What Are You Playing This October?

What Are You Playing This October?

It's October, that magical month when the trees start to turn, the big-name video games continue to drop, and a certain Kotaku features editor celebrates another year of being alive. Libras, unite.

September offered a richer than usual bounty of new games to play, and I'm guessing a lot of you are still dealing with the fallout of the past few weeks. As October gets underway, what are you playing? I'll go first, as usual:

I've of course been playing a ton of Destiny. I'm glad to be done with my review, since I can now just focus on writing about smaller-scale stuff. I'm also going to go back and play the last couple of Metal Gear Solid V missions, though I already know that the "ending" is unsatisfying. I've finally found some time to play more Mario Maker, and can't believe how good it is; I'm also just starting to play Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, which is out next week and which I'll write more about soon on this very website.

I've been replaying 80 Days on my Mac, since it just landed on Steam — I love that game and I hope more people check it out now that it's available on more platforms. I'm also planning to allot some time to return to both Final Fantasy VI and Suikoden II, since both games seem great and I don't want to loose too much momentum on my replays. I still need to finish my Until Dawn playthrough in here somewhere… may be a good one to save for a Halloween group-playing party or something.

That about does it for me, though as usual I'm sure there are a few games I'm forgetting. How about you all? What are you playing this October?


    I'll be sinking way too much time and money in to Lego Dimensions. Also planning a run through of both the Bioshock and Mass Effect trilogies.

    Honestly, I'm just biding my time until November 10.

    Finishing Shadow of Mordor. Maybe finally finish FF14. Also going to play this game called AUS PAX. Only problem I'm having is finding someone to share a hotel room with.

    I'll be playing the Uncharted collection. It's honestly the only thing on my radar until the end of the year.

      Yeah. I don't really have much on my radar. It'll probably change soon enough but for now Uncharted is the only thing that springs to mind.

    Nothing of note. At this point everything is just filler until Fallout 4 comes out and I disappear until around mid december.

      December? Weak.

      Unless you were referring to December 2016. If that is the case - I apologise, your Highness.

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    October will be excruciating, Nothing i want to play and all my current games have gone stale so...

    I plan to spend my month with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, as I've not played any of them.

    Aside from that, I'm eager to check out the Witcher expansion too, but may need to leave that one for a while. I want to replay it and may just wait for the NEXT expansion to do so.

    Fallout is only a month away after all...

      Oh man. You're going into the trilogy fresh? I'm so jealous.

        Comments like yours make me want to try getting into Uncharted again. I've tried 3 or 4 times now and just can't get into it :( I always hear they're great though.

          I liked the "production" value of the Uncharted games but found the actual game-play really mediocre.

            In a lot of ways you're right. The platforming isn't really based on skill, and I must admit I enjoy the gunplay... but it doesn't feel as chunky as other shooters I've played. They're definitely not perfect.
            But when you're really invested and the game's stunning you with "wow" moments every twenty minutes or so, the tedious parts shift. They're not annoying sequences to tolerate any more - they're buildup to the next jaw dropping piece of awesome.
            Functionally they're as playable as anything else. It's just everything that surrounds that core functionality that elevates it above the standardized 3rd person shooter mold.
            The entire series is worth playing just to have gone through the train sequence in Uncharted 2.

              If I was to pick just one uncharted to play, which should I pick? I have only 3 at the moment, but I hear 2 is the one to be on.

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                The intro to 2 is the most memorable for me. I can't really remember anything else from the rest of the series... aside from enjoying the over all conclusion to the relationship with Drake and... what was her name again? And let's be honest, it's probably going to be ruined with Uncharted 4, given the title.

                But yeah, I'm biased against the game, I'm sure others will think of something :)

                  The sequence where the helicopter destroys the back half of the train you're riding on, it flips and tumbles over on the tracks, and juuuuust as it's going to crush you to death... you go into a tunnel.

                  A series standout, for me.

                Play them all. Drake's Fortune won't take that long to smash through, and you'll go into 2 knowing the characters and their relations to one another.
                So while 2 is the best - easily - I wouldn't want to play it without knowing who Drake, Sully, and Elena are.

                Theoretically, you could start with any of them, but best to play them in order, both for story and mechanic reasons.

        Haha, yeah! I'm so excited too. Been craving a great, relatively-linear experience for a while now - oversaturated by all of the enormous, 100-hour open world games.

    Star Wars Beta... and yes... the Witcher 3... almost finished it...

      You can do it! God, it took me forever, but I'm so glad I did :-)

    NBA 2K16, Finally playing Ark and next week the Wasteland 2 re-release.

    Mostly keeping it sci-fi. A bit of Elite, replaying Alien: Isolation (now that it's been twelve months and I've forgotten most of what happened).

    Also, I want to brush up on the ol' chess skills, as one of my nephews is becoming keen on it and neither of his parents ever really played. Any recommendations for a good chess program would be most welcome.

