Up Your HOTS IQ With Science Of The Storm

Science of the Storm is a Youtube series that aims to answer all those questions people never know the answers to in Heroes of the Storm. Will so and so be affected by Zeratul's Void Prison? Will so and so's projectile go through player-created terrain? SotS tests it so you don't have to.

Hosted by Sunglare, you can find lots of HOTS content on the channel, and all with his enthusiastic Italian accent. There's some shoutcasting and Let's Play-style quick matches, but it's the Science of the Storm series that's really worth watching.

HOTS is kind of a crazy game, with lots of heroes and abilities that just break everything. In a good way. Sometimes, it's hard to know how one thing will interact with another. Does Anub'arak get caught by a root if he's tunnelling underground? Who can avoid Kael'Thas' fireball?

The latest video tackles the new hero Rexxar and his faithful bear compansion, Misha. The same types of questions arise: Is Misha considered a hero or a minion when different types of spell effects are applied? How much experience does Misha give as an Abathur clone? If Rexxar is in a Void Prison or Stitches' belly, can you still give commands to Misha?

Find out below, and check out the rest of the series for more cool info.


    One of the highlight reels already has a misha boss steal lol. Reexar got void prismed, misha killed zeratul, then caps boss.

    Love it. Those moments are why I play.

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