The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Is Up

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Is Up

There’s TIE Fighters. There’s the Millenium Falcon. A LOT of colour. R2-D2 shows up again. It’s Star Wars.

Get hype, people.


    • I think these are the first trailers I’ve watched in recent memory that hasn’t given away the plot. Seriously who did the terminator genesis what’s the point of seeing the movie after watching that trailer.

      • That’s a relief. I don’t know that I’ll manage to survive the next however-long-it-is without chancing upon it on TV or something.

    • Final destination: Hype Eisley, where I Hyper-Upper Cut a Storm Trooper in the face before boarding the Falcon, fixing the Hyperdrive, and making the jump to Hyperspace.

      • I hear Syfy want to make a series out of it.

        The thing is it has a character that you can do in a book, but simply can’t do on film.

          • Books that should be made into films/TV shows:
            Not “The Hyperion Cantos” for same reason as “nights dawn trilogy”, see below;
            Any of the “Downbelow” stories by CJ Cherryh (and also the Chanur saga). Actually, anything by Cherryh;
            “Fallen Dragon” by Peter F Hamilton (not “nights dawn” trilogy, too long and would be fucked up)
            “Kill’n People” by Greg Bear
            “Metal Fatigue” by Sean Williams (very Blade Runner-ish)

            Seriously, am really looking forward to the new Star Wars movie, but there are so many amazing SF novels out there that would make great movies.

          • The thing is though… Is that while I’m reading these books, I can’t help but wonder how cool a movie/series would be about them: great lines acted, awesome scenes done in quality cg, what soundtrack could accompany…

            I mean, my imagination can’t be matched, but objective art can’t be beat.

            *Edit* For instance, I love Lynch’s Dune (considering I haven’t read the books yet !!!) simply for being that very unique adaptation that could only exist in the way it does.

          • @snacum.
            I know what you mean. I really loved the Dune movie. I’ve read the books, and it wasn’t the same. But the movie was a product of its period and stands well on its own. At the end of the day, there’s nothing like your own imagination interpreting a novel, but sometimes your really want to see those books translated into the big screen by someone else’s interpretation.

  • Okay, now I am not going to watch this, so can someone tell me, does it look good, okay, or awful.
    Someone please tell me so I can then get back to not watching the trailer!

  • Star Wars just dropped the mic on every scifi movie, every comicbook movie… every movie… for the next five years til this trilogies done…

        • Couldn’t find an adequate short vid but imagine I linked a youtube video of Riggs and Murtaugh from LW4 in the scene late in the movie where they are busting the counterfeiting ring and monologuing about how everyone got fecked and the conductor hands “It’s Beautifooo”

  • 1. Open on a barren desert Tatooine or Jakku
    2. angst kid wonders where shes from, discovers they are jedi
    3. For some reason the Empire thinks its a great idea to try for the 3rd time to make a death star
    4. Iconic character dies, either Han solo, most likely Luke
    5. Fight dubstep vader
    6. Some more dangerous character working in the shadows is revealed at the end.

    • On a side note, someone on twitter pointed out an interesting suggestion about the lack of Luke.

      It’s possible the reason why we haven’t seen Luke yet is because HE’S THE BIG BAD BEHIND THE MASK! Now that is a theory and not fact … but it kinda checks out, don’t you think?

      • Thought I’d share a theory of my own:

        You know how everyone thinks Finn (played by John Boyega) will be a Jedi, because he’s using the lightsaber in the trailer/official poster? I think it’s a fake out. I think it’s Rey who becomes a Jedi of sorts through the next three films including this one, whilst Finn is actually trying to track down and deliver the weapon to none other than Luke Skywalker himself. Remember, it’s a blue saber he’s using, the same colour Anakin originally used and was passed down to Luke until it was lost on Cloud City (along with his hand)…

        • I thought that Finn and Rey might be Han Solo’s children, albeit by different mothers, Although wouldn’t it be awesome if Rey turned out to be Luke’s daughter, with Luke being the Big Bad, like you say?

          • That would be really cool, although I just thought of something else. The rumour is that Big Bad (can we just make that his official name now :p) has been going around collecting Imperial artifacts like a super fan, hence why he’s creating an army in their image but improving on their ideals. Is it possible that, in some way, either he or someone before him found Luke’s hand and the lightsaber … and then cloned Luke from it? Trained him to think that someone killed his father, and now he’s created this new army to carry on what he thinks is the proper vision of the future. What if Big Bad is a LUKE CLONE!

          • I noticed that she resembles Natalie Portman and the thought did strike my mind that she could be Luke’s daughter, who inherited her looks from her Grandmother Padme. That would be some pretty good casting if true, finding someone who looks like Natalie Portman.

