Fallout 4 Has More Players Right Now Than CS:GO Or Dota 2

Can you think of any other game on PC that has knocked these two off the top in the last, well, whenever? I bloody well can't.

It undoubtedly won't last forever, but right now the most popular game on Steam by some considerable margin is Fallout 4. Typically that's the domain of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 — the two games have been making up more than 40% of what's being played on Steam at any one time for quite a while.

But as of the last day or so, Fallout 4 has knocked both of those games off the top spot. It's worth noting that just about everyone who owns Fallout 4 on PC appears to be playing right now, whereas there are a greater portion of people who play CS:GO and Dota 2 overall.

Steam Charts says just over 420,000 people were enjoying Bethesda's new gargantuan RPG just after the turn of the hour, with the game's all-time peak currently sitting at 444,825. That's nowhere near Dota 2's peak of 1,262,612 players, but then there are 100,000+ more people playing Fallout 4 on PC right now than there are Dota 2.

That peak makes Fallout 4 the third largest game of all-time on Steam, overtaking GTA 5, Left 4 Dead 2, Terraria, Borderlands 2, Total War: Rome 2 and Team Fortress 2.

In comparison, the other major franchise to launch in the last few days is struggling badly on PC. There's only 36,533 people playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on Steam right now, with the game's peak at a miserly 63,681 (still in the top 10 list for Steam players, but well behind CS:GO, Dota 2 and, now, Fallout 4).


    And that's only on PC. I wonder how many of those Dota or CS players would have a PS4/XBone to play Fallout 4 on (considering the drop in numbers).

    Kudos to Fallout 4 :D

      Meanwhile, matchmaking on Australian Dota 2 servers is now even slower :'(

    Hasn't COD kind of moved into being primarily a console game? Most of the aspects PC FPS players like got stripped out last generation...

    Interesting that Skyrim is sitting at number 10.
    Has that been a consistent trend over the last few weeks/months, or would that be all those who didn't get Fallout 4 and are playing Skyrim, wishing they were playing Fallout 4 instead?

      Probably not, my guess is the number will drop after three days as some people will get annoyed by bugs and some will just go back to their old games.

      As for Skyrim it is easy, it is just a really great game with some amazing mods which is what will long term need to be the deciding factor for FO4...

      TL:DR Loverlab support or GTFO.

    Can't wait for the report a week from now showing how much FO4 sold.

      It could take a few weeks for Bethesda to release that.

      Swimming around in a Scrooge McDuckian vault of money can be very distracting.

    Is Fallout exclusive to Steam? Lots of big games these days are spread across Steam/Uplay/Origin/GoG, or in the case of the Witcher 3 you didn't need to use any.

      The Witcher 3 devs also own Good Old Games though, which is why that happened. Bethesda's games on PC all go through Steam -- at least the modern ones, anyway.

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