      Depending on the age of your nephew.. Warhammer 40,000: Regicide?

      There might be a little more to it than Chess, but it looks like a re-skin. Australian dev as well.

    Finish GTAV, go back to Arkham Knight, start Phantom Pain, episode 5 (and hopefully 6) of Game of Thrones... plenty of good stuff leading up to Fallout 4.

    Got to finish Metal Gear Solid V and Lego dimensions before new COD and Fallout 4 comes out.
    By finish Lego Dimensions I mean the story and all the achievements, as I do intend to keep playing it as chars I want come out (Ghostbusters, Gamer Kid, etc.) but I would at least like to have those 2 under my belt by November 6. Doubt I'd have time for anything else, as both games are super generous with the content.

    Destiny. Then cram as much Halo 5 until Fallout drops in Nov.

    since both games seem great and I don’t want to loose too much momentum on my replays


    Witcher 3 DLC! I'm surprised there hasn't been more mention of this given that a lot of people seemed to play and enjoy TW3. Are people a bit burned out maybe? I must admit another 30 hours of it only 6 weeks after I finished my 120h play through is a little daunting despite how much I enjoyed it...

    Other than that, I'm going to keep on charging towards reaching the end of ESO, having returned to the game for a 3rd time I'm still only lvl 21, but I've heard that the end game content is really good so I'm more determined to get there than ever. Mind you I'll be playing alone again so motivation could still be hard to find :(

    Also thinking about playing Fallout New Vegas since it's been in my library for about 2 years and I've never even installed it before...

      Yeah, true. Think I might try to clear some other backlog first, but yeah, day one purchase of all Witcher DLC for me.

      I bought ESO on PC the same week it was re-released. I was so excited to play it but I don't know what happened. I just haven't really gotten around to it. And as much as I do want to play it, the thought of doing it solo with no-one really to play with almost kills it for me. In my head though I'm totally determined to get back to it eventually! The last few major releases of games this year though are stressing me about purely because I want to play them all but struggle to find the time as it is.

        yeah look your story sounds similar to mine. I struggle to find time as it is, Legitimately pumped to play ESO, but just never get it done. I got it on Launch day and a friend and I did a solid 12 hour session. He couldn't play anymore so I started a new character (in case he came back as ESO handles different level coop questing really badly) got to about lvl 14 which took like a month and decided I wasn't playing it enough to justify paying a months sub. Fast forward to them dropping the subscription and I jumped back in, started a new character (forgot everything about my old 2) smashed through to lvl 12 and stopped again until last week when I got going again.

        I think not knowing anyone that plays this game definitely affects your fun and motivation, I just have no other explanation as to why I haven't done much of anything with this game despite claiming out loud that I really want to play it...

    I really want to carve aside some time for Pillars of Eternity at some point.

    Will play the original Rainbow Six and might download BF4 again since, it got a balance patch months ago and is getting new maps.

    Aww no love for Tales of Zestiria? I'm really excited about that, it's probably the only good JRPG coming out any time soon (at least with a Western release, anyway).

      Only good JRPG coming out any time soon? I think you might be forgetting about Disgaea 5, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker and Xenoblade Chronicles X. Depending on where your interests lie, you may think SAO: Lost Song or Dungeon Travellers 2 are good JRPGs too. Or maybe someone is hoping Summon Night 5 and Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel get Australian releases in the next month or so too (All we know is EU release atm).

      That said, I do have friends who will probably only purchase Tales of Zestiria in the final quarter of this year. My wallet will be getting a bit more of a workout though.

        Depends on format really, never played any Disgaea so can't get excited about that really, and lack a Wii U for Xenoblade. I haven't even heard of those other games, though :s

    The only thing interesting to me that releases in October is Binding of Isaac Afterbirth and that is not until the 30th. Want to play SOMA and maybe some MGSV (although I am starting to get a bit bored of it).

    I wish some of the November releases were in October.

    Disgaea 5, Disgaea 5 and Disgaea 5. Although I do need to keep myself occupied until it comes out next week so Operation Abyss, Etrian Mystery Dungeon and Disgaea D2,

    Hopefully finish MGS4 on PS3.
    I've also started an infiltrator paragade playthrough of the Mass Effect series.
    Sleeping Dogs on PS4.
    Child of Light on Vita.
    That should do me I think, plus some Miku gaming in the gaps.

    Finishing off Portal 2 now. I'm 7 hours in. Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone is next on my list which should tide me over until November 10th!

    [360] MGSPWHD Remix plus Alpha - working my way up to Phantom Pain.
    [XB1] Borderlands Pre-Sequel - bromancing with my bro
    [XB1] Far Cry 4 - one mission left
    [Steam] Dungeon Defenders 2 - going free-to-play on October 13 btw
    [PS3] EDF4 - Play with my daughters on weekends

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