Community Review: Just Cause 3

Community Review: Just Cause 3

I haven’t played Just Cause 3 yet, because who has time for all of these goddamn video games, but it’s in the wild. From what I’m hearing it’s a whirlwind of easter eggs, explosions and… mediocre console performance. How are you finding the game so far?

Personally, I was really excited to hear that Just Cause 3 features a Dark Souls style ‘Bonfire’ that replaces the sword with a machine gun. That’s a nice touch.

If anything, that made me want to play the game more than anything . Would you recommend it? Let us know in the comments below.


  • it’s mindless action + huge explosion + wing suiting and parachuting around for hours and doing nothing else.

    It is just, FUN!! So much fun. For me this is THE game to switch off brain and just have lots fun with.

  • Having problems with game performance on an X99 with Titan card. Not impressed with that, but the game is crazy fun.

    • I’m running on a X99 setup with a Titan also, I’ve played about 6 hours so far and haven’t had any issues to speak of. You are right though the game is just stupid, crazy, silly and thoughtless fun. Its a good game to switch off to and just blow stuff up (in fact I’m not even sure what is going on in the storey and don’t really care)

      what problems are you having ??

      funny how 2 similar setups can have different outcomes, ahhh the joys of PC gaming.

  • I’ve been playing on PS4, so many good times attaching 4 people together then tethering them on a helicopter and just flying around. The slingshot is plenty of fun as well, battling the scoreboard trying to fling people 400m+.

  • If like the rest of us you are overworked and need some time off from thought processes (other than, “wow look some more stuff to blow up”) then its worth a spin. If not then I would say wait for a sale and smash it out then.

    I am kinda finding it a good distraction from the 100+hour epics I have been playing lately.

    Oh and zip lines must now be in every video game. No arguments, just get them in there somehow.

  • Great game, loads of fun, which you honestly can’t go too wrong if you’ve enjoyed the previous versions.

    Load times kill it for me though, and have really stopped me playing it as much as I’d like. I avoid the challenges now, as to get 5 gears on then means a very long wait 🙁

  • Because my ancient PC runs on steam (not runs steam, runs ON steam) but I can still manage to play Fallout 4 I thought I might have a shot at Just Cause 3. Also because I associated minimal graphic requirements with the series.
    This is not the case. Watched as Rico took a full 1 minute 30 to climb onto the plane during the opening scene. Was getting 0 -12 fps.

  • I’m really enjoying it, only issue is the load times, sometimes they’ll be like 10 seconds, other times I can walk off and make a cup of tea and drink it and it still won’t be loaded.

    Also the performance takes a hit with a lot going on, on screen. I only bought it on Friday, so I might return it later in the week for a refund because of performance and load times. I’m playing on ps4.

  • 2GB 770 here and after some tweaking, performance has been pretty decent. There’s still a huge fluctuation in frame rate but the sub 30 drops seem to be few and far between unless I’m really in the shit. I usually see it sit around the 50fps mark – however I do also see up to and above 100 fps during the more serene moments and everything in between.

    The game itself is a lot of fun. Mindless, fiery and bombastic fun. There’s no question about that. The controls seem a little sharper. The wing suit adds a crucial and very satisfying mechanic and the game world is crafted to cater for it.

    Cars and vehicles in general are a little bit better to play, although with Criterion devs helping out I would have liked to see the driving model a bit looser. More akin with Burnout. Motorbikes are absolutely horrible. Eww.

    As for content there is definitely a keen focus on destroying the intended emplacements in the most creative ways possible. Apart from some fun and sometimes frustrating challenges, and points of interest or collectibles there isn’t a lot of depth to the game. It does feel empty sometimes as there are significant areas withing the map that are amazing to look at but just feel like wasted space.

    Beyond the just as cheesy but mildly entertaining plot, there isn’t a lot going for it. But what just Cause 3 does have explosive truck loads of is destructive fun. The kind that works well enough with all the other pieces put together that you won’t even care. At least not for a good 20 or 30 hours anyway.

