The DL-44 Blaster In Star Wars: Battlefront Is A Problem

If you ordered the deluxe edition of Star Wars: Battlefront, you'll have received the DL-44 Heavy Blaster pistol from the off. It's recognisable because it's the signature pistol of Han Solo.

But if you're playing Battlefront itself, you'll also recognise it as the pistol that just about everyone is using. And there's a damn good reason: it's absurdly powerful.

It's not like the DL-44 is perfect in every situation — it's pretty awful at super-long ranges, ranges that you'd typically want to break out the Cycler Rifle or another star card for.

But as most people have discovered with the full launch of Battlefront, the super-long ranges that people became accustomed too in repeated Walker Assault battles on Hoth aren't actually that common across the rest of the maps and game modes.

Smaller scale battles on Tattoine and the Rebel base on Hoth are a perfect example of the DL-44's power. It's absurdly easy to dodge the long range fights and stick to the trenches and caves, and even the more incompetent aimers will be able to easily pick up kills with two body shots (and if you're using the third-person camera, you'll get a further advantage with the extra reaction time of being able to see above/around the corner).

Battlefront already has an issue with its blasters in that there isn't a great deal distinguishing them from each other, but that's only exacerbated when one blaster is so supreme. It's lack of utility on something like, say, Walker Assault on Tattoine doesn't apply a great deal when most people will be focusing on charging to cover rather than trying to hit a tiny helmet with an E-11 several kilometres away.

The below is just one video you can find online of people slaughtering thanks to the power of the DL-44. You can find plenty others with a couple of seconds searching, but this illustrates what I'm getting at nicely.

Some people might point out that the ranges of Supremacy and Walker Assault make the D-44 less of an issue, but if you're playing on PC that's a complete non-starter because you can't get a game of Supremacy (at least in Australia) anyway. I've been trying since Tuesday and have had no success whatsoever, with most games failing to get the 30 players necessary to start. That pushes more people towards the smaller game modes, such as Blast, Heroes vs Villans, Drop Zone and so forth, and which in turn immediately means you're playing on maps that are much more geared towards the DL-44's extreme damage output.

Another issue is that the gun is the last weapon in the game, so those who don't already have access to it now will do so eventually (because unlocks and levelling is a fairly quick process in Battlefront, particularly if you're playing the Hero Hunt mode). That means the annoyance of people running around two-shotting enemies now (or one-shotting, if you're good enough to aim at the head) will only persist when the new wave of Stormtroopers and Rebels get to join the Han Solo Pistol Party in a few weeks.

Let's be clear about this: it's not as if this one pistol is completely dominating or breaking matches of Battlefront right now. That's not the case. But Battlefront's arsenal already feels a little sterile; this only makes the problem worse.


    Well, for a small donation to EA, you too can equip and use that weapon.

      Or you could just play the game for a few days and get it for free.

    Around level 15 now, rarely do I come across DL-44 or even pistols in general, doesn't feel overused? need to play more maybe idk

      Play blast and you will, atm there's not too many people with it but that number will most likely increase.

      Last edited 20/11/15 3:27 pm

    Dont know about anyone else, but I havent had a problem getting games in Supremacy. Played 6 last night in fact...

    Also, havent really seen this issue, maybe seen 1 DL-44 that I remember...mind you, I have been sticking to Supremacy/Walker for the most part.

      I had big issues getting a Supremacy server with anyone in it until I restarted my game. Went through fine, then.

      Yeah was going to say, I've played it heaps and had no issues finding a game and I've already booked 30+ hours.

      It was fairly popular on the first day due to people having limited guns available, but can't say I've noticed it being used more than anything else since then.

    I was used to the massive overuse of the pistol from the beta so didn't really think much of it when I saw the same thing in the full game. Didn't realise it was a bonus weapon, though.

    Sounds (and looks) like this is Battlefronts Golden Gun :)

    Playing Supermecy in Aus no worries all last night, if you're playing with friends just be patient and the lobby should fill up, if you're playing solo just keep retrying till you get an active session.

    Regarding the DL44, it's definitely over powered, heaps of team mates were complaining about getting one shot by it in MP, definitely not as bad in suprem/walker ass but on the smaller maps with no vehicles it's out of control.

