A Surprise First Look At The New Homeworld Game

A Surprise First Look At The New Homeworld Game

Shipbreakers, the first new game in the Homeworld series since the year 2000, has barely been seen since it was first unveiled back in 2011. So it's both neat — and a little surprising — to finally see some footage of the project.

Neat because Homeworld is great! Surprising because we're not seeing it in a big trailer or magazine feature, but as a technical demonstration at Unite 2015, the big Unity conference that went down in Boston last month (and from which this video was only published today).

Yup. That's Homeworld alright. While the video is a teaser trailer, there's some gameplay footage in there too, complete with UI. And...it looks like Homeworld! Only on land. Dirtworld.

If you're lost (or have just forgotten), Hardware: Shipbreakers was a game announced in 2011 that looked a lot like Homeworld, which was understandable since one of the main guys involved was also an artist on Relic's classic series. In 2013, Gearbox — who picked up the rights to Homeworld following THQ's demiselet the Shipbreakers team turn the game into a proper Homeworld title.

Interestingly, Shipbreakers is referred to in the clip as a "prequel sequel" to Homeworld 2.

(Thanks Tyler!)


    Oh cool, was thinking about this game the other day.
    Glad to see it's still a thing.

    Had an awesome teaser trailer when it was first announced.



      ^^ thats the new trailer from within the talk in this article.

    *throws dick at screen

    shit, thought I was holding my wallet

    Made in Unity. That's a surprise. I guess the studio are being allowed the name, but not the budget that comes with Gearbox.

      Yes the massive budget that paid for Aliens Colonials... Ooh

        Rumour has it that Colonials was given practically nothing because they were siphoning money away to the Borderlands franchise.

          This is what I'm saying - somehow I doubt Gearbox is doing much to fund this (they've gone all in on the buzz-free Battleborn) buy I'm sure they'll happily profit from it

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