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    Well that's a bit weird, every single game that's on my Steam wishlist apart from Assassin's Creed Pirates is on sale.

    Ok here is a question for everyone, if you were in Akihabara for one day, what would you do? Because I don't want to be window shopping all day (i don't actually know what is there)

      Super Potato
      Any one of the thousand figure and game stores.

      Whole area is one giant toy shop.

        I'll definitely look for some Star Wars figures :D if only Tetsuya Nomura's Darth Vader was available to buy

        Last edited 03/01/16 10:27 pm

      Catch a movie in a language I can't understand, buy electronic junk that won't be in Australia until five years later, go to a maid cafe and a cat cafe (in whatever order), window-shop on nerd/geek stuff, then go bar-hopping.

        There will never be evidence that I was in a maid cafe for fear of loss of respect from family/peers, but I will be in a maid cafe the second I get a chance. (guilty pleasure)

      Look at every floor of Super Potato, and then buy ALL THE TOYS. (last time it was boxes and boxes of teeny tiny foods).

    Ah, the office at work is so great at including me & all my hours on the weekly roster. I'm not on next weeks roster at all, this weeks starting tomorrow most of my shifts are missing, it's a good thing my manager just writes down my hours on a slip of paper for me and not having me rely on the roster sheets lol.

    Akihabara is fantastic and there is heaps of star wars stuff. Still have too much dignity for a maid cafe

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