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    Hey gang, I finished Oxenfree yesterday. So great if you're into story games. It's part adventure game, part walking simulator. The atmosphere is amazing. The music is great. The writing and banter? Excellent. Definitely recommend. :)

      But did you free the oxen? That's the real question.

        My sister asked the very same question. :P

      I am a huge fan of banter, so that's a few points on the review scale for me.
      (This is probably also why I rate Dragon Age 2 much, much higher than everyone else does. Some of the best banter in gaming.)

        Oxenfree is almost one long, continuous conversation. Even when you click on a hot spot and interact with your surrounds midway through a sentence, the characters will seamlessly pick up where they left off afterwards. You're rarely alone in the game too, so there's always someone to banter with. Really pretty impressive. :)

    Good morning all, and welcome back Mark, hope all is well with the MKII.

    (Insert mortal kombat jokes here)

    Good morning my imaginary lovers!

    Hope everyone is well this fine day.

    Saw a movie for the second time at the cinema for the first time ever.
    Obviously that movie was Star Wars.
    I could totally go watch it a 3rd time.


        It's because I still imagine you even when I'm loving you.

        I'm THAT romantic

    Mornin' TAY!

    Had a swell weekend. Went and saw The Hateful Eight on Saturday, then we went for ciders and dessert at the Sydney Festival. There's another festival coming up in February, thinking it might be nice to gather some TAYbies for that one if it's as surprisingly-not-busy as this one was.

    On Sunday I bought a smart TV because the old one was, uh, old. It's so shiny and new! Even Mario Maker looks completely different. Gonna take some getting used to with all the fancy new things this TV does. I can control it with my phone? Whaaaaa-

    Anyway, now I'm eating out of the garbage for a few weeks. Big purchases panic me, even when I'm financially A-OK.

    And now, Mondaaaaaaay

      Haha, when I first got a HDTV I played Uncharted 2 and was blown away and thought the TV might have been too good and that I wasn't worthy. That feeling passes. :P

      We went to go buy a new TV yesterday - 60"

      In the end we didn't get it though because Heidi started melting down, so we chose to GTFO the shop because it wouldn't be fair to keep her in there while we went through everything.
      Nicely done, Heidi.
      Nicely done.

      Now we'll be waiting until the next sale comes.

      How was Hatoful 8? As good as it looked?

        Is good. They are certainly eight hateful people.


          Technically, there was more than eight...

      May I recommend doing a thorough calibration on your TV? It's probably set to quite high vibrancy settings, quite possibly with some form of motion smoothing, which I'd definitely recommend turning off for gaming. With all this you'll lose a bit of the "pop" of the screen, but it'll be a hell of a lot better at subtlety.

      Now let's all pretend that it didn't take me until Wind Waker HD was released before I did any monitor calibration. >.>

        Luckily I have a trusty Powalen who did these things for me.

        I will be ruining fixing his TV settings the next time I am at his place.

        Is there actually a calibration thing it can run itself or do you just mean fiddling with the settings?

        I had to turn off all the fancy motion settings because it was making Xenoblade look like poo.

          Yeah, fiddling with the settings. Some TVs come with a calibration sheet, though you usually have to print it out yourself (and if you have a bodgy printer it can be a little bad). It's a bit laborious, but worth it in the long run, if you ask me.

            I'll just crank the colour on the input that has my WiiU and he can worry about the rest of them :P

            I can loan anyone a calibration probe if they want to set theirs up properly, it can make a massive difference to calibrate your telly, even just using a test pattern Bluray.
            I usually end up 'fixing' anyone's TV when I am at their house, most are set so far from ideal that it makes my eyes bleed.

              Just something you gotta do, right? Like flipping the toilet paper around the right way.

        The default setting for boxed tv's usually isn't too bad, but I tend to tweak mine anyway. It's when you buy floor stock that you really need to fix it, cos they tend to set it to vibrant mode to compensate for the bright lights.

    Good morning err body how's every little thing?

    My weekend was the opposite of a hoot.

    Friday I had a job interview which I think went well and then that night we had fondue and a board games night that everyone thought I'd be really into...We played Family Fued and then Scattagories...I now know how @trjn feels when someone brings out monopoly.

    Saturday I was sick so stayed home and watched movies with Cathryn, watched Havoc for the first time..that's definitely a movie. Also watched Hotel Transylvania 2 which is really funny for an Adam sandler movie. Goosebumps is good too however the acting can be a bit annoying. Sisters is also a very funny movie, John Cena is surprisingly good in comedies.

    Sunday I woke up late, and watched some how to get away with murder. Then we had to go to my parents for a goodbye dinner for my nan which was fine..until my brother got there. Within 10 minutes he had yelled at the dogs for play fighting and tried to hit them to stop which made Cathryn tell him to stop and then he went bezerk yelling at her which ultimately ended up me getting in his face and telling him to leave and if he ever does that again the next time he'll see us is when hes getting taken away by police. So that was a real weekend killer.

