Thank Namco For The Cola-Flavored Potato Chips

Thank Namco For The Cola-Flavored Potato Chips

Thanks, Namco! I guess…

The famed game maker has teamed up with Japanese snack maker Calbee for cola-flavored potato chips. The bags actually state that Namco produced these chips!

According to 4Gamer, the chips were a joint creation between both companies, taking eight months of development.

[Photo: 4Gamer]

These chips will not be available in stores, and instead will only be available as prizes in Namco crane games at arcades.

This bucket has two bags of chips and makes me really think that chips really need to be sold in buckets and not bags.

[Photo: 4Gamer]

What do these cola-flavored chips taste like?

Cola, apparently!

Top image: Namco


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