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    Inbox zero!

    Wonder if that means I can have an early mark...

      go steal another pizza and listen to its "a wonderful world" while walking through a park with pizza thief.

        Doesn't entirely look like park-walking weather outside... would be nice if she could break free from her family though :P

        Also WOO EARLY MARK!

    Holy shit I think I just nearly got hit by a car, they went straight through the red light at the crossing. Stupid dickhead.

      Green lights mean it SHPULD be alright to cross. Yeah.

        Green lights basically just mean you'll have the moral (and legal) high ground if you get hit. Grew up around roads where indicators were "optional extras," so learned to never trust that a driver will do what they look like they're about to do.

          Yeah, spend some time in India...

      Always watch the cars that haven't completely stopped at the line yet, always.

        The pedestrian signal had gone off a good three seconds or so before I got to the crossing. I'd jogged over to catch the light while it was still green, and just stepped out of the first lane into the second when this idiot ploughed through the lane behind me. Totally came out of nowhere, the light had been red for her for ages. There was a big truck in the second lane too, so if anyone coming from the other side had been going any faster they would've been collected before she had a chance to see them.

        Wish I'd chased after her and yelled at her, since she just got stopped behind traffic at the next set of lights all of 30m down the road.

    You know who's awesome? You guys! You guys are awesome
    (Haven't had one of those for a while)
    Honestly just want to say thank you to each and everyone of you who's part of this amazing community... I know i've been a bit glum(Whiney) this past year but you guys have helped me deal with it... Also you guys just rock, and it's awesome knowing there's one place where i am always welcome... so yeah... Taypreciation time!


      I like her song Blank Space. <3

      *Mental hugs*

        DC, we are never ever ever getting back together.

          Now you got bad blood?

            I used up all of my pop knowledge making my first reference so I've got no idea what you're talking about.

            Don't listen to them. Just shake it off.

              Are we out of the woods?

                Nah man, it's too late for you and your white horse... to come around

                  It could happen! Maybe in my wildest dreams!

      You know what i find funny, pretty much all the friends i have made since leaving school have been from this place. I can't even fathom that when i was 19-20 i decided on a whim to write hey on here. Back then it was like Just @chuloopa , @fatshady and @ strange talking to themselves and then we grew so big and started meeting each other and being parts of other people lives, memories were made, relationship forged, secrets exposed and all through that i have grown up so much. I cant even imagine how different i would be if it weren't for the encouragement and acceptance i have found within our little community.

      SO thanks to everyone,
      I have so many good friends who although i dont get to see all the time i know i will be friends with for many years to come. Looking at you @ blaghman

        Man, i lurked for so long before i had the courage to speak up... And when one of you guys started talking to me i was almost star struck every time because you all seemed so cool and i wasn't worthy of you guys talking to me XD
        Also i should be social with you guys more (online/IRL) because it always brings out the best in me!

          Haha, I did the same thing with being starstruck.

          Now I know you're all a wretched hive of scum and villainy. :P

            We would've gotten away with it too if it wasn't for you meddling kids!

          I still remember the days when I jumped in, @chuloopa and Qumulys were living legends, whenever they replied to me back then I squee'd a bit like a fanboy xD

            And now I'm a nobody. Whoda thunk it. Haha

        My first online community was a chat thing. Made a few friends. Still in contact with a couple of them. Then I was involved in a few mailing lists, starting in the late 90's. The friends we're spending Xmas with I know from one of them (populated mainly by petrolheads as it was a spin-off of the Subara Impreza club...), and I met my first wife and a lot of other people that I'm still in touch with on another list (nominally the Iain M Banks discussion list).

        So TAY feels a lot like those other communities, and the people I've met thus far both at PAX and in PSN chat (or text chat in Elite, Pixel...) are the kinds of people I like to hang with.

        Online communities are communities.

          Yeeeaaahh I really need to get over that pathological shyness of voice chat and just jump in... I'm just absolutely terrible at small talk XD

        And now you live with someone you met on the Internet. And haven't been murdered!

          ... yet.

            I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank my wife for not murdering me in my sleep on any given night.

        Couldn't imagine the place without you, mate.

      It hasn't been an easy year for a number of us, me included, I've had my ups and downs, but I'm always glad us TAYbies can lean on one another when one of us really needs it.

        So much this. We've all had our share of smiles and frowns, and we ride through them together. TAY is family.

