Mario Kart Mod For Unreal Engine 4 Looks Great, Has Limited Multiplayer

Surely it's only a matter of time before Nintendo works out what they can do about this, but in the interim it's pretty great watching the development unfold.

It's a project from YouTuber CryZENx, whose channel is filled with a variety of other UE4 conversions for other Nintendo properties. He's built small slices of Legend of Zelda, Princess Peach, Sonic The Hedgehog, Pokemon, Super Mario and more.

But the project that's coming along the most is their efforts with Mario Kart, with the latest downloadable build even containing functional multiplayer. You'll have to download the package from Kim Dotcom's MEGA service, and you'll only be able to connect to a European server — but it does work.

If you want to check out the package yourself, you'll need to know the controls:

Character change button : 1 Left & Right : A and D Drive forward or Backwards : W and S Drifting : Left Shift Jumping : Left crtl Looking behind Camera : C FREE camera : V VAAS ONLY DANCING MOVE : SPACEBAR Courtesy of CryZENx

"Wanna play online then make sure to choose the same Steam Download Region LAN EVENT (Europe) in your Steam after starting the game, steam will showing : you are ingame : Spacewar game.. that means its fully working with steam," the creator wrote in a YouTube comment.

It's probably something that most people won't end up trying for themselves and I can't imagine this project going too much further down the road without running into some trouble. But it's cool to see the kind of small projects people have been publishing in the year since Unreal Engine 4, CryEngine 3 and Unity all had their price war. It's made game development much more accessible for a much wider audience, and it's also opened up the door for cool little cross-overs like this.

Shame it probably won't go any further, but you never know.


    We really need more kart racers, Mario Kart has fallen from grace & nobody seems interested in Sonic Racing.

      Crash Team Racing!

        It's a real shame I missed that at the time, there were so many kart games back then.

        I'd really like another in the style of Diddy Kong Racing. That mix of like a 3D Mario game was inspired. Cant believe nobody ever copied it.

          Diddy Kong Racing was the shit. True it was the adventure style gameplay that made it great. Beetle Adventure Racing had a similiar feel for me.

            What was beetle on?

              n64, i think they might have rereleased it as hsv adventure racing.

                Yeah, sounds familiar

                i got it as beetle adventure racing

          MK8 is excellent, online is always satisfying, huge track roster now. My friends more often than not want to play it first pick when we have a games night.

          MK7 was a bit meh for me on the other hand, I just didn't feel as in control or as fast as MKDS

      The latest sonic racing was great fun. Very well made game.

        Yep, rebought it for my Vita so I can play it all the time.

      "Mario Kart has fallen from grace"..: Im sorry what? I'm still trying to process this statement...
      7 and 8 were both a huge success, people still abundantly play both daily...

        In my humble opinion, DS was the last great Mario Kart.

        Don't get me wrong, they're not shit. Just not my favourite IP anymore.

      How has Mario kart fallen from grace?

        Its just not as fun anymore. The last one I put any significant time into was DS. It used to be, I'd play MK continuously off & on until the next one came out.

        A big part of it was the removal of the waggle powerslide mechanic. I see why it was removed thanks to the arsehats abusing it online. But just removing it wasn't the answer, they need to put something in its place.

        The powerslide combo system from Sonic Racing Transformed is a lot more interesting to me. Can't put that game down.

        I love that you're personally offended for Mario Kart. Even though it's not the same it's doing very well for itself.

          Not really offended, just confused. It's sad that it's not doing it anymore for you, but the latest games have been nothing but successful. Pretty sure that you'll find some more people agreeing with you, but far from the majority.

            Oh no, I've not had one person ever agree with me. But yeah, it is a shame, played so many hours of 64, DD & DS I couldn't count.

    When a modders version of Mario Kart looks better than the latest installment of Nintendo's Mario Kart.......

      Im all for ragging on nintendos last gen graphics, but this ue4 remake really doesnt look better. More polygons and dynamic lighting yeh, but art direction no.

        This... and the dynamic lightning did nothing for me, besides looking out of place along such a cartoony character designs. If any it was distracting. Successful graphics are not those who are as fancy and computer-taxing as they can be for the sake of showing off, but those who have a cohesive feel and level of polish.

        Oh of course, if they nailed Nintendo's art direction with these sorts of models it would be incredible.

    Hey i couldn't seem to change character by pressing 1 ! help please

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