One Dev Is Asking Fans To Vote On The Next Game They Will Make

Choice is the worst thing sometimes. What do I want to eat? What would I like to watch that evening? Often it’s usually too much choice, rather than having a choice at all, but sometimes picking between two things can be daunting.

That certainly applies to developers and their future projects: what are they going to spend the next few years of their life building? What do they like? What do they think will be successful? Flippfly, makers of Race the Sun, however, has an answer to this conundrum.

The answer: let the public decide.

Rather than choose themselves, Flippfly is letting fans pick from a series of prototypes in a tournament of sorts. It’s not too different from those forum battles where games are paired off against each other and people vote for the winner, except winning this event actually has a tangible effect.

The first battle is between TaxiCopter and Dupi’s Wrong Turn. Neither game really grabs me in a way that makes me think they’ll end up getting made at the end, but the voting’s currently massively in favour of TaxiCopter — 80/20 at the time of writing.

You can download Windows, Mac and Linux versions of both prototypes now at Flippfly’s site, and that’ll be the case for all the prototypes going forward. There’s also a discussion on the Race the Sun Steam forums, where Flippfly confirmed that they’re “still working on Hexarden”. That’s a puzzle game “about growth and harmony”, in case you’re interested.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see the end results of this little event. What do you think about it all? And what game would you like to see made, outside of a sequel to a major franchise or a re-release of a classic?

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