Well done Ashigaru — you lasted nine minutes. That's a good time going up against these goddamn savages.

Yesterday's ScribbleTaku was Kirby's Dreamland. Congrats to WiseHacker who guessed it first!

Today's ScribbleTaku is brought to you by Dr. Neeson. Take it easy on him. He's a Doctor.


    Final Fantasy 7?

    That's an absolutely terrible Phoenix Wright scribble :P

    I want to say Rhythm Heaven. Even though I can't think of the specific game it might've been from.

    This is so familiar, argh hurry up and tell us the answer! It hurts!

    Yeah, I remember it from one of those quirky Japanese games - Taiko Drum, WarioWare, Katamari, Rhythm Heaven Fever, Mario Party??? I can't remember!!!

    Last edited 23/10/15 6:13 pm

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