        I know you've been struggling a lot, and i've often felt you and I need to grab a drink together one day!... then I remember that I don't go out that often and the city scares me, but aside from that; We should grab a drink together!

          Yeah we could grab a drink, play some warhammer 40k conquest at Good Games with some non-alcoholic beverages (Obviously I'm trying so darn hard to get people to play with on this game haha), only reason we haven't been doing that is really cuz we're on opposite ends of the city.

          I don't see how the city can be scary, I only got fully screamed at randomly by a most-likely-drugged-up woman last night, just suddenly "FUCK OFF!" as I was walking past an intesection, minding my own business. The CBD's a lovely place! Now, please excuse me while I go check and ensure my stun baton is fully charged... :P

            Bahahaha oh god i would have crapped myself! :P
            I'm realising more and more that i'm definitely a country boy!
            The city is just too damn crowded, waaaaay too many people... And don't even talk to me about driving through it :P
            I'll do it but i HATE it every time...

            Also i'm keen to give Conquest a go, i nearly grabbed it at some point, the only thing stopping me was the price and that i'd have no one to play it with :P

              Yes I agree, the swarm of humans is too much, you creatures multiply too much. I'd almost want to be a country boy, if i wasn't so dependant on internet now, playing LoL and all that. I never drive through the city, the closest I ever get is Westgate Freeway and that's while I'm driving to Scree's place.

              As for Conquest, if I get enough people playing it I can get everything needed to make it tourney capable and you can design your own deck through my cards (I've already grabbed the tyranid expansion), while we all stick to a certain faction deck, and you know which one I'm waiting on. :P

      Oh god. Taypreciation?



        THIS GUY!
        You know, i never really get the chance to actually talk to you when we meet up... This should probably be fixed in the future!

          Haha! I'm pretty bad about that. Takes a few times meeting people before I properly interact with them. Perhaps next time will be THE time! But you know you're my boi anyway

            Don't believe him pixel! He said to me as well!

            TEASE! =P

      im not

        You are! you just don't know it yet!
        Also you make rad cosplays! YOU'RE AWESOME!

          Well I was mostly channelling that Life Of Brian guy :P

          Though also I have been walking around with my head held rather high since that Christmas party. I am pretty awesome.

            Oh... Erhm... I GET REFERENCES! :P
            But yes, yes you are!
            Also GLHF with Pizza thief... Are you seeing her over christmas at all?

              Not sure, I think she's pretty well tied up hanging out with the family while they're down here. Been sending a couple of messages here and there at least. It'd be nice if she could get a night off or something at some point though.

      Your alright Pixel frond! Merry Christmas to you and yours and everyone here! Hugs for all and too all let's get inebriated

        And to you my friend!
        Inebriation will have to wait until tomorrow however as i need to drive tonight :P

    Woo, got my Star Wars ticket. Now just gotta wait til Sunday.

    Got Mum's present sorted too, saw Deadwood box set in JB and remembered a friend raving about it. That'll do.

    Still no idea for Dad though. Impossible task, he doesn't do anything except buy random bike parts off eBay. Never actually seen any of them get used.

      5 broken/incomplete bikes?
      Put those parts to use!

      Last edited 23/12/15 3:19 pm

        I think there's already about ten broken/incomplete bikes out the back :/

      My solution for any time I need to buy my Dad something: "Hey Dad, here's a bottle of wine."

        Can't even do that either. He doesn't drink wine, pretty much only the occasional beer with some family friends when they're away for a thing. Sometimes. No-win situation.

          Yeah, then I can't help.

          Was considering buying an arduino kit or something for Dad, but I don't think he'd have the time to play around.

            ...that actually might not be too bad an idea.

            Wait no not that. The other one. Raspberry Pi.

      Subscription to Ride quarterly? Bike porn.

      Does he actually ride?

        I think he possibly uses a trainer in the garage, sometimes. But otherwise no.

      Did you end up getting Imax tickets? I booked gold class tickets for Saturday night - 9.30 was the only session with decent seats, but fuckit, because STAR WARS!

        Yeah, 9am Sunday morning. Wanted to do Saturday morning, but need to be in friggen Woolwich for lunch.


          DUDE SO MUCH HYPE.

          We will need to debrief on Sunday.

            Can't wait to go back and read all those spoilered posts!

