Halo Community Rallies Around Adam Bartels, Who Lost Both Daughters In A House Fire

Adam Bartels was a huge fan of Halo, and a large part of the Halo community. Recently tragedy struck and he lost his two teenage daughters in an electrical fire.

Now the Halo community is rallying behind him, creating a GoFundMe page, raising well over $20,000 in just seven days.

It's a terrible, tragic story. Adam and his wife lost everything. Their home, all their belongings and most importantly, their children — Trinity and Lena Bartels, who were 15 and 12 respectively.

The GoFundMe page is a beautiful thing. It's incredible to see it flourishing like it has.

I love this comment from Adam's sister:

This is SO AMAZING to see!! Thank you to all who are donating....My brother and Sister-in-Law are going to be astonished by all the support given from you wonderful wonderful people...please...keep spreading the word...this truly warms my heart to see this happening right before my eyes!! God Bless you all.

You can donate to Adam's cause here.


    This world is so broken :(
    I've read too much bad news this week.

      It's the internet. I don't think the world is necessarily much worse than it used to be, but thanks to the internet we hear about every single shitty, horrible thing that happens anywhere on earth. Previously we only got as much bad news as could be fit into a half hour TV news bulletin (including sports and weather), so we didn't get exposed to so much of it.

        True, but I've just heard some things that really hit hard for me this past week as well.

        For a real long time, personal tragedies of individually soul-shattering scale used to be confined to a side-bar on page 3 of the newspaper. One line each. If that.

        Still are, if the persons affected doesn't have sufficient social media presence or fit as an example to serve the Ongoing Conversation.

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