    I don’t recall being killed by the DL-44 once last night in the 5 hrs I played. I have it, and have used it only a handful of times. It is not OP, as it is balanced with a slow rate of fire, and long time to recharge. If you’re not very accurate, like me, then it is pretty useless. It is awesome if you’re accurate as it is a 2 hit kill, but if you miss one of those hits, bloody good chance your opponent will get you due to their rate of fire.

      It's hard to comment on a gun if you don't have the ability to aim though. Every gun is useless if you can't aim.

      Plus the active reload system means you usually will kill (or be killed) by the time you're able to fire two whole charges off (or magazines, or battery cells, or whatever the power system is for the blasters).

        What I am saying is that with the DL-44, you need to be accurate always, with say the DL-44, you can spray a lot and still have a lot of shots that will hit. I used the DL-44 in close quarter games, and it was hugely effective, I was dropping people very quickly, but as soon the distance got mid to long, it becomes useless, where as a DL-44 is great at all distances.

          I meant to say DLT-19 is greater at distances and can spray and keep going.

    Didn't we just have an article about how awesome this gun is because it can shoot down TIE fighters?

      Slightly different. That was the charged shot ability when you're playing as Han Solo the hero (whereas this is Han Solo's iconic pistol which is available to everyone via unlocks or if you got the Deluxe Edition of the game).

        Ah, fair enough. I wasn't being critical, I just found it amusing two articles had two different takes on what I thought was the one aspect of the game.

        I haven't played Battlefront so I didn't realise there was a difference between playing as Han and using Han's signature weapon.

        Last edited 20/11/15 4:33 pm

          Oh yeah, I wasn't having a go at you either. Sorry if it seemed that way, just meant to answer your question!

    Explosives are the problem, that and the games fairly bland. After about 10 hours the wow factor of Star Wars has worn off. It needs weapon customisation or something to me interested. Weapons, cards and cosmetics aren't enough. Maybe I've out grown FPS games.

    Last edited 20/11/15 3:55 pm

    I die very often in this game...I'm just not that good compared to others. But I'm having fun. I haven't noticed this weapon in particular but I did use it in a single player mode and noticed it was pretty powerful. Not sure if it's over powered.

    *new FPS released*

    Repeat. The cycle of every online shooter, ever.

    If this was not Star Wars IP - would it be considered a top quality FPS?
    I am waiting on purchasing SW:BF as I have a suspicion it's probably only the SW angle that people seem drawn to and will not be surprised if it's abandoned after the movie hype dies down in January and the expected movie DLC shine wears off.

      I'm liking it. Probably because I don't often go in for shooters. I loved Borderlands 2 and the multiplayer of Mass Effect 3. I haven't played much CoD or Battlefield (or Destiny) so for me the FPS is pretty fresh. The Star Wars thing is definitely a big plus, but I'm liking modes such as Heroes vs Villains, Supremacy and Walker Assault.

    OK Guys the name of the server is who shot first and it will be DL-44 only
    Lets beg-argh
    *Everyone shoots the host*

    I can't see why the blasters are being labeled as sterile or all the same, I've found a big difference between the default blaster and the heavy, single shot, shotgun, pistol etc. They are no more or less different then any other shooter.

      The long-range high ROF blasters are great for noobs like me :-) I get less kills but I'm able to hit a lot of targets for damage.

    I'll agree the DL-44 is overpowered, but it's certainly not grossly so. I rarely run into it and personally prefer the DH-17 for its consistency.
    It would be a shame if the DL was nerfed into oblivion by making it a three-shot kill. It would then be useless. I would rather suggest the rate of fire be slowed down so you can spam fire in close quarters. Make it a skill cannon.

    That DL44 dont work in Walker Assault OR Supremacy OR turning point thats why you dont see it much in those game modes, I own anyone using a DL44 in any of those 3 modes, but when it comes to the smaller more condensed modes or maps the DL44 thrives. If you dont wanna deal with an OP DL44 stick to the bigger maps / modes the pulse rifle is the perfect counter to the DL44

    If you people call that "slaughtering" in the video above, that's awful. I've done better with the EE-3 and A280C blisters. God. DL-44 sucks.

    Why do I have to keep repurchasing weapons that I already have bough?

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