There’s A New Homeworld Game Coming

There’s A New Homeworld Game Coming

Did you think PC strategy game Hardware: Shipbreakers looked a lot like Homeworld? Good. Because the developers have been given (or returned) the keys to the franchise.

While Gearbox works on re-releasing the original Homeworld games in HD, Blackbird Interactive, comprised of some of the team behind the old Homeworld classics (including art director Rob Cunningham), have been given the all-clear to turn their game info an official Homeworld project, with Gearbox signing up to publish the title.

Gearbox isn’t just letting them use the IP, either, they’ll be giving them “financial and production resources”, according to a report on Polygon.

Hardware was destined to be a free-to-play strategy game for the PC; given the publisher deal and injection of resources, I’d think its going to be a little more ambitious.

Gearbox lends Homeworld IP to spiritual successor Hardware: Shipbreakers developer [Polygon]


  • Wasn’t it originally set up as a multiplayer only game? I seem to recall something that really crashed my interest in the game and pure MP is about the only thing that does that to a game that looks promising

      • Wouldn’t be surprised if the multiplayer component sees a separate F2P release, with a paid-for single-player campaign seeing a decoupled release. Eg: Banner Saga. (Though that MP wasn’t well-received, possibly because the fans were expecting the single-player and were upset that it wasn’t released yet, or possibly because the combat didn’t make compelling PVP, or perhaps because the game appears to have been programmed in the worst engine possible – Adobe AIR.)

  • This is fantastic news if the game becomes traditional paid-for style. Best part of homeworld was always the single player.

  • Best news ever, after hearing Gearbox bought the IP I feared the worst. Can only hope they give these guys (or a similarly talented dev) the rights to make Homeworld 3 down the line.

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