Tell Us Dammit: How Do You Find Time To Play Games?

It's coming to that time of the year. Destiny: The Taken King is out, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is out, Super Mario Maker is out. Timesinks every one of them. My question to you: how does anyone find the time to play all these games?

And how do you go about the task? Do you play one game at a time? Do you switch between multiple different games?

I need your advice!


    I find in my older, much busier age, shorter games like Captain Toad are absolutely brilliant. I actually groan when companies claim their game has hundreds of hours of gameplay. Who the hell has time for that??

    Fairly lucky - i put my youngest to bed at 730 and 4-5 nights a week i can then play anything i want till bed at 12.. on the 6th and 7th nights i would probably start playing later if at all - dual screening too so i watch tv shows/movies while playing..

    Wow- 3-4 nights a week till around 1030/11 then its whatever else is in the pile (MGSV, WWE 15 and Rocket league atm)

    I would have tonnes of time to play games if I didn't waste so much of it reading things and talking to people on the internet.

    Work 2 jobs for a total of about 50 hours a week, studying part time and I'm in 2 bands that play gigs pretty regularly. As a result I really only get gaming time when I should be asleep

    I get home from work at 6ish - relax with the GF and housemates
    Have dinner around 7:00~ while watching something on TV
    7:30 - 8 Switch on PS4 after that and usually play some destiny (most likely Disk to be in PS4) or a digital download.
    Bed by 12 and do it all again the next day.
    Weekends while GF is at work is all open to gaming :)
    I bet having kids disrupts this schedule immensely...

    If I am lucky I will get an hour a day Mon-Fri before bed, maybe two hours on Sunday if I am really lucky or wake up early. I stick with a few games that last me most of the year. This year I have only played the Witcher 3, Metal Gear Solid V and Batman Arkham Knight. Most of these games last me a long time and I mainly focus on the storyline and side quests (as long as they aren't simple fetch quests or collecting the "collectibles").

    The days of spending the entire weekend playing a game are long gone...

    I'm at a pretty lucky time in my life. I'm 18 having a gap year with part time work, which leaves me with hours and hours of free time to do what I want. Normally it's used up by AFL, Gaming related content and catching up with friends.

    Book wife a weekend away with friends, play it off that you are treating her for whatever reason...send child/children too.
    You now have a weekend to yourself.

    I really dig the surge in solid indie games. I could never make enough time for the 100 hour epics like The Witcher or Skyrim, aside from some of the open world action games that let you mess around in shorter spans like Just Cause or Saints Row, but I love being able to just do a level at a time on whatever crazy platformer or top-down dungeon crawler I feel like (currently bouncing between Not A Hero, Guns, Gore & Cannoli, and the beta of Dungeon Souls) when I know I can usually finish a round in 20-40 minutes.

    Seems there are a lot of us (ONE OF US, ONE OF US) who sacrifice sleep for gaming. Quite a lot of the late night early rising brigade, or daywalkers as we're sometimes known.
    Sleep walking around at work. We might get an extras gig on Walking Dead.

    eh. home from work at 6. simple meal. shower. no TV or movies. from 7 till 12 im usually screwing with world affairs in EUIV.
    also im single with no kids. so no life really lol

    I'm unemployed.


    It's horrible... I'm actually studying a degree in game design and I feel like I never have time to play games at all. I do of course play sometimes... but that's usually when I have a million assignment and more important things to be working on so I can hardly get a chance to actually enjoy playing them. :(

    Gaming has become a tool in my life that I use to procrastinate and escape from the stressful alternative...

    My buddies all got married and had kids and bemoan their lack of free time to do anything, and that terrified me enough to stay single and never have children since I value my own time above everything else. I work between the hours of 8am and 4pm, and can basically play games for the 5 hours or so between then and bed every weekday. Weekends? All day. School holidays? Weeks of playing games at a time.

    I have very few responsibilities outside of work, and it's the best. I usually stick to one or two games at a time, and replay old ones I feel like playing when the mood takes me.

    Work at home. Self-employed.
    Phone call = stop gaming. Hang up phone = continue gaming
    I don't game as much now. Around 5 hours a day. On and off.
    But if I really love a game, I will play it for 10hrs non-stop. That's what happened when Street Fighter V released, until Steam took over and got all laggy.

    And of course, Diablo......that's another story.

    The way I've found time to play games is through the following. Own your on business, work from home, work only the hours required (be disciplined), don't get married and do not have children.

    As a 33 year old male, this has worked well for the last few years, given me plenty of time for more hobbies, not just gaming. The no marriage/children part is a big decision as lots of guys friends are at this point but it makes me happy and gives me plenty of time.

    I work 10 hr days and do 6 hrs on saturday. I also hit the gym 5 days a week so this leaves me with no time to game weekdays, unless i lose out on sleep which does happen occasionally, depending on how hooked i am to the flavor of the month game. Sundays are my naughty day. From the moment i wake i game, usually getting in a good 10-12 hours of bliss.

    Some games are better than others. I am 31, work full time, have three daughters and a wife (all not interested in gaming). I've been a gamer since 4 years old and most of my gamer friends live in other cities (also married with kids). So I try to stick to non-epic games that are awesome which deliver fun in small bite sized chunks - Mario maker, smash bros, Mario kart, rare replay, even halo remastered (checkpoint to checkpoint saving).

    I play for an hour or two every second night and schedule longer sessions in evening synced with my friends so we can play online (last one we did was co-op perfect dark, or some sessions of left 4 dead).

    Family comes first before gaming though. Wouldn't have it any other way :)

    I start work at 8am and come home at 9pm. I got a psX emulator on my phone, rooted it for bluetooth control with a dualshock 3, and I'm playing 1997's hottest games aaaaaaaall lunch break. Final Fantasy 9! Gran Turismo 2!! Castlevania Symphony of The Night!!!

    Yeah there's no way I can afford current gen gaming. Not in money, and not in time. PS1 on my phone still blows my mind though, even though everyone rolls their eyes at me.

    I only recently found time to play games. I finally finished my master's thesis and coursework, and moved in with my girlfriend. I've been happily unemployed for two weeks and spent a good deal of it playing Resident Evil 5 and the Mass Effect trilogy. I hate the thought of starting back at work (on Monday >__< ) for a multitude of reasons, not least of which is the decline in my game time. "I was looking for a job and then I found a job, and heaven knows I'm miserable now." What makes it worse is that I own a rather large backlog of games, including a number of PS2 titles.

    I slip my wife some Rohypnol after our child has gone to bed to allow me some guilt free game time. "Hey darling would you like me to make you a cup of tea". BAM out like a light for the night with no memory of it.

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