Halo 4: Community Review

If I had to review Halo 4 in one sentence I would say this: single player, brilliant. Multiplayer? Yeah, I'm still making my mind up about that...

First the single player.

Has there ever been a video game series as fundamentally misunderstood as Halo? With the exception of Metal Gear Solid, I'd say no. At times even Bungie itself seemed to misunderstand its own creation, layering its universe with an impenetrable sheen of pointless lore when all we wanted to do was look at the world and gape our jaws at the sheer size of it.

What made the original Halo so interesting was scale, and what cemented that experience was the core of Halo — the economy of its weapon structure, the mini eco-system of its encounters, how it felt to fire weapons. The balance of it.

It's a difficult thing to replicate — to recreate that experience of wonder and discovery — and Bungie itself often struggled. So its very interesting to see a brand new development team, with a (mostly) fresh set of eyes, take to the task and do such an incredible job.

Halo 4's masterstroke is to take The Covenant for granted, and confuse us all over again with a brand new type of enemy. The Covenant are familiar, doing battle with them is almost comforting. The Forerunners? They are a genuine shock to the system — new tactics, new weapons strategies — while most of us understand how to manage almost every different Covenant situation that could possibly be thrown at us, dealing with the Forerunners is completely different, and provides a whole new set of problems for us to solve. This is fun — rewarding in the way video games should be.

Multiplayer? Urgh.

As a Halo veteran, as someone with thousands of hours of online experience behind him, Halo 4's multiplayer has been... problematic. I don't really mind the addition of loadouts. It's been an adjustment, but I can handle it. I don't even mind the idea of levelling up in order to upgrade those loadouts. I don't necessarily like it, but I can bear it. Even if it does go against the idea of balance that Halo has always rigidly stood for.

What I can't handle is the idea of Ordnance drops. Allowing the player to actually spawn power weapons on the map willy nilly.

Ordnance drops completely shatter the idea of weapon control in Halo 4. And in the process subverts the idea of map control, eliminating an entire layer of strategy from the multiplayer experience. In a sense Halo was the last arena type shooter — the kind of game that set its weapons on the map and had players fight over them. Towards the end, as Call of Duty and Battlefield became popular, this style really became Halo's point of difference — a point of difference that made Halo the go to shooter for competitive players. Ordnance Drops ruin that balance by allowing players to access power weapons constantly, almost randomly, which removes the shape of Halo's play, making it more chaotic.

I'm not really enjoying that.

But it could just be me, and what I'm used to as someone who has played an extensive amount of Halo. Plenty of people — including professional players — actually really like the new settings.

Me? I'm shaking my fist at clouds.

I'm really keen to hear everyone else's thoughts. I've had my little rant — what do you guys and girls think of Halo 4?


    Isn't the ordinance drops just in the casual infinity slayer mode? Sounds like your doing some huge generalisations there (I've only played the multiplayer a tiny bit so far though.)

    Just finished the campaign last night and it is superb. Will be starting another play through on legendary now. I dare say the most enjoyable campaign in the series and IMO, one of the best campaigns of all games. Haven't tried MP yet but while I wait for my usual entourage to get this to try that (blaming NFS:MW), I don't feel I'm missing out just yet when the SP is this good.

    I actually prefer the power weapons not being set in fixed locations. As someone who enjoys playing but doesn't have the time to play to the point of being that well versed in all of the nuances, it evens the playing field.

    I'm also liking the focus on points being given not just for kills. I like that the game rewarded me for jumping in between our flag carrier and a pursuer, distracting and holding off the attacker long enough for the flag to be captured, despite my eventual death. Having the game recognise and reward you for that is a great feeling.

    Ordnance drops can be turned off, can't they?
    The story was great. So many feelings!
    I'm enjoying multiplayer, but sometimes I find it difficult to figure out how far the game is from finishing. Points? Kills? Time?

    Slayer Pro does not have ordinance drops. Sounds liek that's what you're after. It also does not allow you to use your own loadouts. So yeah. I believe classic multiplayer playlists are also going to be added at some point with armour abilities etc removed. For now, Slayer Pro is essentially what you're after.

      I was sure I played Slayer Pro and it had ordnance drops. Happy to be wrong. So happy!

    I found the campaign underwhelming. I could write a long-ass article if anybody is interested. Suffice to say, everything I did in the campaign I've already done in previous Halo or even other games, usually a lot better, and anything new wasn't as great as they could have been or wasn't around long enough to fully appreciate.