    Oh right, while i remember: @blaghman and @f4ction sorry for hurting you guys' feelings last night, blasting through TS like that :P
    I was told people were LoL'ing so i didn't want to disturb...
    Didn't get a chance to explain... And i felt i needed to... for some reason...
    Please don't hate me :P

      I installed TS. Where do I find you all? :)

        On splatoon =P

        Last edited 23/12/15 6:55 pm

          Kewl, thanks! Will drop in and listen to the Spattoonfoolery. :)

          Last edited 23/12/15 5:33 pm

            I was looking for (and struggling) to find a voice changer for TS yesterday that'd allow it to sound like you're actually talking over a radio... Then @rize and i found out that the voice chat in Elite does exactly that! XD

              I love that they do that. Even if I never actually use voice chat.

              Now they just need to add an in-ship music player that does similar kind of distortion to make it sound as though the music's being pumped out of a pair of tinny little speakers on the dash and I'll be happy :P

          Just in case cakesmith doesnt want the details of his server posted publicly.

            I don't have trikeabout on steam, otherwise I would have posted them to him there

              trikeabout at the gee mail dot coms works! :) But you can add me on steam - details on the tay tags.

              Last edited 23/12/15 10:16 pm

                I'll have to look it up.


    You are all nice people. I have loved playing board games, going to dapper dinners, drinking too much gin and playing dressups.

    Stay awesome taybies. More in 2016 please.

      Yes more like this youre all visitng me in adelaide at some point yes oh ok we will just pax again and all wear bloodborne

        It'd be nice to have reason to hang out in Adelaide again. I kinda miss the place/the friends I had there.

    \o/ for cheap alcoholic products because the labels change lol. Just scored 10 cans of Castaway Pear cider for $9 from work, cause Pinnacle have changed the labels so they want to move old stock heh.

    Everyday this week has felt like Friday.

    Only the next day is work again.

    In other news I went to a whisky bar for the first time last night. Tried 6 whiskies and have to say I was amazed at how different the tastes can be and then how bloody expensive it gets.

    Next stop is a gin bar I reckon...

      'Dutch Courage' in the Valley (just down from the Valley train station) would be your best bet in Brisbane for a gin bar. Alternately BOSC (Bar of Social Conscience) in West End specialises in gin too. Those are my picks.

    I've done too much social stuff lately and it's making me feel sick, ugh people! :P

    Glad work is done for the year. It started to get a bit busy but ended up being alright. I even got rewarded for it :D

    Next year is gonna be all about Brisbane and the move so hmmm who knows what the future will bring!

    (pls be my friends)
    (@rocketman and @sernobulus please watch Survivor too)

      Survivor? More liek SURVIV-SNORE!

      Last edited 24/12/15 12:34 am

    Ooh, Skyrim is $8 on Steam. I've played it for hundreds of hours on console, wringing every bit of enjoyment out of the game. But I kind of wanted to get it for PC just so I could mess around with the modding tools. I don't know how they work, but it doesn't seem too hard to place spellbooks earlier on in the game and things like that. But I could never the justify spending full price on a game I already owned. The sale price fixes that. But it's only four dollars extra for all the expansions. I never played them on console. Should I bother? I don't think I'm going to really be playing the expansions, but it might have new weapons or something to mess around with in the modding tools.

      Do what I did and import your save over, and get all the expansions so you can play house

        You can import saves? How? That's pretty freaking cool if you can.

          Been a while since i did it, but i used this method dunno how you'd go on 360 but there must be a way

      I was in the same boat - played for many, many hours on 360, then picked up base Skyrim during a bundle sale. I found it better on PC - could never the aiming down on console so I skipped magic and archery entirely and focused on close combat, so playing through with a different style has been fun.

      I've heard the expansions are pretty great, particularly the last one - It's been included in a number of 'best expansions ever' list, so that that's something.

    Work update: They need a replacement part or something, so apparently the air-con won't be fixed until February (or they're just being careful in terms of booking in patients since everyone's had to move to a different practice).

    Unfortunately, I've been told that I'm allowed to go to work, I'll just have to deal with no aircon, so I'll have to actually make money (I was told I could go to work tomorrow, but HAHAHAHAHAHAHA). Shame, shame shame.

    TAYpreciation from the desk of a madman who's been at work for an hour already.

