League Of Legends Crossed With Mario Kart Actually Makes A Lot Of Sense

Now that I’ve seen it in person, I can’t help but ask: why the hell hasn’t Riot done this themselves? Instead of making another CCG that nobody has time for, why didn’t they do this?

In case you’re wondering, I’m not talking about a Riot sanctioned project. It’s not even a mod or something you can play. But by God, it’d be cool if Riot could make this happen: League of Legends crossed with Mario Kart.

Someone made a comment with the perfect title: Summoner’s Drift. It’s probably not something you’ll ever see in the game though, as this is a fan mockup in Unreal Engine 4 courtesy of YouTuber Chibiin.

According to Chibiin, it took 2 months to put together and the footprint of the project files are roughly 10GB. That includes assets such as the starting pole and flag, particles and textures from League of Legends itself, custom animations and in-game models.

The video itself was re-rendered 8 times in different angles. It’s a 360-degree video, so click and drag (or use your finger, if you’re viewing on mobiles) to follow the action.

The video also reminds me of efforts to get Mario Kart 8 running smoothly on PC via emulators. I’m also reminded of some of how Wargaming occasionally implements fun modes into World of Tanks for seasonal holidays as a way of spreading festive cheer.

Mind you, building a statue to be dropped in the middle of an ocean is probably more important than a bit of kart racing.

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