Target Is Having A Sale On All Major Video Game Consoles

Target Is Having A Sale On All Major Video Game Consoles

You can always count on the big retailers to do a super good deal on major consoles in the lead up to Christmas. This year Target is kicking off the party early, doing solid deals on all three major consoles.

All prices are pretty good.

— The Wii U Splatoon Bundle is $334
— The Playstation 4 500GB edition, with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and a three month Stan subscription, is $468
— The Xbox One 1TB Limited Edition Halo Console Bundle, with Halo 5, is $558. You’ll have to wait until Halo 5 comes out obviously!

There are a few Wii games on sale, nothing to write home about, but in case you’re curious…

— Mario Galaxy 2 is $39
— Donkey Kong Country Returns is $39
— New Super Mario Bros. is $39

All on Wii, but those games are never on-sale at retail so they might still be worth a look.

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  • It’s interesting that you get three months of Stan. Which could only mean one thing, Stan has a PS4 app coming today or tomorrow as that bundle goes on sale on Wednesday.

      • Well it looks like Stan are realising apps soon. Well I think so anyway. Why offer a 3 month offer for a service that is not on the Playstation systems? I think Target has forced Stan’s hand.

    • The day they release that app is the day I sign back up to Stan. Really hope that’s on the cards!

      • It is. Click the link and scroll down to ways to watch Stan. PS3/4 is shown as a device. Come October 8 we may see the app. Also, all you need to do to get the three months free Stan is to spend $30 or more on PS games, accessories and consoles. Based on what Big Ws T&Cs. Seems Target, Big W and JB are doing the Stan offer.

  • The same Target that should be boycotted for their troglodytic stance towards mature video games who sided with a fringe bunch of Helen Lovejoy wannabes and pulled GTA5 from the shelves. Pick a side, Wesfarmers.

    • Ahh… None of the titles in those bundles have an R18+ classification?

      What’s the issue – this was done to death last year – retailers are perfectly entitled to make a decision about what products they stock and sell.

      • What’s the issue – this was done to death last year – retailers are perfectly entitled to make a decision about what products they stock and sell.

        The issue actually had a lot to do with reactionary stances and lack of media education from supporters but judging from the intentional omission, i’m assuming reality doesn’t seem to hold much sway, here.

    • I was lucky enough to land a $180 Target Wii-U bundle from Target about 18 months ago. It’ll happen again. Think happy thoughts.

      • That’s the one I missed out on…lol. Realistically I’d bite for about $250 or so, or $300 with a game I want.

      • As someone who stupidly bought a GameCube at full price – till the WiiU hits $99 – I ain’t buying!

        SMG2 though – enticing!

      • Ooh one of the lucky ones. My friend managed to get the deluxe version for that price since he asked the store to hold a basic unit for him, but then sold them all away!

  • Actually with the Halo Xbox One you get it a full week before Halo 5s release of 27/10/15

    Console releases 20/10/15 check the catalog

    • That Limited Edition Halo console normally only comes with the download code, so yeah probably a locked download. I know EB games are giving away a complimentary copy of Halo 5 on disc, and given that you are given a steelbook case and download code it’s kind of a dick move if that wasn’t the case.

      • It is bit of a dick move. I understand it’s one way to keep the price down but to have this lovely case and no disc is just a tease.

        I had a confusing discussion with a co-worker some time ago. I had a PS3 and he had an Xbox 360. He was talking about his frustration with running out of hard drive space which had me perplexed until I realised that the games that come with Xbox console packs are download only.

        • Yeah EB games recently had some Fifa 16 download codes that came in console bundles. Heck if you try and buy Mad Max on PC, you get a 7mb steam installer on the disc.

  • Just got a PS4 from the Dick Smith eBay store last week, a mighty $377 for the 500GB new model CUH-1200. Target also had the 1TB CUH-1200 for less than this deal, but not bad for those who missed out on the eBay super deals.

  • Good deal on the PS4 but do prefer to get the 1TB version. Will wait a few weeks to see what deals JB put out (can usually wrangle further discounts from them due to being a former staff members & knowing how to game the system).

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