would you.

    That said she’s sold a whole lot of tickets today.

  • Oh jesus fucking christ. Just got an email from head office directing us to tell all customers with warranty claims to go to the manufacturer and not us.

    Debating with myself whether to send back an excerpt of the Australian Consumer Law with the relevant part highlighted along with the big list of big retailers who recently got massive fines from doing exactly that.

    I work for fucking morons.

    • Holy shit, that’s whistleblower paydirt.
      Actual paper trail.

      You should be sending that to the government, not sending HQ a warning.

  • Ugh. Fuck today was a shit day.

    So turns out my D drive was in critical shape so I had to drop it and install a new one, which I did. Problem being Windows decided it needed a bit installed on the D drive so it wouldn’t boot unless said drive was plugged in. Nothing would fix it, so I just bit the bullet and re-installed Windows, this time on one of my SSD’s. Gotta say at least I now have a very acceptable boot time of 15 seconds.

  • So I had a new experience last night. I got pooped on by an owl.

    At least I think it was an owl.
    I was outside (my first mistake) and it was flying away from me when I saw it after I felt the drops. It was vaguely owl sized and shaped and it was dark. It was probably an owl. Tasted like owl poop.

    Not that I tasted it.

    Or know what owl poop tastes like.

  • Looks like I’m completely out of step with the Internet at large on something (surprise!)

    Watched the first episode of the new Muppets show. Loved it. A number of genuine out loud laughs mixed with some touching moments. Stumbled a few times but it’s a pilot and has a lot of room to grow from that.

    Seems like the internet disagrees with me. A lot of people taking issue with its more adult tone, this really isn’t a show suitable for kids. A lot of discussions and arguments about what’s right and wrong for certain characters to do (ie: Kermit getting angry and being rather on the cutting side, Scooter getting super passive aggressive).

    All I know is I found it great. It is a bit meaner spirited than it was but the way the show is presented it felt like a natural progression. The Muppets are older, they’ve been at the show biz a long time and feeling a little ground down by the pressures of it. Be interested to hear other peoples thoughts if anyone watches it, see if I’m just a crazy simpleton or not.

    Highlight Jere Burns as Fozzie’s girlfriends dad dismayed about his daughter dating a bear.
    Fozzie: “This salmon is delicious”
    Burns: *into his drink* “Of course he likes the salmon”

    • I enjoyed it. I hope it gets a little snappier as it goes on, and I could do with Kermit being a bit less of a jerk, but I think it’s got potential

      • The break up scene between Kermit and Miss Piggy genuinely hurt. Seeing her not react in her normal diva flip out but quietly start crying and the small emotional responses they put into her face was tough to watch.

        • That was well handled, and I quite like the idea of those characters having to work at a relationship rather than be 100% fated. I hope they make Kermit a bit less bitter though, I think the character is an optimist at his core.

    • The whole “it’s not for kids” thing is stupid. They’re the same people who got upset over Agro and he was definitely not kid-friendly at times.

      People who get upset about kid-unfriendly puppetry should watch Avenue Q just to see how tame Muppets are by comparison.

      • It’s not really puppets for adults people are taking issue with and more it’s a Muppets show that isn’t even attempting to appeal to kids. The Muppets have always had a pretty broad target previously.

    • Awh. A mean-spirited Kermit sounds pretty depressing to me. I know they’re targetting the generation(s) who hold the patent on cynicism (X/Y), and in media nothing is sacred, but… couldn’t they leave him as a more aspirational figure? Oh well.

      I always got the feeling when I was a kid that the Muppet Show was at least partly angled at adults anyway. Half the guest stars they had were people who were famous before I was born.

  • For whatever reason I started watching Nashville on Netflix

    I have 2 issues with it
    1. For a show about music the audio in it is atrocious
    2. The young girl (Juliet I think?) looks exactly like the girl in high school who used to always tell me I was cute and rub my cheek but wasn’t the slightest bit interested in me beyond playing with me

    Other than that it’s okay though 😛

  • A fortnight ago myself, @redartifice, @gingerchris86 and @negativezero gazed into a time rift and bore witness to the fall of our civilization. We bring you this account as a warning, so you may avoid allowing this to come to pass.

