So ThatDude is a tricky bugger.

Yesterdya's ScribbleTaku, he claims, was the Rainbow Road track. But it wasn't the Mario Kart 64 version, it was F-Zero X.

But guess what — dr_neeson still totally guessed it. BEAST MODE.

Nice job all round team!

Today's ScribbleTaku is a very weird one. It's from Dong Tri Phan. I'm going to give you all a clue. Think outside the box.



    Wait I won yesterday, yay for me!

    Last edited 15/12/15 12:22 pm

      And I would've gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling doctors :P

      Although teeechnically F-Zero is the SNES game not the 64 one...

      Just as a note for others, there is a slight difference between the two maps. The MK64 one has a much longer hairpin, as well as some slight differences on the loops. I tried to keep it as close to the F-Zero X version as I could as a "hint" though it was tricky.

    Scribblenaughts or Drawn To Life.


      Nice. BTW, is tearaway any good? It is on sale for the PS4 for $18

        I own it, haven't had the chance to actually play TBH, my pile of shame is immense.

    Bah, things in multiple games :(

      The desk kind of looks like old CRT scanlines :P

      Last edited 15/12/15 12:36 pm

      I think your right! If it is kudos to you and the guy who thought of today's scribble.

    Thomas Was Alone

      Beat me to it

      e: wait, no, Claire was blue, not green. Green square from Tetris then.

      Last edited 15/12/15 12:35 pm

        I remembered that it was blue, but I couldn't guarantee that he did :)

    Is this some kinda Meta, where he's actually not drawn anything to show that the game (while not a video game) is actually scribbletaku?

    The Orange Box: Colorblind Accessibility Edition

    I believe that there are green post-its on a desk in...
    Surgeon Simulator!

      Oh yeah, there is too!

        It always has writing on it though I think.

    Fallout 3?
    That's pretty much what my screen looked like the whole time.

    Outside the box but inside the cube. Cube World confirmed.

    Ah wait I see what it is now, it's Half Life 3.

    Because there is nothing there.

    The Stanley Parable

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