      • So if you haven’t watched the trailer, spoilers ahead. For those that have…

        Pretty sure Luke is in it? If you skip to 1:39-1:41 you see a dude with a robotic-looking hand touching R2. Who do we know that lost their hand and got a robotic replacement?

        • Oh yeah, he’s in it. The big question is under what capacity and for how long. The fact we haven’t seen him at all suggests there’s a big spoiler involved in his story arc.

          • I thought for a second maybe that was Mark Hamil’s old ass face at 1:56 hugging Leia?

            I think it’s already in the lore that Han’s son becomes a Sith if i remember correctly, whether Disney go down that path or not..

          • In the lore as of Disney cutting off the EU? I recall that happening before the cut, but not anything being confirmed about it afterwards.

          • Oh crap! I didn’t see that. Just looked it up, they reckon that’s Starkiller Base, which was an ice world converted into the base itself with a weapon capable of destroying entire star systems … so yeah kinda the Death Star, but if the entire planet has been converted into it, does that mean the planet can move? Or is it fixed to a certain gravitational pull but the weapon can travel long distances? Hmmm…

  • OH SHIT!

    I didn’t want to get hype.. but I’m getting hype.

    It looks like everything a modern star wars movie should be!

    Still – no Luke!

  • I’m not watching it because I know I’ll watch it as soon as it out.
    Why let anything spoil the surprise? For the first time in my life there’s NEW Star Wars coming out that’s actually a fresh, unpredictable thing!

    I was born in ‘85 so by the time I was old enough to appreciate the original trilogy everyone knew whose father was whose.
    The prequels were always going to end how the new series started.
    Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit…. So many of my favourite franchises started where I knew they would finish.

    This though…… this should be glorious!

    • Exactly, that is why I am not watching the trailers, but I went to see SW in the cinema in 1977, and had no idea what was about to hit me. I’d like to come into the new one as fresh as possible.

      • If I don’t know about it or am unsure of my interest would be the obvious answers.

        I don’t watch spoilers for stuff I KNOW I’m going to watch/ play.
        I haven’t watched any of the trailers, footage, makings of, behind the scenes, teasers or anything else for Fallout 4 either. I know I’m going to get it, why spoil anything?

        I also close my eyes, cover my ears and make loud nonsensical noises (for extra protection) during “Next week on….” commercial’s at the end of TV shows because my girlfriend likes watching them and won’t let me change the channel.

  • Not a lot was shown despite lots of SFX and fights and stuff. It’s the story and acting that make a movie. I’m still crossing my fingers it turns out well though!

  • Before watching trailer:
    Ok, this has a lot to live up to and a lot of disdain to get past due to the prequels. Keep an open mind and maintain calm.

    After trailer:
    Fuck calm. All aboard the hype train. TOOT TOOT! 😀

  • I’m not convinced about the main actors – I want to believe, but the force just isn’t strong enough at this stage.

    • Hamill and Ford were pretty much nobodies prior to Star Wars *shrug*

      Boyega is a fantastic actor, check him out in ATTACK THE BLOCK.

      • It’s far cheaper that way. You cast a capable actor like Boyega after a decent run in minor roles, sign them onto contract with stipulations about increased fees per movie rather than say ‘200k for movie 1, 20 million for movie 2’ etc. Disney saw what happened with Marvel, when they screwed everyone but Downey Jr, and it changed the way they’ve approached this apparently in terms of payments.

        • This makes me happy 🙂 i honestly don’t know much about the main actors in VII but people seem to think highly of them so i’m interested to see what they come up with!

          • Yeah I REALLY recommend watching ‘Attack the Block’ prior to seeing Episode 7, you’ll see how great an actor he really is. Plus, it’s one of those kids scifi movies thats legit scary, non-condescending and really, really high quality.

  • I had chills literally through the whole thing and, I’m not gonna lie, I even choked up a bit.

    I haven’t seen the original trilogy in years. I’m watching them all tonight. This trailer has made me so happy. I actually think JJ will do it…

  • Chugga chugga chugga chugga W00T friggin W00T! I’m damn hyped now, it’s been a long time since I’ve been so excited about a movie. Looks awesome!

  • Any news on the Mass Effect movie? Only asking because that really looked like the SSV Normandy taking off from Jakku in the trailer…..

  • I didn’t want to watch it. I wanted to wait and go to the cinema for a fresh viewing, unmarred by hype.

    But I watched it. And…

    Oh. My. Fucking. God. This looks amazing! I got chills.

    Did anyone else just love, love, LOVE the X-Wings and TIE Fighters dogfighting it out like the good old days? God damn that was sweet!

    I also think that the actress who plays Rey looks like she will do a great job.

  • Have watched the trailer 10+ times now, not once have I failed to get goosebumps.

    Feeling that I may even tear up during the movie if it feels as good as the originals!

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