This Video Explains The Easiest Way To Win At Noughts And Crosses

This Video Explains The Easiest Way To Win At Noughts And Crosses

Video: It’s rather simple if you have the first move. Put your mark in one corner and depending on your opponent’s next move, put your mark on another corner and you’ll be perfectly set up for a win.

This post was originally published on Gizmodo Australia.

So for example, if you put your first mark on the bottom left hand corner and they put their mark in the bottom right hand corner, you should respond with a mark on the top left hand corner which sets up an easy win because they will have to block your win, which leaves you room to put a mark on the top right hand corner (or middle), giving you two ways to win. Basically, own the corners.



      • That’s still the best move really.

        Even if the opponent goes first and marks a corner, as long as you take centre they can’t win (you can’t win either though, it’ll eventually end in a draw).

  • I solved Tic Tac Toe as a kid and that was the day I stopped playing. As the movie says, the only winning move is not to play. You can tell within two moves whether it will be a draw or win and only the first person to go has the ability to win if both players play optimally.

    • I once watched the climax/ending of WarGames 2 (it does exist), in which the old machine shows the new machine Tic Tac Toe in order to have it come to the same conclusion. I was hoping that, rather than the obvious good ending, the more modern computer would decide “The only winning move is to go first and hope your opponent isn’t smart enough to counter” and fire missiles immediately.

  • Body text is wrong. If you take the middle instead of top-right in that scenario you are basically throwing away the win and trying for a draw.

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