    As for multiplayer, no local only search options. This is making the game unplayable and the Waypoint forums are lit up with complaints about this lack of option.

      Great point about the local only games. Especially considering everyone is starting with BRs and DMRs.

        I played several games of Flood last night. I was getting sniped with Swords.

        Let me repeat that. I was getting, SNIPED, with SWORDS.

          How is that physically possible?

            Lag plus their thruster pack "(armour) ability" which allows them to boost forward at an extremely fast speed. Even without lag it's incredibly fast.

      I think they were in a bit of a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation with the campaign. You've got a new developer taking over an incredibly popular franchise. If they changed everything too much, they'd have complaints that they were throwing away what made it Halo. If they kept it exactly the same as previous games, they'd have complaints that it was just a cookie-cutter game and they were only aping Bungie. So they needed to do some things to put their stamp on the game (new weapons, vehicles, enemy types. Plot focus on different elements etc) and not deviate too far from the previous games at the same time. I think they did a pretty good job treading that fine line, personally.

      I enjoyed the campaign more than Halo 3. Some of the additions I didn't really like - I feel like the new enemy types are a pain in the ass to fight and don't like their weapons either, especially because the lack of ammo means you're left with no choice but to use them. I loved the addition of the Mantis. I also really appreciated the subtext to the plot, with them trying to humanize the Master Chief, and also for once actually having an engine where the characters have the facial animations etc to actually be able to emote and make that attempt work.

        There's a difference between keeping the "feel" and doing a, "remember this from your childhood!?". When I first walked over that two floor bridge that was in the first Halo game, I rolled my eyes. I ran up that area in front of the control room and said, "Wait, haven't I walked up this before?". Later in the campaign I got on the gondola ride and said, "Really!? Another gondola ride!? Are you serious!?".

        The new enemies were a disappointment because after their first firefight you've seen everything they have to offer. Their A.I. wasn't as great as previous Halo games since they pretty much just shoot you, and sometimes teleport away and run back to where they teleported from. Since the Covenant had less weapons, units and no AAs, fighting them felt more like a chore.
        The weapons, as far as campaign goes, are only different skins. When there's UNSC weapon pods around, you use the BR/DMR and AR. When fighting the Covenant, you use the Carbine and Storm Rifle. When fighting Prometheans, it's the Light Rifle and Suppresor. All these weapons function the same basically, only the grenades and pistols have some variety to them (and grenades are now underpowered).

        The story is the best part, as the relationship with Chief and Cortana, but it's not as great as it could have been. They really needed two games together or maybe even three to make me truly care about them that when that ending pops up I might actually have cared when it did happen. Showing me what happened rather then telling me would have been better.
        Also, the villian needs to be more then a "twirl mustache, kill Earth" cliche.

          To be fair, this is the first game in a trilogy, and the first full game that 343 have produced. There's a good chance they made it a grab-bag of Halo moments simply to prove that they can 'do' Halo, so they have more room to move on the next one. We'll see, I guess.

          Didn't the Chief and Cortana just have three games together prior to this one?


          I agree completely with most of your points. The thing is though the second level of the campaign had me really excited. It felt like old Halo in a good way. The time you spend alone in a warthog moving through the environment reminded me of the first (and best) Halo's campaign.

          As far as the enemies go, I agree, the Prometheans suck. I liked the Flood better and I still like the Covenant best. The weapons are just re-skins of existing ones, and more than add only a little, they actually take away from the experience. While the lack of human ammo and weapons made sense in a narrative sense, I really disliked how the game forced me to use them.

          And speaking of forced, the level design was very concerning to me. Halo has been making a troubling transition to more and more set pieces as time has gone on. Halo's strength was never the set pieces, it was personified in a single level of the first game, the snow level, Assault On The Control Room. This level had everything, it had vehicles, open areas, human allies to play with, tight, short, transitional confined areas, and above all, choice. I must have played that level dozens of times and every time felt fresh and unique. The elevated bridges that spanned the canyons allowed for dug in firefights, the open areas let you fight with vehicles or go it on foot, both were completely viable. Whenever a section risked overstaying its welcome, the level would change it up.

          The more I played this game, the more I realised that Halo 3, a game I previously thought to possess a weak campaign, was actually far more aligned to what the true nature of Halo's gameplay is compared to Reach and Halo 4. The Ark level set in the sand dunes was far closer to the first games snow level than the series had come before or since then.