    It all started with the accidental discovery of what became known as the EM Drive. Believed to be a feat of engineering by the Scottish Army, its discovery had a much darker birth. A scientist and his assistant working on an unknown project funded by the military was subverted by a General whose mission was to guide the scientists towards creating an unlimited energy source. After the secret was unlocked due to an accidental miswiring by the assistant, the entire team was sanitised and the technology appropriated by an unknown organisation.

    This energy was eventually utilised for space travel, allowing humans to reach Mars much faster than previously possible and with having to use as many resources. A small colony, Guang Zhou was founded on the Martian surface and eventually flourished as a mining base of operations for Mars and its moons.

    After several years of tunnelling into the moons reports started emerging of strange disturbances happening within the depths of Deimos. They started small, mining machinery randomly shutting off and power failures within lighting systems. As the miners probed deeper these disturbances escalated into machinery acting as if under someone else’s control, resulting in several deaths. Eventually they broke into a massive underground cavern full of ancient looking ruins. They were not given a chance to explore these ruins, however as the instant they broke into the cavern all electrical systems upon the moon shut off. Three beings appeared named C’Th’Hg’Ni’Lo, Huxtanaplignantopztl and Jeff. This was the first contact between humanity and the Twelve Machine Gods. The humans reacted as humans are wont to react when confronted with an unknown and powerful force and attacked. The humans on Deimos were quickly wiped out and the Machine Gods had subjugated the population of the Mars base and Phobos soon after, establishing the cult of the Machine Gods which would soon find its way to Earth. Technology under the Machine Gods saw rapid leaps forward with Mars soon being terraformed and eliminating the need for large bio domes to support life. Advances in genetic manipulation saw the humans of Mars alter their genetic code to be more suited to the lower gravity and colder temperatures of the Red Planet. This caused significant physiological changes, creating a new species much different to their forebears.

    Meanwhile on Earth, humans had divided themselves into factions worshiping different ideals placed at the feet of different Machine Gods led by men who were named Bishop Lords. The Machine Gods left the Mars colony and moved to Earth to make use of the much larger population. The largest of these factions were the followers of Jeff, led by the Bishop Lord Jeff. Rivalling the Jeffians in size were the two factions following Partigoer and Nehfleekenchill, led by Chad and Herbert, two old college roommates who had an acrimonious split over the superiority of two rival videogame franchises. Each were strong enough to remove the Jeffians from power but exhausted their resources in a war between themselves. In utero genetic alteration was used to tailor offspring to have the desired mental traits of each faction resulting in fanatical devotion from birth. Human babies were more imprinted on their god and Bishop Lord than they were their own parents.

    Technology advanced to the point where human consciousness was mapped out. A Frenchman by the name of Jean Gaullier found a way to remove his consciousness from his flesh body and transfer to a robotic body with no mental effects. This was immediately met with horror and anger, decried as heresy and immediately bans were placed upon transference and Gaullier destroyed. From these events rose a new faction, The Church of The Virtual Gods, a small group of people who believed that transference proved that the Machine Gods were no more than ancient human constructs to be harnessed by humanity and used for their own advancement. They grew in size and power until they became enough of a threat to cause an unprecedented alliance of all factions to wage a holy war upon them and they were wiped out to the last follower.

    The Partigoers were the vanguard of the assault on the Virtual Gods final fortress and leading the charge, Chad stumbled on their archives containing the details and method of transference. Chad killed the members of his guard, stole the data and disappeared. He would emerge a year later in a powerful machine body becoming the 13th Machine God and claiming ascendancy over the original 12. This would spark the onset of the God Wars.

