Ace Combat 7 Is Coming With VR


Video: Here’s a game that slipped through the cracks — Bandai Namco announced Ace Combat 7 for PS4. It will have VR features too!


  • Please tell me you can base jump… from that tower…

    I hate heights but loved Ace Combat and would be keen for a great VR fighter!

  • hmmm … if it’s anything like the old Ace Combat games (i.e. all the ones on the PS2), then sign me up. But if this game is anything like Assault Horizon then I don’t want to know about it.

    • The giant plane looks very similar to the Arkbird in AC5. Assault Horizon was also based on real world locations as well so hopefully considering this all looks completely alien (aside from the planes) hopefully they are going back to the older games style. There has been a giant F-22 shaped hole in my gaming library since AC5. Never got the chance to play 6 (no Xbox360) and Assault Horizon was rubbish.

      • The old games were gold – Distant Thunder, Squadron Leader, and The Belkan War. Ace Combat 6 on the Xbox 360 (Fires of Liberation) was actually not too bad. The only thing that let it down was the bad lip syncing that carried over from Japanese to English, and just some bad writing in general for the dialogue that made up the cut-scenes … other than that, it was worth playing. Assault Horizon on the other hand? There was almost nothing saving that game. It literally had just about everything wrong with it IMO. Bad story, bad characters, bad dialogue … and the gameplay had been butchered to hell and back with the whole DFM (dog fighting mode), where it basically made almost every engagement an on-rails shooter with Michael Bay special effects. It’s simply a mar on the series as a whole. I just hope they go back to their roots going forward, because if they insist on putting in that slow-mo Michael Bay crap and on-rails shooting, then I won’t even bother looking into it this time. I’ll just give it a very wide berth instead.

        • Yeah I played every game before 6 and loved every minute. I just never owned a 360 so I could not play 6. Wanted to play but couldnt. Then I played AH and thought it was awful as you said.

          Totally agree with what your saying. They had a winner, dont know why they had to fix something that wasnt broken in the first place…

  • It would be even more awesome if the PS4 supported some flight sticks to go with it.


    I just went and looked, the Saitek X52 apparently works with Warthunder, I might have to try this later on tonight and see how it works. If true I hope they put support for it into AC7.

  • Yay but meh?

    I want to be amped as I have been waiting for years for a flight sim thats worth my time, is actually somewhat involved and technical and not an over simplified arcade shoot fest. Guess I’m pining for something like Xwing vs TIE fighter. Damn I still love that game.

    Really hoping this doesn’t go down the route of casual gamer, QTE ridden crap most games involving piloting have.
    Maybe I’m asking for too much but I have unmet NEEDS!

  • This was on a short list of ‘flagship franchises where the player character is seated in-game’ that I have been hoping for since Sony announced VR. The others are Gran Turismo, Wipeout and Colony Wars.
    If they use titles like those to demo and sell the tech they minimise the disconnect and nausea often associated with VR and it will explode. An FPS or action/adventure might make more sense to a marketing suit but it is not the best fit for the tech.

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