Somebody Hacked Watch Dogs Into GTA V

As intrepid modders the world over continue in their quest to make dicking around in Grand Theft Auto V more fun and chaotic, we may have reached a new milestone.

JulioNIB has engineered a script that inserts a whole bunch of Watch Dogs-inspired hacking fun into GTA V, and it's really wild. You can explode pretty much anything, make all the cars at an intersection accelerate as quickly as possible into each other, even make trains speed up so much that they derail.

In other words, it's really, really pleasant. You can download it here.


    Hilariously enough that looks like a higher quality product than the official WD game...

    This looks pretty good, Shame about Watch_Dogs, such wasted potential considering how awesome the trailers looked.

    So now watch dogs was a completely pointless game

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