The Australian Who Makes Terrible Video Games On Purpose

Bad video game ideas. We all have them. But what if, across the dank expanses of the internet, there existed a man who could make your bad video games a reality.

Friends, that man exists. He goes by the name of Bonerman_Inc.

Bonerman_Inc will make your bad video games. He will actually make them. He will make them better than you ever thought they could be.

Bonerman_Inc’s quest to make your bad video games: it started with one simple tweet.

Then this started happening.

And this…

And sometimes this:

One by one, he made these games.

Bonerman_Inc is an Australian game developer — a successful one in fact. He is the creator of ‘Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015: Do You Still Shower With Your Dad‘, a game we actually covered here on Kotaku last month.

We asked Bonerman_Inc if he had a real name, but he told us that Bonerman_Inc would work fine.

According to Bonerman_Inc, his inspiration was Problem Glyphs, an art project that involves making glyphs based on anonymous submissions. He started making these games just to satisfy his own creative curiousity but now he has a massive collection of terrible video game sketches and doesn’t quite know what to do with them.

For now he’s collected them all into a super handy Twitter Storify.

For the record, from a thematic standpoint, this is Bonerman Inc’s favourite:

But he claims that Cat Rescue is best from a gameplay perspective.

Bonerman_Inc plans to keep making games from your terrible video game ideas. He has a backlog that he refers back to when inspiration takes him, but he wants more ideas. You can tweet him your terrible video game ideas here.

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