    Incensed at the affront to their masters, the Nehfleekenchills manufactured a nanoweapon to alter the minds of all humanity. Knowing they had no way to directly affect the power of Chad they attacked the one part of his power they could, his word. They tailored the nanovirus to specifically target the language center of the human brain, rendering all of humanity unable utter the word “Chad”. It has the desired effect. No longer able to preach or hear the sermon of Ch*d his followers forget him and return to the Partigoer fold from where they originated. Ch*d in a rage ignites a full scale war between the Partigoers who abandoned him and Nehfleekenchills who engineered his downfall. The Partigoers were still in the midst of internal strife over the selection of a new Bishop Lord and were ill prepared for an all in war and were soon wiped out. Emboldened by their victory, the Nehfleekenchills turned their attention towards Ch*d.

    The people of Mars watched the people of Earth tear each other apart with dismay. Although a distinct species they nonetheless felt kinship with the species they sprung from. Knowing their ancestors had encountered and spread the Machine Gods influence they felt responsible for the events on Earth and created a powerful Machine God of their own which they named the Atoner.

    On Earth the war between Ch*d and the Nehfleekenchills had reached its peak culminating in a final battle where although taking catastrophic losses they were able to bind Ch*d and render him powerless. Unable to destroy him and unwilling to allow him to stay on Earth, the Nehfleekenchills loaded his body upon a ship and sent him on a course for Mars, hoping that if he regained his power he would be content to remain on Mars and carve out a new following. The Martians refused to allow this to happen and took the only course available to them, they used the power of the Atoner to destroy the ship immediately upon its exit from Earth’s atmosphere.

    The Nehfleekenchills were ravaged and retreated all their members to their home of Johannesburg. The Jeffians upon learning of their weakened state took advantage of their chance to remove their final rival for dominance, unleashing a nanovirus plague upon Johannesburg with no other function but to spread and kill as quickly as possible. Within a week the Nehfleekenchills were no more. The Jeffians quickly moved to consolidate their power over the remaining cults but soon found themselves embroiled in a planet wide civil war as the Cults resisted, fearing the same treatment as the Nehfleekenchills. After a decade of war, humanity is reduced to a tenth of its population. A truce is called between the remaining Cults and a summit is held with the surviving Bishop Lords. They decide that humanity will not survive if they continue upon the path of the Machine Gods and come up with a plan to free themselves of them. They create a software virus to be uploaded into the Machine God’s planet wide matrix to depress the gods and lull them into a torpor. The plan is successful and the remaining humans immediately disbanded all the Cults and to ensure humanity would never fall into the same situation genetically altered every remaining human, stripping the concept of faith from human ability.

    An oversight in the design over the virus and a lack of understanding of the Machine God’s matrix had the unfortunate side effect of the virus leaking into all machinery on Earth. Earth’s machines had gained a modicum of self-awareness and the virus caused a deep depression within the machines. This lead to Mars cutting off all trade and transport between Earth and Mars, destroying any ship attempting to leave Earth, quarantining Earth and abandoning it to its fate. Eventually the machines become tired of their depression and start destroying each other as a logical way to end machine suffering. It is not long before all machines are gone, including the Machine Gods. Humanity had long ago left all production and care of their species to the machines and with no knowledge of how to continue, slowly started to starve as food stocks dwindled and shelters fell into disarray.

    A meteor strike on the moon would bring hope. A piece of the moon broke off and fell to Earth. Upon investigating it, humans would find the dormant form of Ch*d who was unaffected by the virus. They reactivated him in desperation, hoping he would be able to build new machines to grow food and repair shelters. When Ch*d reactivated he immediately sought to link to other machines. The only machines he could find that still existed was the long dormant nanovirus in Johannesburg. Unsure of how to communicate with a nanovirus, Ch*d decided to attempt to brute force his will upon it. All this managed to do was reactivated and give the nanovirus its own intelligence. Shaping itself to advance its purpose, to kill, it became able to rapidly reproduce and spread long distances. A few months later, the last human dies. Without anyone to follow him and the only other machine a swarm of nanoviruses, Ch*d attempts to leave for Mars where the only other intelligent life he knows of exists but is quickly destroyed by the Atoner.

