Sony PlayStation VR: Australian Hands On

Sony PlayStation VR: Australian Hands On
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Video: Playstation is charging ahead into the bold future of Virtual Reality. PlayStation VR is totally awesome, and we managed to get an early look at how the hardware works, as well as a hands on test of all the fun, bewildering and terrifying games Sony has planned.

What do you think of VR on consoles? Tell us in the comments!


  • I am quite interested in the technology and eager to try it. It’s definitely a try before I buy due to motion sickness issues I’ve experienced in the past with VR, but as @poita mentioned in another post, his wife experienced motion sickness with early VR units, but had no issue with the Playstation VR. That has me hopeful.

    I wish they’d release a date and price already!

  • I normally watch videos silent at work, and just turn on CC, but with Serrels that isn’t an option 🙂

    Your experiences look similar to mine, I think Sony is on a good track with it, the need for a ‘wire wrangler’ to be present is still a stumbling block, and I don’t think they can move to wireless bcause of latency, so it will be interesting to see how cable management is sorted.

      • Yeah, the screen’s only something like 854×480. But also it’s just a video stream you’re watching on a screen, you’re not trying to trick your brain into thinking it’s your real environment so latency is more acceptable there and isn’t going to make you feel sick.

  • Was hesitant until I got to use one back in September. Completely sold on VR after that. The Kitchen experience was brief but more than I needed to convince me of it’s potential.

    Working in a store that sells games, I really hope they somehow work out a way to demo these. People are obviously going to be wary of “gimmicks” like motion controllers and cameras, but once they try it, I’m convinced a lot of people will throw money at it.

    • Yeah, I think the marketing departments have got their work cut out for them. The units themselves are fairly chunky and from the outside people look pretty silly wearing them. It’s gonna be tough to convince people it’s more than just a gimmick.

  • 5:30

    That expression. LOL!

    Questions for Serrels et al:

    I was under the (now false) impression that the PSVR was wireless. How long are the cables? Did anyone else get tangled up in them? Was the weight of the PSVR slightly lop-sided due to the cables? Did they occasionally knock against your face or neck and briefly remove you from the immersive experience?

  • I don’t think consoles are the right platform for VR at this stage. Later on, to boost popularity, sure. But right now, things like the relatively low power of current consoles and long cables are quite limiting.
    PCs can handle the extra rendering required and still look amazing. That part is important to trick your brain. I think that consoles might only be able to do simpler environments, retro stuff, animation etc…
    On top of that, VR tends to work best in big open environments like GTA or space sims which consoles don’t do too well either.
    I think consoles need to wait for VR 2.0

  • I’m dying to have a go, and while I’d love this to be everything gamers want in a new interface, I’m guessing it’ll be a bit hit and miss. Time will tell.

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