    I don't post a lot on TAY these days but I read pretty much every page. Don't always have something to say or sometimes the anxiety kicks in and I don't think what I have to say has any worth but that's me being silly. Point is, I love being here whether I'm posting or not.

    TAYbies have given me so much over the years and helped me grow in so many ways, from helping me get my first job to giving me a chance to move out of home and live with someone who hasn't murdered me yet to other things, vague things that I won't actually say but will mention so that you think I'm a mysterious person. Is it working.

    I think things like the best part of PAX being getting to hang with you lovely people instead of the event itself is pretty telling. That's always what I'm excited about and that's always what I remember most. Won't be there for that next year, but look out 2017.

    Anyway, thankyou for being you because you make me happy. Have a lovely Christmas, you.

    *this is so cheesy i should probably be doing work now*

      You're awesome, Alex. Hope Christmas treats you well and that you have an awesome 2016. <3

      HUGS BBY
      But seriously Hugs man.

        It was kisses yesterday.

        Ugh downgrades.

        (hugs for Rockets)




    I don't even know who you are any more besides A SNAKE IN THE GRASS!

      Anyone who knew me would know that this was a joke.

      *laughs nervously*

    Damnit Steam. Why would you advertise a sale on the Warhammer franchise (as in WFB, with the medieval-looking logo), when it's actually a sale on the Dawn of War franchise (WHICH IS SET IN ANOTHER FREAKING DIMENSION! AND IN THE FUTURE!). I was hoping to see sales on games like Mordheim, Vermintide, presale for Total War: WH, hell even Shadow of the Horned Rat... nope. Just a sale on all the DOW games WHICH I ALREADY OWN.

    Et tu, Gaben?

    Dear video game enthusiasts (I hear there are some of you around here),

    There's a funding opportunity through Screen Australia at the moment (written up here for a digital interactive fictional project. The main rule: it can't be a game.

    As some of you know, I've spent a considerable portion of this year designing a branching visual novel game.

    I've decided to amend the design brief a bit to make it (potentially) eligible for this funding opportunity, and it's now a digital graphic novel with interactive branching elements. Functionally it's very similar, but I'm attempting to position it in a different field.

    I don't know if it'll pass the no-game filter, but I'm giving it a shot. Here's the thing, though: I don't want to inadvertently sabotage myself by drawing unnecessary comparisons.

    There's a section where I need to discuss the target market for the project. I'd really appreciate any feedback you have (particularly with regard to your impressions of the nature of the project).

    Spoilered for lots of text:

    Line in the Sand is a branching multimedia digital graphic novel, to be released on a variety of electronic platforms (including mobile apps, dedicated web servers, and as a non-game application on Steam and home consoles).
    Users will be invited to make choices at hundreds of intervals, all of which will have an impact upon the outcome of the story. Line in the Sand is thematically focused upon using science fiction allegory to explore the experiences of people disenfranchised and displaced by war.
    This project is a stand-alone story set in the same universe as a series of graphic novels that were written by Shane W Smith and published by Deeper Meanings Publishing (Australia) and Zetabella Publishing (Canada).
    Shane W Smith will be writing the script for Line in the Sand, and both Deeper Meanings and Zetabella will be involved in the production and publication of the project.

    Because Line in the Sand shares DNA with so many other creative forms, its appeal is potentially quite broad, and could appeal to any of the following demographics.

    People who enjoy graphic novels.
    The way in which Line in the Sand combines images and text to convey meaning places it squarely in the graphic novel stratum. The graphic novel is a form, however, which is still primarily designed with hardcopy in mind. Comics released digitally are almost universally digital copies of printed comics.
    There are some examples of comics prepared specifically for a digital release, though. SBS recently published a digital interactive partially-animated comic called The Boat. Both the Max Payne and Metal Gear Solid franchises have incorporated fully voice-acted graphic novel cutscenes into their titles. These are just a few examples of how comics are slowly broadening their horizons to accommodate a range of digital-specific elements.
    One of Line in the Sand’s primary goals is to build upon these works and further explore the potential of digital comics. Incorporating a complex and profound branching system into a large work is an innovative new mechanic for digital comics to explore.

