Arkham Knight Still Isn't Great On PC, But It Is Getting Patched To Support More DLC

It's not particularly profound to point out that Batman: Arkham Knight's PC release was one of the most spectacularly broken launches of last year. After all, it's not often that you get to draw comparisons between a Batman game and Ashes Cricket 2013 without irony.

But those who do care about their Batman games will be pleased to know that patches for Arkham Knight on PC are still being released. Although they're not exactly adding the kind of improvements you might want.

The latest Steam patch was released recently and while there are a few fixes and hardware improvements, they're mostly localised to notebooks and inputs. Here's the full list:

  • Added support for January DLC content
  • Fixed issues with the benchmark map which could occur after installing the Season of Infamy: Most Wanted Expansion content
  • Resolved an issue on some notebook PC hardware where the screen flickers on launch. Users will require the latest Nvidia drivers and Microsoft Windows drivers installed.
  • Fixed some keyboard and mouse prompts functioning incorrectly after certain keys had been rebound.
  • Fixed an issue on the in-game store where free DLCs were shown to have a value of “.0”
  • Addressed an issue where rebinding keys could cause quickfire gadget attacks to work incorrectly for Batgirl, Red Hood or Harley Quinn
  • Miscellaneous DLC gameplay fixes and stability improvements

The first bullet point will be of little consolation for those still suffering spotty performance, particularly if you've been forced to run the game in single-GPU mode thanks to the developers' decision to abandon SLI support late last year.

The December patch for Arkham Knight did more to strengthen the game's technical foundations, with minor improvements for "certain combinations of hardware", improved frame times for 60hz monitors running at 30fps with V-Sync turned on and everyone's favourite chestnut, stability improvements.

Users still flooded the Steam forums with sub-par performance, however, and you might have to wait a year or two until you can afford the PC necessary to run everything maxmium settings. (And don't even think about getting smooth frame rates in 4K.) The complaints have continued with the January patch as well, but some noted satisfactory performance is possible provided savage reductions are made in the graphics options.

But hey, at least there's more support for DLC. Right?


    I got this game free with my gpu...I feel kind of robbed but it's a free game nonetheless.

    I think at this point people should just give up on this game on PC.

    the first two arkham games are better anyway, arkham knight was not that impressive unfortunately..

      Out of Knight and City, I personally found Knight to be better, but Asylum is best overall.

      Metroidvania style all the way, open world is a one-way ticket to boredom.

    "Good news everybody! We patched the game!"
    "But only the parts that let us charge you more."

    I started this game a couple of weeks ago on my GeForce 970 and it runs like a dream with everything on ultra. I've not had a single crash or any framerate issues. I'm not sure if it would have been worse on previous patches of the game, but it looks very technically impressive.

    Shame the batmobile is so shit.

    But oh boy the Joker is fantastic.

      I personally found the batmobile to be one of the better parts of the game, outside of the dull parts of it's obligated usage in the story.

      However, I played on a GTX980 and aside from a few menu-map glitches and 2 crashes very far apart, it played fine throughout. Even with NVidia effects on, like the smoke and realistic trash, still played fine.

    This game seems to be playable on GTX980 and dedicated physx

    1080 ultra running at 60fps, no stuttering. Frame rate stays the same in mobile.

    I think its playable......sadly...still worst launch ever

    I'm running the game at 4K. I have a few things turned off that I would anyway, motion blur, chromatic abrasion. The only thing I'm not running that I wish I could is the interactive fog. Everything else is turned up, including AA.
    I've got a [email protected] Ghz and a single 980 [email protected]/8200
    It never drops below 30 fps. It usually runs around 45-50 fps. But I do get 60 in a lot of places with occasional dips into the 30s. But what's nice is, even though I'm not getting 60 fps it's not laggy. It actually runs really smooth sub 60 fps. Which is pretty unusual. I've played a few games that have been like that, but I have also played some games that are laggy as hell for anything under 80 fps. Like Far Cry 3 and 4.

    I don't know why but it's running pretty good for me. Crashed twice in the first hour or two but since then it has run really well, and i'm up to 23 hours now.

    It's my favourite of the Batman games but that's probably 99% because of the batmobile. It was very much lacking in the other games and I like it in this one. Sure it's a bit of a stretch from any batmobile in any of the movies (i don't know about the comics) but it's great for a video game, and that's what it's all about hey.

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