    With humanity and all Machine Gods destroyed the Atoner completes its final act of atonement and fulfils its purpose of being and wipes out all life on Mars before self destructing.

  • Hmm $150 for front row Iron Maiden tickets. I think I need those ones. Just think i’ll wait till public sale and get them from an outlet so I don’t cop a bunch of bullshit fees.

  • So one of my favourite TED talks from a while ago floated back to the surface as a result of someone posting up a link on our internal work social platform.

    The drive of the whole speech is people buy why you do it, not what you do. What you do serves as a proof of your why.

    His last words hit right home as to what is wrong with most political parties in Australia
    (not just the majors… PUP, Greens, Independents all have this issue).

    Listen to politicians now, with their comprehensive 12-point plans. They’re not inspiring anybody. Because there are leaders and there are those who lead. Leaders hold a position of power or authority, but those who lead inspire us. Whether they’re individuals or organizations, we follow those who lead, not because we have to, but because we want to. We follow those who lead, not for them, but for ourselves. And it’s those who start with “why” that have the ability to inspire those around them or find others who inspire them.


    Essen spiel is coming up in a bit more than two weeks. Essen spiel is pretty much the big board game convention in Europe (America has Gen Con). It’s where publishers release all of their shiny new toys and is generally a clusterfuck of cardboard.

    The owners of two different board game stores in Canberra are going. More importantly, they’re taking pre-orders and the like so that people can pick up games that would otherwise be incredibly difficult to find in Australia for at least another 3 monts (read: year).

    I try not to get wrapped up in the cult of the new. I try to avoid pre-orders. I try to buy everything on this planet related to 7 Wonders and they’re releasing a 2 player variant at Essen.


  • I just realised I’m in a weird situation with Rock Band/Guitar Hero. It’s the sort of game I want in discless form, so I could go and pre-order the digital version of Rock Band 4 on the XBOX One right now, but I’d still need instruments which don’t seem to be available without purchasing a retail copy of the game.

  • It’s that time that I’m looking into getting a brand spanking new phone! Coincidentally my ipod is also on it’s way out so I’m leaning towards jumping ship to iOS and (finally) merging the two. The future!

    The only thing is that it’s so hard to find a decent review for someone switching to iPhone that doesn’t come with a hint of Android fanboyism 😛

    • I went from iOS to Android and I’m gonna go back to iOS in the next few weeks.

      I just prefer the keyboard on the iPhone basically. I don’t/can’t be bothered to do any of the customization stuff or try a million different apps to get the perfect keyboard.

      Do it for me, plx.

      Also my Android opens advertising pop ups on every page I visit, including Google, whenever I update Chrome.

      It’s just too hard.

      • Yup, same. Everyone’s all “you can customise androids phones which makes them better” and I’m all “uhhh, I’m so lazy, I want someone to do it all for me”. Thus I have stuck with iPhone.

      • You aren’t wrong. The Android keyboard suuuucks. SwiftKey helps a bit but still nowhere near as good as the iPhones.

        And holy shit opening up into the play store at some shitty slot machine game is awful. Swapping browsers to Opera and using the ad blocking extension seems to have stopped it though.

          • Literally everyone.

            I was in the line at the post office and asked an old lady the time and she was like “8:30 but how shit are android keyboards?”

        • Respectfully disagree. I used Swiftkey in 4.0, but moved back to the stock keyboard in 5.0 which added swipe in – it’s great. My only issue with it is moving the cursor, as the act of lifting my finger moves the cursor slightly from where I put it.

      • Most Android keyboards suck (the ones that don’t are acceptable at best) but I detest the Apple one. Never bothered thinking hard about the why of it, but at the least its simplicity gets in my way a great deal.