          In Halo 4, you're forced into these vehicle levels that just make me cringe, supercharging the ghost to give you infinite boost while you rush through an incredibly "video-gamey" mini level? The level that forces you into a Mantis as you stomp your way through road-block after roadblock of ant-like covenant forces? The Mantis just feels so out of place in the game, and the level itself is just dull.

          Not to mention the bad guy. Why do we even have a bad guy in a Halo game? That has never been the case. There has always been a representative of the ideas we are fighting against, a leader of a much larger force of apparent evil, but never a sole bad guy. We've fought against the Brute Chieftan and the Gravemind, the Prophets and Guilty Spark, but they were all just personifications of ideas, not a singular evil. The ultimate enemy was always the Forerunner technology, and that in itself was a neutral force that relied on the evil inherent in all things to misuse it.

          I felt nothing for The Didact. No, actually I felt angry about it. Why are we seeing the Forerunners? I don't want to see Forerunners, they were best when they were a long-gone super race that simply left their mark across the universe, something we will never understand or witness first hand. They have dealt a serious blow to the quality of the series' narrative just to deliver the money shot of sating our curiosity. But the thing is, now that curiosity no longer exists, they've lost the most interesting facet of the lore. No matter what the forerunners ended up looking like, they would always look disappointing to us. Was it worth it, 343?

          The supernatural Sci-Fi elements were awful, but the character interactions between the human characters, including Cortana, was really engaging. More of that, less bad guys who look like Mass Effect's collectors.

          And yeah, the multiplayer. All I will say is my assertion that Call of Duty and its success is the worst thing that has happened to the industry is proven more and more correct with each new game I play. Playing Halo 4 just makes me want to play Halo Reach, the pinnacle of the series' multiplayer.

    I completely disagree with how you feel about the ordinance drops Mark, In previous halo games the weapon control you talk about was more like who spawned closer/ran faster to the power weapons instantly got the upper hand. With the random or player controlled ordinance drops every one is put on a level playing field at the beginning of a match and the skilled players that get kills and survive can get the benefits of the drops. Plus there is still very much map control to be had.

      Yeah, I know there are a few other people who agree with you! Part of it is just how used to the previous system I am. I think. But I genuinely like the point of difference it brings to Halo.

      Except they don't need to survive, and so the skill differentiation is eliminated. Imagine on Q3's Campgrounds if Q3A gave you weapon drops - suddenly the bouncepad -> stairs run would no longer be a crucial control area to deny players the RL/RG (with quick access to the Megahealth), as a player has the opportunity after 5 kills (regardless of deaths) to get a RL/RG from anywhere. Because there is health regen in H4 the absence of weapon control leaves players with just spawn control as a key point of difference in skill.

    The campaign is amazing, have not played mplayer yet. I wish the exp/level system existed within the campaign as well as the multiplayer/spartan ops though.

      There are campaign challenges and one set of commendation awards for campaign.

        Yeah I get that, it's not enough for me though, I would prefer it was across the board everywhere.

          Agreed. Plus the lack of Campaign scoring means I'll likely not be replaying the Campaign after I finish Legendary (unless it's helping someone else with their playthrough). It kinda dragged on a bit anyway.

          Reach only gave cR in Co-Op mode, but at least it also had commendations. I don't see why the enemy ones can't count for both Spartan Ops AND Campaign...

    Well, I got around to playing this on the weekend Marky Mark and the single player was god damn gorgeous. Those opening scenes I, at times, thought they weren't CGI. They got that part so right. I'm nowhere near finished the campaign but it's damn good so far.

    Multiplayer. I had my reservations after reading your tweets/review. I agree that there are definitely problems, especially initially. The first few hours in MP were annoying because here I was, level zero playing with and against people with much better initial loadouts, armor abilities I didn't have access to and all that. Level playing field? What even. This unbalanced it from the get go. If i didn't love the series I wouldn't even bother playing multiplayer.
    I also initially thought map control was just a thing of the past but as I really learnt the maps, that old Halo started to shine through a bit more. As for ordinance drops, undecided. If you coordinate with team mates, they can be ridiculously overpowered (Saw + double attack), whereas singularly they aren't game changing. I just don't like the idea of them from a nostalgic pov.

    Anyway, toilet break over, thoughts complete.

    Ordinance drops are great.

    They give ANYONE a fighting chance in this game. Good players should be even better.

