Modder Uncovers Secret Fallout 4 Weapon

Modder Uncovers Secret Fallout 4 Weapon

Over the course of development, games go through numerous changes and overhauls. One modder has uncovered a lost Fallout 4 weapon that suggests some very intriguing things about the game's direction.

While everyone else picks over Bethesda's post-apocalyptic wasteland, modder xxdeathknight72xx has decided to look under it — rifle through the couch cushions a little, see what they can find. Their first big excavation from the game's code? A harpoon gun complete with a bubble-spewing reload animation that suggests an emphasis on water — perhaps even underwater combat. The released version of Fallout 4, of course, isn't really structured with that in mind.

Using xxdeathknight72xx's mod, you can try out the harpoon gun for yourself in-game. It's pretty low-res and has some animation issues, but it's definitely functional. It can even decapitate enemies and pin their heads to walls, where they will spin in a way equal parts gruesome and hilarious. Here's a video of Tyrannicon taking it for a, er, spin:

Perhaps the gun was scrapped as development progressed and Bethesda realised that basically nobody in all of human history likes underwater levels. Or maybe it's a scrap of something that will be patched or DLC-ed into the game at a later date. It's impossible to say at the moment.

Thanks for the tip, Geo Paradissis.


    this needs to be in game.
    and a harpoon gun.
    and a nail gun.
    and a dildo gun.

      Fallout 4 is not a game that needs bad gimmicks because it has good gameplay and good story.

    Given the size of the ocean in the map and that your power armour can walk in water. I think there was plans for water combat at some point. It wouldn't be a bad thing if done right. Underwater vault filled with mutated fish people would be cool.

      I'm hoping for DLC with a nod to H.P. Lovecraft, Deep Ones in Innesmouth and other eldritch goings on in Arkham etc.

        There is/was concept art of a Kraken-like creature. A part of me hopes it is or will be included, then I also kinda hope that there's no underwater combat.. ever. That stuff is always too horrifying for my timid nature.

        They had the Dunwich building in 3. Maybe there's another location in the works.

      Two other contributing factors towards the implication that water combat was intended at some point: Aquaboy/Aquagirl giving you free reign on the ocean and the sheer number of Mirelurk enemy variants.

      Exploring a Mirelurk kingdom would have been an interesting quest.

      i was worried when i heard the minutemen telling story's before the castle mission when they say a monster came from the sea and took over the castle, and it turns out to be a mirelurk queen. should have been an epic squid battle.

    Is anyone else having frame rate issues. Sometimes the game will lock up and stutter 1 frame per 2 seconds.

      try enboost.

        Unfortunately I'm playing on a PS4. I should have said that in my comment.
        Thanks for the tip though. I hope it helps someone else.

          Happens to me at times near the entrance to Goodneighbor but otherwise my frame rate has been surprisingly consistent, contrary to every single overdramatic fps-related thing thing I heard prior to release.

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