Fallout 4 Has Finally Fallen Behind Dota 2 On The Steam Charts

It was always going to happen, but it was nice to see something else at the top while it lasted.

Last week it was great to see Fallout 4 dethrone the two kings of Steam: Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the Valve games that had reigned supreme for what feels like an eternity.

Bethesda's gargantuan RPG didn't have more players overall, of course, but anything that shakes up the top is nice to see. Unfortunately, that time has since come to an end.

What's interesting, however, is the fact that the presence of Fallout 4 hasn't been a zero-sum game for CS:GO or Dota 2. CS:GO has almost 7,000 more players on average over the last 30 days, while Dota 2 has almost 8,000 more players on average over the last 30 days.

Dota 2 is also enjoying its highest peak player count over the last 30 days since May this year, although the figure is significantly lower than the 1.2 million plus who jumped into the free-to-play MOBA across February and March.


    Finally? It's not even been a week

      We're talking Dota 2 and CS:GO, the two games that have made up more than 40% of what's being played at Steam at any one time -- for the last couple of years. It's a surprise Fallout 4 reigned that long.

        A big reason to why Dota 2 has had such a high peak at the moment is because of The Frankfurt Major. It's been quite good to watch and Reborn's state is also the best its ever been, which is bringing back a lot of people even with the recent big releases.

          The peak they're having right now isn't that high; the highest peak was earlier this year. The numbers they're seeing now are pretty much in line with everything post-The International.

            I'd say they're better than Reborn's numbers have been since it's launch. The months directly after the release of Reborn saw a large decrease in the number of monthly users because so many people didn't want to put up with Reborn's bugs and were disappointed in Valve's handling of complaints and micro-transactions.

            TI5 was a big spike because of how widely it was watched and The Frankfurt Major is causing another and also bringing back some of the people who left when the game wasn't totally playable.

    I would love to know the stats on all platforms. I bet Fallout is right up there ATM.

    F4 game has allot of bugs that prevent progression, so not really surprised.

      Anecdotally, 33 hours in I haven't encountered a single hindering bug yet, just some subtitle issues. Nobody on my friends list has run into any serious issues either. Not saying they don't exist, but it seems like there might be other factors involved.

      Last edited 17/11/15 9:12 am

        Worst I've had is sometimes I can't open my pip-boy

      Name a few bugs.. because no one I know has come across any (across multi platforms too - i am 26hrs into the PS4 version and I have had 1 crash to OS and few little subtitle bugs, but nothing to stop progression)


        I restarted a new game and haven't encountered the CIT crash issue in this play through. But these issues are quite massive for many people who don't want to attempt a game restart like me.

    I'm more surprised that Skyrim holds the No. 8 spot four years later.

      Civ 5 is doing better.. it's holding no. 5 spot five years later.

    Clicker Heroes - 27,137...... Why? WHY???

      If you're asking "Why?" it means you haven't had enough of a taste, for it to get its insidious hooks into you...
      Between that and cookie clicker I had a couple of months of hardcore addiction to the clicker genre. Gave it up cold turkey and I'm too scared to try another one.

    There's a fair few older games on that list that begs the question 'are newer PC games selling or are people buying them and not playing them?'

    I really wanted to get into Fallout but I keep running into bugs. I know people are saying they've been lucky and seen none, but I've seen a few repeatedly pop up and it's finally made me stop until it gets a patch or modded. From getting stuck on computer terminals if you're wearing power armour some times, to 2 of my companions literally vanishing from towns i sent them to (i had to use a cheat to summon them back to me) and finally a gun i spent SOOO many materials on making only for the gun to disappear when I reloaded back in with the materials still gone.

      Man, that all sucks. I have had no major bugs at all, been very lucky.

      Companions you send back to town will actually go to set quest locations if they're set up to appear that way. One example is Piper, who at one point returns to Valentine's office instead of where you sent her because she's scripted to appear there for a particular quest event.

      The other commonly lost companion seems to be Dogmeat, who always seems to find some obscure doghouse at the extremities of town to hide in. If you install a bell in each settlement, companions should come when you ring it if they're actually in the town and not scripted to be elsewhere.

      I've never had the other issues you mentioned, sorry you had that experience =(

    I look at the steam stats page every day, It was only above dota 2 during dotas non peak time ONCE. Which was american midnight unlock. after that dota 2 basically doubled its number every day.

      It looks like the peak was yesterday actually, a week after launch: http://steamcharts.com/app/377160

    I loved F3 so it's why I'm in a weird spot about F4 I was really hoping for a next generation fallout but feels like a HD remake with a home builder tacked on.

      It's always going to be Fallout though. I'm not sure what you were expecting.

      This strikes me as an odd complaint for an RPG. Do you play Fallout for the engine or for the story? If the latter, the engine shouldn't really matter (Fallout 2 used the same engine as Fallout 1, for example) and in this case the story is considerably better than Fallout 3 so far.

    It will be interesting to see how many will be playing it with the inevitable steam sales =)

    I'm definitely waiting for < $30 to be my price point, with DLC of course.

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