    • As much as I hate apple as a company, they tend to make good, if overpriced products.
      Owned two iPhones and never had any issues – aside from the battery the 3s I have still works perfectly.

      But with apple it’s do things their way or bugger off. And god help you if it does break out of warranty.

    • Future proof wise, Apple is better.

      I was reading a thing the other day, the Galaxy S5 isn’t getting Android 6.0. The phone came out last year. Same with Sony and a bunch of their phones.

      Meanwhile, Apple just released iOS9, which works back to the 4s. A 5 year old phone now.

      I think everyone else has already covered a bunch of other stuff I’d mentioned like Apple being Apple regarding customisation etc.

    • Easy way to help yourself with the decision:
      If you bought a lot of shit under iOS, go with that.
      If you bought a lot of shit under Android, go with that.

      Biased answer: Android has the Humble Bundle.

      • That’s the thing, I realised that my phone barely has anything on it. I only really use it for the browser, camera and a handful of apps that are all free and on both platforms.

        Don’t know why I was getting hung up about switching when I really don’t even use my phone for that much 😛

        • If you don’t use it for much, I’d suggest a mid-range/older Android, or a generation behind iPhone…purely because it’ll reduce cost on something that doesn’t need to be expensive for you.

    • Before I start my iPhone opinions were formed in the olden days so anyone reading feel free to correct me on anything that’s no longer valid.

      Personally I found the switch from iPod to iPhone really frustrating. First up, the iPhone is not an iPod. It has an iPod app but it’s not as good as a dedicated iPod. It’s a good enough music player, I used it for years, but I still consider it a downgrade. Although I’d argue all smartphones are downgrades in that respect.
      Second, I’m not sure what your iPod model is but it’s probably a lot more open than an iPhone. I used to use my iPod as a memory stick since I had about 40GB free space on it. The iPhone won’t let you touch it directly. Everything runs through iTunes so you can’t just open it up in File Explorer and drag and drop files to it. This also means they don’t support SD cards. This is the big advantage Android and Windows have. I don’t swap cards around or anything but it expands the storage space dramatically.
      Finally the touch screen is great but it’s not a click-wheel. It doesn’t sound like much but I never used to take my iPod out of my pocket.

      I’d recommend writing down what you like about your iPod, what you do with it, etc and then just confirming that an iPhone can do it all. I had solid reasons for sticking with Apple/iPods throughout the various generations and most of them vanished with the iPhone. Merging the two devices into one makes sense but depending on what you want from a music player keeping them separate may be beneficial.

      As for fanboyism I’m not a big fan of Android. The only reason I put my family members on Android devices is because my nan already knows how to use it and iOS can be a bit obnoxious (if you use it a lot it’s fine, but my family won’t even try to jump through Apple’s hoops). I find Android functional enough and there really is no wrong choice with operating systems as long as you get it on a good phone. I really like my Lumia (Windows Phone) but it’s a tough sell and it definitely has some flaws. Weirdly enough the fact third party apps show up on Windows Phone last doesn’t cause me many problems, but Microsoft suck at making apps so they make some stupid, stupid first party app design decisions.

    • Indie 2D platformers and “Survival” games on Steam. Just… Stop. Please. The store front page is usually nothing but lately.

      • Ah survival games, where 1% of the game you actually hear about that sounds epic, the other 99% is just the boring running around aimlessly that you don’t hear about.

        • And wondering what kind of fucked up disease your character has that their perception of a day passing takes place in the space of half an hour and their need for food and drink is so demanding that should the protagonist actually survive and god-forbid procreate, they would consume the entire planet’s resources within three generations.

      • Survival games aren’t the problem, it’s early access survival games.

        I love survival games. The good, completed ones.

        Of which there are none.

        • Early Access and Greenlight were decent ideas with some promise but Valve showing it’s usual complete disinterest and aloofness has allowed then to turn into complete fusterclucks.

