This Is Not The Ace Combat You Remember

This Is Not The Ace Combat You Remember
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Remember Ace Combat and its manic brand of dogfighting on the PS2?

Now imagine Ace Combat in VR.

Given that this year’s PlayStation Experience seemed to be a rollercoaster of classics either getting sequels or remasters, perhaps it’s not all that surprising that a new Ace Combat was in development. But the intriguing part of the equation was the fact that Ace Combat 7 would support VR, which sounds amazing and a recipe for cockpit vomit at the same time.

We hadn’t seen any of the VR gameplay outside of the announcement trailer, but over the weekend a video appeared showing off footage from the social screen. (You can also see the PSVR headset through the TV’s reflection at the very end.)

I mean, another Ace Combat? Sure. I’ll take that any day of the week. And in a lot of ways, flight simulators are a perfect VR game – your movement is restricted, having head tracking is genuinely and frequently helpful, and it helps the sense of immersion.

But flying around at that speed, doing barrel rolls? Your neck would get pretty tired, one would think.

Ace Combat 7 is due out for PS4 and PSVR sometime next year.


  • So excited for this. The plot was utter shit but I loved Ace Combat 6, and was really disappointed when they followed it up with a run of awful games. Got really excited to see that it looks like they might have some older Cold War-era jets in the game too, like the F-104.

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