My New Best Friend Is A Blade & Soul NPC

My New Best Friend Is A Blade & Soul NPC

NCsoft’s martial arts MMO Blade & Soul is filled with colourful non-player characters voicing their enthusiastic praise, desperate pleas for help or dramatic plot advancement. Then there’s Ronsul. She’s the best.

Most non player-characters with services to offer pour on the charm, enticing the player. Ronsul, a Dragon Trader posted at the Sandstone refuge, doesn’t really care one way or the other.

Perhaps it's all of those hours spent baking in the hot sun. Maybe she's filling in for a friend. Perhaps she's come to the realisation that you really have no choice where to go to access your vault or instantly purchase items from the marketplace, so enthusiasm is optional.

Ronsul's listless apathy is a source of endless joy. She's a character that's been saying the same five or so lines forever, who's aware that there's no end in sight.

Other characters don't care when the menu covers their face. Ronsul doesn't care either, but I get the feeling she knows it is happening and has just stopped trying.

I've levelled far beyond Sandstone Refuge in Blade & Soul, yet every time I need to visit the Dragon Trade I spend the money to windwalk back to the desert. It gets expensive, but those rare occasions when Ronsul's lackadaisical "bye" is replaced with a subtly optimistic "hope you come back" are worth every copper.