    People who enjoy science fiction movies and TV.
    By presenting Line in the Sand with multimedia elements such as music, sound effects and voice acting, the project will be taking temporal agency away from readers and will be controlling the pacing and diction in a way that a printed graphic novel could never manage. In this respect, then, it seems that Line in the Sand shares a few storytelling principles with film as well and, with regards to its structure and presentation, straddles the line between graphic novel and movie.
    The unparalleled success of science fiction films over the last decade (including Avatar and The Force Awakens) demonstrates overwhelmingly that there is a huge audience for science fiction films. Of course, the likelihood of Line in the Sand achieving that level of success is slim-to-none, but it is constructed to appeal to a very large and growing audience with a strong appreciation for sci-fi world building, a lush audio/visual presentation, and an engaging cast of characters.

    People who play video games for the story.
    Although Line in the Sand is not a video game itself, its interactive elements nonetheless share a few things in common with story-heavy examples in the video game arena. In terms of its branching narrative mechanics, the project borrows equally from Choose Your Own Adventure books and from recent branching-narrative video games.
    Adopting these mechanics for use in a graphic novel project creates a unique marketing opportunity to appeal to gamers who are seeking to interact meaningfully with a complex narrative, but who have little interest in the other mechanics that typically accompany the choice mechanics in games (running, shooting, puzzles, etc).
    There are already highly successful titles that have started down this path in recent years (Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls, for instance, or Telltale’s The Walking Dead), but these titles still have enough of the trappings of video games that they cannot be otherwise classified. Line in the Sand is a project that will never be confused with a video game, but shares enough mechanics with the form that it will appeal to a subset of video game enthusiasts.

    People who enjoy Choose Your Own Adventure books or gamebooks.
    Line in the Sand adopts a lot of narrative principles from gamebooks and Choose Your Own Adventure books. In these books, readers are given considerable agency over the events in the story. Often, choices made much earlier in the story have consequences much further down the line.
    Traditionally, these books require readers to track their own progress, inventory, statistics and skill sets; although Line in the Sand is not a gamebook, it will adopt this structural device from gamebooks and will track these variables automatically as readers progress through the story.
    Although gamebooks hit peak popularity in the 1980s and early 1990s, this form still has a deeply passionate and engaged audience. The recent revival of cult favourite Lone Wolf demonstrates that an audience for this type of story still exists, and might even be the beginning of a resurgence for the form.

    Thanks all.

      digital interactive fictional project.

      Isn't anything that's digital and interactive kind of a game by definition?

      Target audience spiel looks pretty comprehensive. Perhaps you could include people that enjoy RPG's? I mean.. it's basically an RPG without the dice rolls.

        Yeah, that's why it's kind of difficult to position this in a non-game field. It's impossible to deny that it's got - by necessity - game DNA as a crucial element.

        Thanks for the feedback! I don't know much about RPGs, though, so I'm unsure how to write confidently about the market.

          Yeah the RPG angle might be a bit of a stretch, in retrospect I'd probably just stick with your existing list - it's a pretty broad target market as is.

          How would you have an interactive digital fiction project that isn't a game though. I think your idea is about as far from gaming as this concept is able to get.

    #TAYpreciation time

    Dear TAY,

    Mostly you're all right. But without you, Undad would never have been made, and you'll be answering for that travesty one day. Good luck.


    I've been a part of the Screen Australia approvals process in the distant past, I'd reword the first part to something more like:
    Audiences will create their own narrative, with the outcome of the story heavily affected by the choices they make interacting within the novel.
    I'd leave out non-game application on Steam as it puts into their mind that it might actually be a game pretending to be something else.
    I'd also change the words USER or PEOPLE to AUDIENCE(s) where possible.

    Perhaps also have a more direct and confident approach to some of the wording, e.g.
    The way in which Line in the Sand combines images and text to convey meaning places it squarely in the graphic novel stratum
    Line in the Sand combines images and text to convey meaning, placing it squarely in the graphic novel stratum.

    There are some examples of comics prepared specifically for a digital release, though. SBS recently published a digital interactive partially-animated comic called The Boat.

    Some comics have embraced the wider possibilities offered by the digital medium. SBS recently published the digital, interactive, partially-animated comic The Boat -
    Also briefy mention here what that actually was, and ow yours is better/deeper/more innovative. Mentioning titles without saying why they are significant to your application will make it less ikey to succeed.

    Although Line in the Sand is not a video game itself,, be careful here, state what it is in that sentence before saying what it isn't, again sounds less like you are trying to sneak one by them.
    e.g. Line in the sand is primarily a (whatever it is, interactive narrative?), however its interactive elements are attractive to the very large existing audience for story-based video games.

