Report: Sony Releasing New VR Headset In 2022

Report: Sony Releasing New VR Headset In 2022
The original PlayStation VR, originally released in 2016 (Image: Sony)

A report from Bloomberg that’s mostly about LCD panels and VR also contains a brief mention that Sony has plans to release a new VR headset in late 2022.

While the majority of the story is about Japan Display Inc’s pivot away from supplying LCD screens to Apple and towards an increasing number of VR headsets, it also notes that Sony isn’t part of this trend and plans to “use Samsung Display Co. OLED panels in its next-generation PlayStation VR goggles”. These next-gen goggles would be released during “the holiday period next year”

First released back in 2016, Sony has so far sold over five million PlayStation VR headsets. That doesn’t seem like many when you consider there are over 115 million PS4 consoles out there in the wild (and 8 million PS5 consoles, which also support it), but it’s clearly enough of a beachhead for Sony to convince it to start work on a new and improved headset.

Given the trajectory of VR headset advances on the PC, hopefully that would mean a smaller, cheaper (and hey, why not more powerful to go with the PS5 while we’re at it) unit than the one currently available, which at five years old is starting to show its age a little.


  • PSVR was an excellent piece of kit; not so much because of what it achieved but by how it did it. Using the existing camera technology to get on the VR bandwagon was inspired. There were massive shortfalls with the system but it was enough of a primer for me to make me go out and invest in something better for the PC.

    It’ll be great to see what they can come up with when given the opportunity to make it purpose-built.

    • Same here! I will always remember my PSVR fondly!
      it was clunky, had it’s issues for sure, but had a great selection of games and was the only way at the time I could afford to get on board the VR train that I had been hoping to see for about as long as I had been aware it was a thing (I tried a very primitive one at the Uni my dad worked in the early 90’s but it blew my little mind.)
      I have moved onto bigger and better versions, that have improved in nearly every way.
      But I will never forget my PSVR (you always remember your first, right?)
      I am just so glad I was able to get involved when it was still the VR wild west and noone really knew what they were doing.

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