    There are also still initial weapons dropped on the map for people to fight over. Times change, people need to move on. Jerks that whore the power weapons and dominate maps is not fun. Which is why CoD rose to such great heights and why Halo dropped off so heavily.

    343 are doing the right thing.

    By the way, Reach had loadouts too. Preset ones. 4 still has them, but now you can make your own. They're not that intricate anyway. Most people generally have ONE loadout that they make 4 tweaked versions of to suit the game type/map and the current situation in any given game. Hardly anything.

    Waaaaay too much cloud waving going on with Halo 4. It's the best Halo MP by far.

    Except the Killcam and JiP system is broken as hell.

    Last edited 12/11/12 12:31 pm

      Ehh I dunno. My experience with CoD was that the 1337 players would get on a early roll, call in a chopper, steamroll the game and the rest would have no chance to deal with it.
      Ordinance drops seem like they will do the same thing.
      Sure in Halo of old when some asshat is running around with the sniper and rocket launcher that's annoying. But you at least know he is the ONLY asshat with the power weapons and can change your tactics to deal with that.

    The Campaign
    I feel like 343 genuinely care about the Halo universe and lore, and tried their best, but the campaign fell short of the mark. There was a spark missing, something that has been there in every other Halo game that was missing here. It never really clicked with me, and that stuff that happened at the end... ehh... that was a nice try, but doing that this early into a new trilogy downplays the importance to the point where it feels like they'll probably just undo it later anyway, so the emotional impact was severely hampered.
    I liked it ok, but as a Halo game, and the triumphant return of the Master Chief, it just wasn't "enough". Missions felt somewhat tedious, the combat wasn't as frantic and dynamic, and the objectives felt inorganic. I know, generally, you go from point A to point B and push a button or something, but here it felt more paint-by-numbers than ever, as if 343 took the cool bits from the other games and reassembled them with a new story overlaid on them. On top of that, there were a number of new elements introduced without any proper explanation or rationale for them, assuming I would just get it. I really hope 343 doesn't expect me to read the awful novels in order to understand their games, else we're gonna have a bad time moving forward.

    Spartan Ops
    I tried one level of this and it was just pointless. Some people think it's an acceptable substitute for Firefight. I do not.

    Custom loadouts and ordinance drops impede the flow of gameplay and severely imbalance the game. I've all but given up on regular Infinity Slayer, which is just frustrating in the extreme. I tried out other game modes - Big Team is viable if only for the remake of Valhalla, but still for the most part frustrates me. Infection is rubbish - the game is far too generous with sword lunges killing you even if you get a bulltrue, so shotguns versus the infected are worthless since you'll die anyway. Capture the flag is somewhat fun but at the end of the day it's CTF, which I've never been particularly fond of.

    Team Slayer "Pro" is probably the most balanced experience to date, even if it is tucked away at the bottom of the playlist like a dirty secret. You choose a loadout for the gametype, not your own preference, so there's limits on that. The lack of motion tracker is something I am not used to which means I copped a lot of assassinations, but I gave my share back and it's something you can avoid if you move with a partner to back you up. The game flowed better, was more fun to play, and was probably one of the better Halo experiences I've had since Halo 3. I guess that's what they were trying to accomplish here, since the presence of needlers and shotguns on the maps certainly precludes this from being a "Pro" gametype by any old standard of the terminology.

    In short, I was not impressed by too many things in Halo 4, but I wasn't completely turned off it. I will give 343 the benefit of the doubt moving forward, and I hope that future updates to Halo 4 improve the experience, since we're effectively in the public beta period, as 343 didn't see fit to have one, for some reason.

    I consider it likely I will also buy future Halo titles. In short, 343 managed to not fail, and for that I will give them credit.

    I always loved the 'pointless' lore. I thought it was fantastic, better than any science fiction novel I've read. The Prometheans bug me because they've never been mentioned before. There's no Sentinels (except for that part on Requiem, but sue me. They were cute) and I haven't seem any of those Enforcers since Halo 2. They seem forced to me, and quickly get repetitive to kill.

    The multiplayer, which I've never been a major fan of due to no XBL, seems over-hyped to the extreme when it really feels like they've taken the other major FPS and slapped a Halo skin on it. I want to rush to the sniper rifle, which I've memorized the location of. The rush of a random Ghost appearing over the ridge and soar over my head as I attempt a quick crouch. I think they've lost the thirty seconds of fun factor, making me work with my time rather than skill to play well. It's gone from playing against guys who you know are better than you, but evening out the playing field because we all start with the same weapons to no chance in hell because they start with the better weapons and gear and that damn hologram that teabags you.

