What Are You Playing This Weekend?

So, for the past couple of weeks I've been playing more games more regularly than usual. But not the ones you might expect. I've been playing New Super Mario Bros. U, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and Super Mario 3D Land. This is the age of gaming with a child in the house and I've decided to embrace it.

Because otherwise, it's gonna be pretty tough to play any games whatsoever.

Here's the thing: I'm really enjoying it. I dismissed New Super Mario Bros. U when it first came out. Turns out it's actually sorta excellent. I never found time to finish the brutally difficult Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, now I have a solid reason to do so.

And my son? He's lapping it. First thing he screams when I arrive home from work: "WANT TEE-DEE! WANT MARIO".

This a convenient relationship.

What are you playing this weekend?


    I will be doing much the same thing.

    I now get woken up on weekends with conversation much like this:
    Boy: "Dad, it's the weekend, that means we can play games! I'd like to play, um... Smash Brothers. The old smash brothers had pichu AND pokemon trainer in it but the one on Wii U doesn't. It just has pikachu and jigglypuff and greninja and lucario and charizard without squirtle and bulbasaur. Dad, can I read the old Smash Brothers books? I also like Super Mario 3D World. That's my favourite. This is Yoshi, He's not in Super Mario 3D world but he IS in Super Mario Galaxy. Yoshi!!"
    Me: "Whaa...? me no awake. Where am I?"

    It's his 4th birthday next Friday. There is the expectation of Mario cupcakes.

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      That's so cute. It's awesome when they get obsessed with details like that :-)

    WoW and Theatrhythm! got those Bravely Default songs a week ago so gonna throw some extra time on them

    Just started playing Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on vita again. I forgot how ridiculously fun this game is. Lol, and this time round I know who Rocket Raccoon is!

    Destiny, What else!!!!
    I need help.... and the good Meds...

      Don't fight it bro, just let it envelop you.

        Must see Xur he has the good stuff!!!! Yeahhhh the good stuff! Xur is your friend

    Started a new game in Skyward Sword the other night, so that's definitely on the agenda. Otherwise there's LBP3 and Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris to get through, a difficult/tedious section in Bravely Default that needs attention and I think I might get the Metroid Prime Trilogy too. Cripes.

      And then I get an email informing me that FFXIV has a free login weekend, so add that to the list too!

      How is LBP 3? I LOVED playing the first two with my brother, but haven't heard much about LBP 3.

    Going to finish off Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. Recently finished Jet Force Gemini and Secret of Evermore again, so I might chuck in another old cartridge and play through one of my old favourites. Otherwise, maybe some Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate to ready my body for 4.

    Dragon Age Inquisition. Taking my time and getting through it slowly.
    My wife is playing Fantasy Life to the exclusion of all else including me.

      I bought DA:I on launch day and only finished it yesterday.
      I think I wrung every drop from it... but I know I've missed so much.
      An excellent, enormous, game.

    No TV, so whatever I play it'll be PC, Vita, 3DS or Wii U. Thinking Tales of Hearts R on Vita.

      Let us know what you think of Tales of Hearts R if you end up playing it. I've been hesitating over getting that for a while now.

        I fired it up for about half an hour last night. Pretty good so far. The combat feels like it might get a little ackward once all the features are unlocked, but I'll have plenty of time to get used to it.
        Right now my biggest problem is that it's using the Japanese voices. In the olden days I tolerated subs over dubs because the dubs would butcher the content, but now everyone gets that anime fans want anime not dumbed down kids cartoons I've got used to hearing dialogue in a language I understand. It makes it really hard for me to connect with a subbed story.

          Nice. I prefer the subs for Chinese and Japanese stuff because I have studied the languages and understand some of what they are saying, so I enjoy getting the original intent of the developers in their native language, but having said that, if the subs are badly done or if there is a lot of content in quick-fire succession, subs can get a bit taxing. Dubs have come a long way from what they were, to be fair.

    Maybe some Resident Evil HD

    It's so nice being back in the era of good RE games, and despite having played through it on the Gamecube it still scares the crap out of me.

      I'll be playing resident evil hd too. I never played the gc version and only have memories of a few moments and locations from the ps1. So it's feeling new yet familiar. I'm enjoying the change of pace after playing destiny constantly since it's release. I've forgotten how much I used to love the puzzles.

