This Is The Best Way To Explain A Star Wars: Battlefront Season Pass

If you've ever been dumbstruck by someone coming up to you and asking about the merits of dropping $60 or more on a season pass for games, this is exactly what your response should be.

It's the latest video from the team behind the Unscripted YouTube channel. This time they've taken the latest Star Wars: Battlefront gameplay trailer and had a long, funny swipe at season passes and Battlefront more broadly.

Because, as we all know, victory is pre-ordered.

Just great. The money sound when Vader's lightsaber comes out is sensational.


    Yeah, i don't bother with season passes anymore, I made the mistake of getting one once, then ended up having to move house and not being able to game for years afterwards. Never got to touch any of the DLC from that season pass, and as most of it was multiplayer maps, its pointless me going back and playing it now

      I've never bought one in my life, but am thinking of getting the Fallout 4 season pass.

      They're about one of the only companies whose previous DLC makes me think it'll be worth it.

        from what ive seen so far fallout 4 is a glitchy bugged out mess, so reward them for that if you want

          Apparently all Bethesda titles are on release. I've yet to encounter any game breaking bugs in one of their games.

          You've seen what everyone else has seen (unless someone's released footage from an early release), what're the glitchy bugged out messy parts?

            I did see one clip on the front page of a sub-reddit today where the FPS on the PS4 version dips majorly when scoping in to take shots.

          Or better yet, don't reward a speculative child by ignoring this post.

            Would you be calling him a child because he said something you don’t want to hear?

            I’m 99% certain that, as with all Bethesda releases, we’ll spend the next three months being told that Fallout 4 is a buggy mess.
            I’m hoping that, as with all Bethesda releases, it won’t stop me from having a great time despite encountering a few “inconsistencies”.

            Honestly, do you really think Fallout 4 won’t be buggy?
            Buggy + vocal whingers = a perception that a great game is crap.

        Fallout 4 might be the one game to make me eat my words lol

        Well, I like all of the BF4 DLC, however, BF: Hardline isn't really played any more. So I now have all the DLC already prepaid, and nobody plays the new maps at all..... What a waste. Now I will buy each as it comes. It may be cheaper to buy them all, but not if everyone stops playing it....

    Unless the seaso. Pass gives you a map which is a 1:1 scale replica of the Death Star - I ain't buying

      Now THAT would be one hell of an arena map...

    Thinking back to the time that I picked up BF4 in a sale via Ozbargain, only to find that I'd get kicked from servers randomly when they's switch to a DLC map - I'd be forced to find a new one with my friends which was always difficult & since a couple of them had picked up the Season pass they ended up playing on so we inevitably ended up getting separated. It was a very frustrating experience: you get excited to buy a game that you previously didn't have enough interest to purchase because it was too expensive - only to be told you need to fork out the same amount again (or more) in order to have a smooth gaming experience. It really killed my mood.

    I was going to buy this game until I was told it would be using the Season Pass framework. Now I have no motivation whatsoever to go through that bullshit again.

      I have a feeling you will not be buying many games in the future if games with a 'Season Pass' is a turn off.

        Reading the original comment it looks to be that the issue is with how the season pass is implemented, not with the season pass in itself. Which I 100% agree with.

        Only games I've come across with it which I've considered buying have been Multiplayer games published by EA. Happy to buy DLC elsewhere for other games but telling me I have to fork out an extra $50+ with no opportunities for discounts which give me a few measly maps and maybe a couple game modes makes me want to do the exact opposite to buying that game.

        That $50 would buy me a complete game or a bunch of other games from indie studios & I guarantee that I'd prefer to give them my money. $160 pre-order price for a game is a rip-off.


          I bought the season pass for Borderlands the pre-sequel thinking I was making an informed decision based on past experience with borderlands 2. Nope. It was objective worse and offered less for the money. I had to learn the hard way that each purchase should be case by case and not until they've shown what's in it.

          Fooled me once 2K.

    In general, season passes seem to be the absolute biggest rip off for consumers of anything in the gaming industry, even including the blatant Australia tax we are subjected to for no good reason.

    Just like pre-orders, I'll wait and see whether the content you produce is any good *before* I pay money for it. You're a AAA developer. This ain't kickstarter. Stop trying to screw customers out of their money.

    I think we are at the stage in this hobby that if you want to get the most from multi-player games you really need to purchase the season pass. Destiny would be a hollow shell if you were stuck on vanilla without the expansions. The likes of Star Wars Battlefront, Call of Duty and Battlefield, if you want to play the game longer than a couple of months the DLC is where the action is.

    Single player games have a bit more wiggle room. They are worth getting later in GOTY packs or when they are cheaper. No real rush.

      I think we are at the stage in this hobby that if you want to get the most from multi-player games you really need to purchase the season pass.

      DLC is such a conjob in those FPS shooters. All of that shit used to be for free provided by the community (eventually led to some pretty huge games - half life, tf2, dota etc). The $ value from season passes rarely even comes close to the value the base game provides. With so many games out their competing for ya dollar just walk away and play something else.

        Yes, a lot of the FPS DLC is pretty frivolous. I wouldn't pay $69AU for Call of Duty annualised season passes. They seem to be very transitory. Each to their own mind you.

        Season passes that gate off the new maps and things from the non-paying players are particularly harsh in my opinion and it hurts everyone as it diminishes the player base overall.

        Then again, taking the wife and kids out to the local pub for lunch or to the cinema can cost $70 and that is over in an hour or two. A season pass for the same price that can keep you occupied for 100 hours doesn't seem that bad when you compare it.

          Then again, taking the wife and kids out to the local pub for lunch or to the cinema can cost $70 and that is over in an hour or two. A season pass for the same price that can keep you occupied for 100 hours doesn't seem that bad when you compare it.

          Apples vs oranges. You could also just go to the beach\park for the cost of the fuel to get there - entertainment doesn't need a dollar value attached at a per hour basis - comparisons for me is internal, what was once free is now costing money for no reason other than greed, certainly isn't for consumers benefit.

    So here we are, talking about DLC and a bunch of cretins in the comments section are trying to "objectively" assert a "correct" form of conduct towards purchasing DLC. Seriously, your insecurity is showing, stop pretending your perspective is in any way educated enough to be able to inform the discussion. It's not up to you to decide what other people "support", it's disingenuous to even hold our spending habits as examples of "support". You morons have created a totally arbitrary criteria of judgement for people over their spending habits instead of anything resembling logic, reason, consideration or empathy - the fact that this even needs to be stated about DLC of all things is ridiculous. If you people use such arbitrary judgement in the purchasing of video game add ons, I shudder to think of what your mental state must be whilst navigating the everyday.

      You guys purchasing the DLC ruin it for the rest of us. If you didn't pay the dollars it's likely it wouldn't take hold and the base games would come more feature complete OR with the ability for community made maps/mods

        Pretty sure community content is still coming (incl. for console, XB at least) for Fallout 4 without the season pass. Should be enough there to keep you going if you're not interested in the pass.

        I pick and choose which passes I get. I'll never preorder a pass though - they're never any cheaper than just buying it digitally later on.

          Ohh def - fallout 4 is a no brainer. And what you've said is exactly what i do - there are so many games competing for my dollar.

          I was just talking in relation to competitive online mp shooters. Its kinda of devolved in the last 15 years. Instead of adding features making moding more accessible and friendly to the community they've removed them (mods,map making etc). It wasn't for the consumers sake - simply trying to get more profits. It's such a shame as mods bred creativity (just look at dota tf2 etc).

          Having said all that It does look like MW26 (or whatever iteration is out now) is bringing back mods so thats a start.

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