Someone Is Creating A Kotaku Inspired Game Character At PAX Australia

A while back I asked you guys to suggest some outlandish video game characters designs. The plan: I would take a bunch of these designs to a group of designers/artists and they would create a Kotaku-inspired video game character.

Guess what: it's happening. Right now.

It's all thanks to CG Spectrum, College of Digital Art and Animation.

We had a lot of great entries. I rounded it down to three and then I took it to the team at CG Spectrum and let them make the final decision.

For the record, given my penchant for breakfast foods, this was my favourite...

Gooky A person who once went down to the shop for some cornflakes only to unknowingly come back with coco pops instead, unaware of the mistake until they went to eat their breakfast. And now they're out for revenge.

But the guys at CG Spectrum thought this would make for a better design:

senno I'm thinking a chubby sheriff, white skin, many chins, four foot tall, holding a whiskey bottle and a two barreled shotgun over shoulder. Wearing a vest, small feet, large prominent badge, mouse tail (human scale) and buck teeth like a rabbit.

Just as reminder, this is the team working on the Kotaku creation:

— Brandon Reimchen, a concept artist who worked on Prototype. — Francisco Alvarez and Katerina Dzolganovski who worked on Darksiders, Game of Thrones and many other cool things. — Simon Warwick who worked on Batman Arkham City.

As you can see from the pics dotted around this post — the team are working on the design right now. Work continues as we speak at the CG Spectrum booth in PAX Australia. Go and check it out!


    @mrtaco you got so close!

    Haha, but nice looking character design going on there ;)

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      Haha wow, I'd forgotten I even wrote that. Dang :P

    Holy crap! Forgot about this. Im with cookie brigade and im a pin proxy (getting pins for other people). Been so busy haven't really seen much. I'll stop by Sunday after the Naughty Dog panel

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