Hooray! Amanda has finally stumped you all to prompt a second round of guessing. I'm glad at least one scribble accomplished this feat this week.

As promised, here's a hint to help everyone whose guesses were in the wrong decade. An indirect sequel for this game is due out later this year, possibly next.

Want to try your hand at perplexing an audience with scribbles? Take a picture and fire it in this direction.


    There's an imprint of a person jumping with their hands in the air in the background and I'm trying to decide if it's relevant or not.

    Also, this scribble is a game I know and for the life of me I can't think of what it is.

    This is annoying me so much... it feels so familiar, but I just don't know, and now we have to wait over the weekend for it to end? Somebody, please, tell me what this is!!

    The only game I can think of with an indirect sequel coming out late this year / early next is "To The Moon" or "A Bird Story"

    I have no idea what it is, but it's absolutely adorable. X)

    Yokai Watch? Given how ridiculous some of the monsters surely there's one shaped like this?

    Is that Nethack ?

      That was my first thought as well, but that character doesn't seem to be in Nethack. You're probably thinking of Rogue.
      But both those games were guessed yesterday.

    That reminds me of an old C64 game. There was a game where you played as that symbol (it looks something like an ASCII character) and pushed blocks around if I remember correctly.

    The name was Pang or Peng or something. I can't find it on any sites though :\ I always thought of the character as a penguin when I was a kid.

      Are you thinking of Pengo/Pengi?

        I've definitely played that game too. But the one I'm thinking of has an ASCII art character almost exactly like the scribble. It's much, much simpler graphics than that.

        Or maybe I'm confusing the two games together. This is all a very long time ago now :)

    Put my two bob in here is it the bag you beat up on the home run challenge in smash bros??’s a hint to help everyone whose guesses were in the wrong decade. An indirect sequel for this game is due out later this year, possibly next.There's a bunch of indirect sequels coming out for games across all the decades though! >_<

    Last edited 15/01/16 3:08 pm

    I still say it looks like the cloud from the animation "Rejected" but turned into a box
    That or a happy Thwomp from Mario

    Ohh, and now I add one of the characters from Box Boy

    Last edited 15/01/16 3:24 pm

    Kinda reminds me of super meat boy. Or maybe.... maybe the statues from zeldas n64 iterations ;)

    Seeing the round edges makes me wonder if the square shape is a cheeky red herring and it's actually the blob from a boy and his blob.


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