          • Yep. It’s flooded the store with shite and made it a giant nightmare to find anything good anymore. The end result is that I’ve stopped paying attention to indie and Early Access stuff.

            The crazy thing is, everyone is suffering from this flood. Devs are struggling for exposure, many users are ignoring games that come out of it, and Valve’s reputation is being dumped on pretty hard (rightfully so) from the way they’re handling it all.

          • The flood is hardening my heart to the plight of the indie dev who genuinely thinks that their iterative clone is one of the rare diamonds lost in the rough who isn’t getting the attention (and megabucks) it deserves thanks to all the obviously-inferior titles sucking up their oxygen.

            At a certain point you are not stuck in traffic, you ARE traffic.

        • Well obviously you’re just a whiny bitch. Incomplete features are harder and thus superior so quit asking for all this hand-holding crap, it’s ruining the game and people like you are ruining the industry! Nevermind that the features I’m yelling at you about will never be implement because the devs clearly abandoned the project.

    • Let’s just take a break from “Roguelike” games guys. Some of them have been good but we just need to take a step back and catch our breath a little.

  • With my third monitor on its way, I’m wondering if 3GB of VRAM is enough since I’ll be running games at 5040×1050…
    Do I need to think about upgrading a video card, or should I not worry?

    • If you’ve got 3GB, VRAM shouldn’t be an issue – I’m running a 3GB 7970-OC on three monitors, and it runs Far Cry 3 at 5760×1080 (iirc) at around 45 fps on ultra. Hang gliding in surround is amazing. Flying my ship in Elite: Dangerous in surround, with head tracking, is freaking phenomenal. XD

  • In case anyone is interested, Coles have 20% off the $30 PSN cards. Just went and grabbed a few so I can feel better about buying The Taken King.

      • Pretty much. Especially when you hit the quantity limit for certain types of items in the one scene. Thankfully it doesn’t carry over to the sub-area, so you can start afresh there.

        But it totally sucks that you’re limited to only three Bowsers/Jrs, so can’t really get anything out of the sounds they make. Unless maybe you could rig up some complicated system of springboards to make them bounce across multiple note blocks, but that’s too much effort.

      • Tears are also the solution to:
        – Unlocking the Fierce Diety mask in Majora’s Mask
        – Unlocking Lulu’s ultimate weapon in FFX
        – Adulthood

    • At least you were doing something. I stayed up way too late last night with an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh paused on one screen and Snake sitting around in the ACC doing nothing in MGSV on the other. I was tired. Why didn’t I just go to sleep?

      • Blank and dissatisfied. Or… empty? How little he speaks – ever – how little he emotes… Something ain’t right with the Big Boss.

        Frankly, there are a LOT of really disturbing elements about MGS V that I’m not certain if they are actually intended game elements, cultural differences, or if they’re simply design limitations. How much is hand-waved as happening off-screen? So much seems deliberate…

        The ‘interrogation’ described by Ocelot when he talks about how he got his name is disturbing. Not to mention the game mechanics… You take these Russian soldiers and recruit them, and within a day or less they’re roaming around your base with American accents, saluting you eagerly and calling you Boss. Anytime Kaz speaks it’s with a zealous fervour that’s mentally and emotionally unhealthy. The officers speak of their troops LOVE for Big Boss without him ever actually doing anything to deserve it beyond being an excellent infiltrator/killer. (And those aren’t normally traits that on their own inspire crazy loyalty and devotion.) And they all love the dog with an almost child-like obsession. Is Ocelot using brainwashing/hypnotherapy to make these new troops into Americans with one of the same two voices/templates? (Crispin Freeman and some other guy.) What’s creepy is if you go on-mission as anyone else, everyone still keeps calling you Boss. Is that a design limitation, or an in-game reference to the creepy brainwashing? Is the position purely symbolic? Is personality and memory and IDENTITY so fluid in this world?

        It leaves me with THEORIES. And thpoilerth. So yeah, the game weirds me out.