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    Hopefully if the post is fast Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2.5 on PS3. If not, then I guess I'll play the real life game with the missus, see what fun we can have

    PS4 - GTAV - This game just keeps on getting crazier! I just landed a crop-duster in the back of a cargo plane at 5000 feet.

    PS3 - Sly Cooper Thieves In Time - part of my effort to play some of the PS+ titles building up on my HDD. Now up to the Wild West level, yee haw!

    Vita - More Miku, more Rainbow Moon and maybe some Dragon's Crown or PABR in ad hoc when I visit my mate in Canberra tonight. I keep meaning to continue my Soul Sacrifice Delta playthrough as well...

    2DS - eh, maybe some Kirby Triple Deluxe. Haven't got time to start Bravely Default at the moment.

    More Destiny - levelling my last character to 32. Rest of the weekend will be a mix of BF4, and maybe Exo Zombies on Advanced Warfare.

    amiibo scavenger hunt.

    As in, bagging the likes of people who visit department stores at opening and leave with trolley-fulls of Nintendo figures.

    There's a tumblr idea there.

    SMBU was great, but it came at a time of heavy 2d mario saturation. Rayman Legends was the antidote at the time; as brilliantly designed and polished, but a completely different flavour.

    I'm going to be hitting up cap'n toad, and maybe download the metroid trilogy if it has landed today (despite owning the disc, just in case). I kinda wanna replay all three..

      Difference, though, is that I'm still playing NSMBU, but I traded in Rayman Legends (which is something I very rarely do). It looks pretty but feels very hollow.

        I loved the variety, the Sam fisher references in the stealth levels were fantastic, and I still replay the musical levels every now and then. I'd play a rock band/rayman game. :p

        In fact, the musical focus is what makes the game feel so tied to classical animation for me, there are quite a few nods to the golden age in there.

        Some of my friends were hardcore into the daily challenges. Not my thing, but it's the most thorough scoreboard mode I've seen in a 2d platormer.

        I can't see how it could be regarded as hollow when it has so much content, polish, and charm.

    Try & knock over Parasite Eve, maybe start part 2.

    Gotta finish RERERE at some point.

    More hours to lose in Digital Devil Saga, I'm loving it. Great & different system from demon fusing, a nice change.

      Do the majority of my game playing after my son sleeps.

    Got Grim Fandango Remastered downloading as we speak. Looking forward to the nostalgia trip.

    Sunset Overdrive, is so much fun, Driveclub, Forza Horizon 2, MCC, Super Mario 3d

    Hearthstone and a bunch of tabletop games. I spend a lot more time playing tabletop games than video games these days.

    FarCry 4
    Perhaps some NFS Rivals

    Destiny, probably. My wife really wants to pick up some crucible-exclusive items so we've been throwing ourselves into the meatgrinder of Gjallarhorns and Suros Regimes since the rewards are all basically random anyway so winning and losing is completely irrelevant.

    I'll finish off Shadow of Mordor tonight (my first PS4 platinum!), and possibly move on to Lords of the Fallen over the weekend.

    Destiny - will be spamming strikes for marks to get the last piece of gear for my titan to hit 31, then levelling that. While also being annoyed that Xur doesn't have a HotPF, Helm of St-14 or Armamentarium (cos that's more likely than him having any of them :P). Might run the weeklies anyway - never got round to doing the nightfall this week, but probably won't bother unless I can find a partner.

    Minecraft - started relocating my base up about 10 metres to make room for a large central room below, to house my data centre, infusion altar and ore processing systems.

    Also some Rocksmith - the last two packs have been awesome fun.

      if you're on xbone I'll help run things with you in destiny. You'll have to put up with my helm of saint 14 wearing though

        Thanks for the offer, but I'm on Ps4. I'm thinking Omnigul Heroic won't be too bad... tho the Captains might pose a bit of a problem. Omnigul herself should be relatively simple: Gjallarhorn + Solar Burn = small pile of Omnigul ashes, more or less. Don't think there's much in that final fight that does Solar...

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          The weekly wouldn't be much of a hassle, I'd suggest having something with arc damage as well to eat through the captain/omnigul's shields. Once you finish the fallen bits, all the enemies would do arc damage

            Abyss Defiant will be my go-to for this, but I'll keep Murmur on arc in standby for ripping shields.

            *lightbulb moment* Solar burn happens so rarely, it completely slipped my mind - my sunsinger's going to have a field day. >:D

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