    Hopefully patches can fix the issues a lot of players are having because when it works it’s actually rather beautiful.

  • Ive had quite a few problems getting the game to run, it seems that Disk I/O (input output) mattered heavily, as running on my HDD would get tiny blasts of high FPS, and then halt/freeze while attempting to load new assets. I moved it to my SSD (its over 50GB, so ouch) and that issue has been reduced from a constant every 5 second freeze to the occasional hit. It could be connected to the amount of RAM I’ve got, as this particular PC only has 8GB, and a GTX760ti. When it isn’t loading something, its buttery smooth on minimum.

    I had less issues with GTA5 and its assets would be reading from HDD just as often. Whatever engine JC3 is using needs a patch to be less horrible about things taking longer to load

  • Honestly, I don’t know why they didn’t just push it back until after March 2016. The game clearly needs a bit more work, has released REALLY late for a Christmas title and all the machines it’s launching on are swamped with quality titles right now.

    A game that big on fun, low on multiplayer and with a story that nobody cares about isn’t exactly screaming BUY ME RIGHT NOW!
    You’ve for your top-tier titles (GOTY contenders) that you don’t want spoilt, then you games like SW: Battlefront and Rainbow 6 that you want to play while the servers are hot, then you’ve got your well-polished single player games like Tomb Raider….. and then you’ve got Just Cause 3 begging for a couple of patches, released late to the party and with absolutely zero reasons why you wouldn’t wait until mid-2016 to buy a better game when it’s on sale.

    I’m only saying this because I’m a big fan of the series and I want it to succeed. I’d hate to see no JC4 because 3 gets buried in a sea of other games and under-performs at retail.

  • Very stuttery, lots of freezes but very fun. I’ve had to decrease resolution down to 1440/900 and turn everything off, including aa, with other options only on high just to get a smooth experience. Can play all other AAA games released this year on ultra. Realy hoping they will get some performance optimisation patches out soon.

  • Playing on PS4, overall having a pretty fun time. Destruction and wingsuit flight are top notch, It’s just the loading times / intervals that are killing it for me. Doing challenges is a real drag, every time i fuck up, and I cop a 30 second – 2 minute loading screen it just makes me want to give up, which I have for the time being.

    And the loading time for story cutscenes are getting pretty annoying, a long wait for a short bit of dialogue isn’t worth it.

    Hopefully they can be improved.

    The only other annoyances for me is vehicle handling and the camera control, particularly for motorbikes, camera feels way to touchy and handling on cars and bikes just doesn’t feel right, both really do feel like shopping trolleys. Hand-braking needs to be fine tuned as well imo, i push it down lightly and the car/bike just loses it’s shit.

    Last complaint would be lack of ability to sprint, or even a dodge / roll type movement. Not being able to sprint is super annoying.

    • Yeh, I was surprised at the lack of a sprint.. he just kind of leisurely jogs around the place..

      Vehicular controls that both me the most, and it could be because I am playing keyboard+mouse, is the helicopters.. I can never seem to rotate around as fast as I feel I should be able to.

  • I’ve been playing quite a lot of this on PS4 (Overall Completion around 40% ). I like the game, but man the performance issues have been killing my desire to keep going back. FPS dips into what feels like the mid teens when you destroy things… You know, that feature they based the entire game on. That said, the wingsuit is amazing fun, and never gets old.

    Its become my new podcast game, and for that purpose it suits just fine 🙂

  • Waiting until patched on PS4 so will probably get it when it’s a bit cheaper in the ‘New Year’.

    Looks like stupid fun. A good break from serious time consuming games.

  • Xbox one user here, massive Just Cause 2 fan, and absolutely gutted by 2 minute load screens every time I try to do a challenge 🙁 please patch Avalanche!

  • no issues with the performance, but the waiting screens are killing me. it takes the fun out of trying crazy stuff when you know you’ll have to wait up to 3 minutes to try again. i’ve got a faster 1gb hard drive in the ps4 as well, not sure if that’s helped. the games fun, not really following the story so far, just enjoying flying around and zip lining stuff together.

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