    Otherwise, just tighten it all up a bit, and be a bit more confident "and might even be the beginning of a resurgence for the form" becomes "is leading to a resurgance of interest in the form" etc.

    All of the stuff I have written above would need more work, plus my keyboard is giving me the shits and randomly not typing characters requring me to thump the crap out of it, but that is the general gist. Feel free to ignore any of it, I'm still half asleep :)

      Meant to be a reply to Shane...

        And that's why we turn off our targeting compoitas. =P

      All very good advice! Thanks - I really appreciate it.

    #TAYpreciation time

    Thanks everyone for just being here this year, and being open and honest.
    I, like many had a rough year, and out here in the central tablelands live a long, long way from any of you, but this has always been a safe, hilarious and helpful place, and it kept me sane this year.
    Hope the next year brings lots of good for everyone, and that when stuff does go wrong that it isn't for long, and that you remember there are lots of good people on this planet, and that many are willing to help.

    Stay cool this summer, see Star Wars again, and hug someone you love.

      Second Star Wars booked in on Boxing Day with @pixel_the_ferret_viking \o/

      Also, I will absolutely hug someone I love:

        I've said it before and i will say it again. I can't get over how stupidly excited i am to go see a movie i've already seen :P

          It's utterly ridiculous, and even more so that the excitement rivals that of Christmas tomorrow :D

            I keep forgetting that Christmas hasn't happened yet.
            In all seriousness I keep thinking I am in the post-Christmas week.
            I mean, I already saw Star Wars, chrissy just isn't going to measure up.

            Booked in for my second viewing on the 29th :)

            Last edited 24/12/15 11:20 am

    I'ma get in on these #TAYpreciation shenanigans.

    Thanks for preventing me from getting a whole bunch of work done this year while I compulsively refresh TAY for the latest bits of popcorn fodder (looking at you, Gooky). You guys are the worst.


    Last edited 24/12/15 10:58 am

    5 hours sleep, 8 hour work day and 5 hour drive... Today is going to be a good day isn't it?
    *head desk*

      I worked 14 hours without a break yesterday. That was fun.

      Got home and had a shower then 9 hours later I was back at work again.

    I'm going to my sister in law's place for Christmas, and her husband just asked me to bring my PS4 controller along. I asked if he had any particular games in mind.

    "Yeah, I have this really awesome game I got on Playstation Plus a while ago. You ever heard of Rocket League?"


    Last edited 24/12/15 11:23 am

      "Nah never heard of it... In fact how do you even use this controller? *turns upside down*... *Proceeds to kick his arse in Rocket league*"

        I'm going in expecting a double-bluff, honestly. So I'm going to reserve judgement on whether or not I can beat him based on the first game :P

          Aaahh going the "Big Hero 6" route eh? smart, smart!

            Gawd my 2yr old kid is in love with Baymax, just had to edit out the whole 'brother burned alive' thing...

              Yeah that moment was almost worse than the "family eaten by a barracuda" moment in Finding Nemo

      Be gentle - you never know what might happen


      For some reason, I was exceedingly sure it would be this one instead

    ABC has put the entire series of Please Like Me on iView for Christmas. (Until the end of Jan.) This is genuinely one of my favourite Australian shows of all-time. If you're interested and missed out? No better time! :) Note: must like Josh Thomas to get any enjoyment from this. :P

    Last edited 24/12/15 12:20 pm

      Thanks, never heard of it, but will check it out.

      Excellent show, second this recommendation.

      Also the theme music is great too. <3 Clairy Browne

      We've only got the last episode to watch, and I really like it.

      Also in iView is Sammy J and Randy in Rickett's Lane, it's only 6 episodes, but it's got a lot of funny moments, and it's also a musical!

    Hahahaha YES!

    Just got home and found the mailbox lid slightly askew. Opened up and found a package parcel addressed to me. It's something else for my sister (a copy of The Dig @shane) I grabbed off eBay on Tuesday.

    I am the motherflipping king of last-minute gifts. Speaking of which, time to sort out Dad's.

    So far at work i have:

    - Sent memes to the entire department via email
    - Responded to department emails with memes
    - Listened to music
    - been on TAY
    - Consumed free pizza.
    Aside from the free pizza, why the hell am i here? :P

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