    S'not looking good, folks.

    Campaign, I loved it. The only thing that didn't get my top marks would be the ending.
    343 pulled a Mass Effect 3 (ending).

    For the multiplayer, I'll quote my mate from last night's games because I think it fits perfectly, "I'm actually having fun, it's much better than the last games [Halo 3 and Reach]". Except when you go up against a Japanese pro team..

    As an overall package, the game is amazing! So much bang for your buck. The single player campaign was an excellent achievement (albeit seemingly shorter compared to other Halo campaigns) and the multi-player is excellent bar one game-breaking point - no local search options!! I cannot put into words how much this infuriates me! It is 2012 for fucks sake. We should not be playing against Americans/Europeans unless we choose to do so.

    I can understand maybe getting the odd match during the day when most Aussies are at work and its Americas prime-time but when its 7pm on Friday night of the launch week and I'm getting matched with Americans it bugs the shit out of me. It makes the game unplayable. There is no room for error when you're trying to land constant head shots with the DMR or BR. I hate losing based on lag, not skill. I'd rather get my ass handed to me by a local player 30 levels above me than lose to a similarly ranked player on the other side of the planet!

    I thought we were over this shit developers!! Why not just include local matchmaking? Let me decide if I want to be matched based on skill or locale!

    Also, I think the ordnance drops are fine. There is always slayer pro for a more traditional Halo game. I think taking a bit of influence from CoD has worked. The ordnance drops aren't crazy overpowered game-changers. The abilities don't last long - even the over-shield depletes itself at quite a fast rate. I'd say on average a player would be lucky to get an extra 2-3 kills with the ordnance.

    SP - Havent finished yet but so far I am enjoying the cutscenes more than the gameplay. MP - Is fantastic. Im on something like 2200 kills and 1000 deaths lvl 39 and still finding it hard to put down. So far I am enjoying it as much, if not more than H3. The ordinance drops working on medals is great idea, makes the game less predictable and more chaotic. Gj 343!

    It makes me sad that Telstra has fucked me over and killed my Internet and I can't play multiplayer with my friends.

    I'm a bit weird, I enjoy SP Halo more than MP and love the universe Bungie created. The campaign was fun and the new enemies can be a really tough - gameplay was solid but nothing really new. Story wise I felt it was a good leap off for a new story arc.

    But what let it down was that it didn't connect up enough with the previous games, in fact I'd say it sort of belittled them. (Though not intentionally). I mean From Halo: Reach -> Halo 3 it's about Humanity's last line of defence after a generation of being in a losing war. To the point in Halo 3 where there is pretty much nothing left. Now less than five years after the end of the war Humanity has huge fleets again not to mention the Infinity itself? Just made it feel a bit like - yeah that war for our very survival against the Covenant we got over that.

    Also tough I knew from other sources that the Covenant had fractured and some were still devoted to everything Forerunner, the game itself didn't spell this out. Why am I fighting Covenant still? Even in the first mission there's a comment from MC or Cortanna about why are we fighting elites. There wasn't one cut scene or bit of in game dialogue that laid out, for MC and Cortanna, the situation in the galaxy while they were trapped on the Dawn.

      It helps to understand it better if you read the books.

      'I'm a bit weird, I enjoy SP Halo more than MP and love the universe Bungie created.'
      Would never have guessed, with a name like 'Marathon' :P

      I agree with the lack of explanation thing. The only reason I knew what was going on was because I read the books beforehand. Which, IMO, is a lame way to explain the story. The game should be self-contained, and the books can provide extra stuff or explanations or whatever, but shouldn't be necessary.

      That all that stuff is accessible from outside the game is a failing... the same with needing to go to waypoint to view the terminals. That's just poor.
      Also, there were some (for me) glaring problems with the story...
      Campaign spoilers

      Cortana sets up on the Infinity, where the hell is its own AI? Surely the UNSC flagship has its own AI (he's in the Spartan Ops stuff why not the campaign?).
      When John returns to humanity, he doesn't ask about the other Spartan 2s? There are at least six of them going around during this time frame.... during Halo 2 there are 2 others operating on Earth... but he doesn't even ask about the people he has been with since he was six years old!
      It's the same thing with the Spartan 4s... he doesn't even ask what their story is.
      When he arrives on the research station he announces: "This is the master chief"... is there only one Master Chief Petty Officer? Isn't that his rank? He can't be the only one in the entire UNSC... and if he is, surely after being missing for 5 years someone else has been appointed to that rank.
      On the subject of rank; Lasky is captain of the Infinity after FleetCom removes Del Rio for abandoning John... Del Rio ordered the master chief to stay on board but John disobeyed him... John disobeyed a direct order from a lawful superior and yet it's Del Rio who gets demoted and thrown in the brig?
      What was the stuff with Halsey about... who was the guy interviewing her?

