Oh, It's N64 Games, Running On A Watch

Oh, It's N64 Games, Running On A Watch

Is this practical? No. But screw practical.

Like we saw with Half-Life, trying to play a video game on a watch is futile. The touchscreen controls used by the emulator are just too damn small.

But it's the drive that we appreciate. If an "old" LG G Watch can run N64 games, then who knows, one day soon we might be marvelling at unplayable versions of GameCube games on smartwatches.

All that said...anyone know if you can get a Bluetooth controller working with Android Wear? That would make things more manageable, in a "this is an absolute last resort emergency game playing device" kind of way.


    Imagine looking down to the side while using a Bluetooth controller. Heaven!

    you'd have to be one of those weirdos who wears the watchface on the inside of your wrist.

      Careful who you say that to, you'll end up with a marine kicking your ass.

        pretty shit marine if they lose their cool over that.

          What would you expect from someone who wears their watch backwards?

    Someone will figure a way to pair an Xbone or PS4 controller, I'm sure.

    great for multiplayer golden-eye on the bus...

    This reminds me of the DS and 3DS, where these games actually worked, and worked well. Yes, I know that it's a technical demonstration of capabilities, but the set up is obviously unplayable with that interface. :-S

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