  • Does anyone happen to know if Fallout 4 retail version is going to be Steamworks? I keep hearing something about Bethesda having their own service for their games or something and Fallout 4 may be using that or whatever. Personally I don’t care since I haven’t logged into Steam since about February.

  • Hey gang,

    Anyone here played Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops? I’m trying to decide whether to work it into my MGS series playthrough or not.

    Is it worth delaying my MGSV experience by a week or two to play Portable Ops, or should I skip it (bearing in mind that if I skip it, I’ll probably never go back to it)?

  • Holy crap, the quote on shipping that kiosk is way more than I was expecting. Might be better off just driving up to Brisbane myself.

      • Rather 😛 But the best time to go would be this week, so I could sneak off and get back and figure out how to get it stashed away without anyone realising I was gone.

        On the other hand though, trading maybe a hundred bucks for ~21hrs of driving makes it seem a little less worth it.

  • Hey Mario Maker people! I found a website that some of you might find helpful:

    You can submit levels for people to play and search for levels using various filters. No idea if it’s actually widely used but there are a fair few levels there already and what’s there seems relatively high quality so why not.

    (Silly that this kind of search function isn’t included in the actual game, but hey)

  • Baw, gotta leave the house by 6 to drop Mum and Dad off at the airport tomorrow morning. Stupid strikes.

    Maybe I’ll just not bother going to bed.

      • Too late to the party for @mrtaco, but folks who are curious about Ubering for the first time should feel free use my voucher/code to get $25 off their first trip to convince them to try it out. 🙂
        DISCLOSURE: I assume I would get some sort of kickback.

          • Yes, yes they are the bee’s knees. I very much approve of Uber. For my own sake I hope justice doesn’t prevail and the Victorian test case goes Uber’s way and other states along with.

            Failing that, there needs to be some serious lobbying for improvements to the taxi industry. Greater cab driver cuts, reduced fees, significant overhauls in transparency.

            Seriously, one-button cab ordering with cabs assigned within seconds and arriving within minutes and GPS tracking after the car’s assigned with the option to contact the driver if they’re going the wrong way? Cashless transaction via the app’s pre-selected payment method? Significantly (eg: 20-40%) cheaper prices?

            Uber is just too convenient for me to ever go back to the old way of waiting ten to twenty minutes for a cab without knowing if it’s lost or if you simply aren’t getting any takers because you made the mistake of telling dispatch you weren’t planning a half-hour trip to the airport or other side of town.

          • My favourite was the day I almost got fired in Brisbane – I was running late for work and I’d missed the bus (which only ran every hour or so), so rang for a cab.

            “Sure, it’ll be there in around 15 minutes”

            That was cutting it a bit close, but I’d still make it, no worries.

            Wait 30 minutes, still no cab – ring them back, they tell me no cab has been assigned. Wait another 15, ring again, same story.

            Long story short, I ring them every 15 minutes and get progressively more angry as I keep getting told there’s no cabs. I told them that the first person I spoke with assured me it would be there in 15 minutes, only to be told that there was a Broncos game on and the first guy shouldn’t have made any promises. Ended up being an hour and a half late for work, very nearly got fired.

            So yeah, big fan of Uber. I’d be happy paying the same price as cabs, the tracking feature is a freaking godsend.

  • I had someone explaining to me how they’d got upset that someone had used table spread in a recipe rather than butter. I told them to calm down

    It was within the margarine of error #dadjokepagesix #[email protected]

  • Got home from work this afternoon to find a bottle of Scotch on my kitchen bench. Not sure how it got there but I’ll certainly get to the bottom of it.

    #Page6 #DadJokeHeaven #AwwwwYeeaaaah

  • A bit short notice, but are any Perth TAYbies going to the WAFL Grand Final? I knew I would be going to it months ago, but I forgot to ask anyone else if they’re going.

    @fled @grandmasterb-funk @hindenlagen @liondrive @phlanispo @phoenix @platinum-urchin @thecracks