      End spoilers

      God damn it's a beautiful game... even in multiplayer.
      The flying missions are outright fantastic.

        I am hoping that there's going to be a long term payoff for the invterview with Halsey. I don't know if this was intentional or not but she looks a lot older than she did in Reach, which was a gap of what, 5-6 years between the destruction of Reach and the Chief arriving at Reqiuem? I think those interviews are from the future, after Halo 6. It's possible that the events of Halo 4 will change the chief in some way, and that future stories will involve more Spartans, which might provide a greater context for the remarks made by Halsey.

        Or I could be completely wrong and she's being interviewed on Earth at the same time as the events of Halo 4.

          Remember Reach took place before Halo:CE.

          According to the books Halsey drugged up one of the spartans and escaped inside a forerunner shieldworld... ONI eventually found, arrested, and interred her.

    Ugh, loadouts? My first encounter with those was in Conduit 2, and I friggen hated them. Totally made the multiplayer worse off in comparison to the original. I still had fun with it, but being locked to just those couple of weapons til I died sucked.

    Hope I never run into them again.

    I finished it last night anddidn't find the campaign as good as I was hoping for. Felt as if is already been there and done that before. The bad guy reminded me of a generic bad guy from Japanese anime and very cliched. Let's Hope the next one improves though.

    Really enjoyed the single player. The multiplayer, it's not Halo, but it's still fun. One of the things I liked about Halo was that it didn't have loadouts, classes, perks and all that stuff. I liked how everyone loaded in on equal footing and it was your own skill that determined how well you did. Now with levels it sort of unbalances things a bit as people who play more are going to have an advantage over those who don't. Granted it doesn't take too long to level up and unlock a lot of neat perks but I don't think that sort of reward for time should ever come into play in a shooter. An MMO, sure, but not a shooter.

    Also disappointed that there seems to be no 8v8 CTF or other objectives. The big team objective games were always my favourite in Halo 3 and I'm sad they're no longer available.

    You've said all there is to say about single player. It's awesome.

    All I have to say about multiplayer is that it reminds me of Halo 3, and that's a very very good thing. Haven't had this much fun on an Xbox multiplayer game since, well, Halo 3. Might even be enjoying it a little bit more.

    EDIT: For what it's worth, I think ordinance drops work great. They're satisfying and they don't feel overpowered. I don't think it mucks with map control a whole lot -- being able to hold the centre hill in Valhalla/Ragnarok, for example, is still a deciding factor of who wins.

    Last edited 12/11/12 1:41 pm

      Wow really? im not sure if they could have gone any further away from halo 3 if they tried. Halo 4 feels more like COD than a halo game. If i wanted call of duty style multiplayer i would have played cod not halo 4.

        Today I learned that including sprint and personalised kits makes your game a CoD knock off.

        Not only does the gameplay not resemble anything close to CoD, but it's a standard offering in nearly every other shooter out there today. It's not Halo copying anything, it's Halo taking a step forward, in line with what's the norm of shooters today.

    The people droning on and on and on about ordinance drops ruining the entire game is hilarious... I'd suggest trying something other than Slayer at least ONCE before complaining about how "Everything is ruined!".

    As for personal loadouts... Still far better than 90% of people in a game people rocking the default armor lock loadout. In any given game I see a pretty balanced mix of armor mods now.

      Yeah, and even Bungie admitted they screwed up in Halo 2 with SMG starts.

      Loadouts removes the opportunity for the dev to do exactly that, screw up. They're a good thing. I have ZERO issue with Halo being adjusted to fit into today's shooter world.

      Same way everyone else had to change to adjust to the new shooter world Halo popularised with regenerating health and 2 weapon slots.

    Ordinance drops aren't even that OP.... You occasionally get the the choice of a decent weapon, and even then it has limited ammo. You can't please everyone I guess. I've played every Halo game and this is easily one of the best.

    biggest thing i noticed with this game is that cortana has toes now

    that is all...

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