    Anywho question of the week what's your one pet peeve? Can be gaming related, can be just in general anything

      Just one?

        Top one..I don't want people going on a tangent about mice stealing their mail and the gathering darkness threatening to destroy our very existence

      People who have more than one pet peeve.

      I don't get annoyed when people bring out Monopoly near me. People near me know not to bring out Monopoly.

        This family had 5 types of monopoly and 3 trivial pursuits of which none were the base game!

    I want to take a minute to talk our lord and saviour; Jackson Howard.

    Jackson Howard is one of the most important cards in Android: Netrunner. He does one job and he does it very well. That job is to stop the Corp from losing. He's not overpowered. He is not broken. He simply addresses a design flaw in the game and gives the players the tools to deal with it. He is so important that there will be three copies in most Corp decks. He is so important that the data pack he is sold in, Opening Moves, has been basically impossible to find for the last year. He is so important, he's the only card tournament organisers will allow proxies of.

    I don't think Fantasy Flight expected a fraction of this when they printed him.

    Which is why I find the short story revolving around him that's included in the Data and Destiny rulebook pretty funny. Lots of Netrunners praised the story for giving this lovable looking scamp a more sinister look. He designed a toy that gave detailed psychographics of whole households and was rewarded with the role of Vice President of Child Programming. In the Android universe, that's a pretty sinister thing because evil corporations are all evil corporationy.

    The story isn't from his perspective. It's from his boss's. His boss who was planning to grill him for going over budget. His boss that realised he had done so much to advance NBN's goals without her knowing and looked to take advantage.

    You know, kind of like Fantasy Flight that didn't know what they had created with this card.

    So. Goddamned. Meta.

    Plus, the toy that he made is Dinosaurus. One of my favourite cards.

      Damn it, Trjn.
      I already have enough on my plate with Conquest.

      That card is sooo cool. I just LOVE the look on his face.

        This store championship season (read from Feb to whenever), you win alternate art versions of him just by competing! Admittedly, that version looks a bit crappier but it exists. Did I mention that Melbourne has a thriving competitive and casual scene for this game? You live near there, right?

        Also, their doing special editions of the world championship decks with full art version of all the cards used. That pesky yellow frame will be replaced with MOAR TOYS!.

          Yeah - I'm literally living about 15 minutes from the CBD - SO yeah, you could say i'm close to Melbourne.
          My FLGS does android leagues/store championships (along with a butt-load of other games).
          I've actually joined the league at my FLGS for Conquest - I've never entered a league before , but the alt art cards, card boxes and play mats you can score this year look AMAZING.
          Unfortunately I've still only got one core and about 4 expansions, so I'm not going to be competitive for the mat, but I'm hoping to at least score a door prize in the alt art cards or a deck box.
          I'm quite keen to also join the X-wing store champs, but again, i doubt it would be competitive due to the whole needing multiples of the killer cards, which means more money than I will ever be able to spend.

            15 minutes of the CBD in which direction? also whats the learning curve on this game because I've heard both "Its easier to get into if you have friends playing it" and "The learning curve is ridiculous and you need to spend the next year of your life 24/7 on it to be slightly good"

              West - just over the bridge - in Kingsville bordering Yarraville.

              The learning curve is quite forgiving. My 12 year old brother and i played a demo game at pax and we both picked it up really easily.
              Plus there are card sized reference sheets that detail what you need to do each phase, which is really REALLY handy.
              I'm not sure on what it takes to be good, but i think it's less about time and more about money and knowing what you're looking for. To be competitive at tournament level you need 3 of the core set, plus some expansions. To have fun and play casually all you would ever need is one core, anything else is a bonus. There are some really neat cards to be found in expansions, though.
              Plus, have a wicked skilled community and a list of various deck builds from previous championships and messing about, so it's easy to make a good deck, all you need to do then is learn how to drive it

                Living card games aren't about dumping a huge pile of money into your collection so that you can make the greatest deck in the history of decks. They're about knowing the metagame and which cards are going to present a problem to you. Then you buy a handful of packs to get the answers (or learn to play around them with the core set tools) and you're good to go.

      Standard FFG not knowing how to balance. I have to admit though that the Netrunner setting is probably one of the better cyberpunk universes to have been created so kudos to FFG for that.

        I really don't think this is a case of imbalance and if it is, the imbalance goes back to Richard Garfield's original design.

        The game is won by either side scoring seven agenda points. The runner steals those points from the corp while the corp tries to advance agendas to do it. If the corp never draws those cards, they'll find it increasingly hard to win as the runner gets more and more set up to steal them. If the corp draws too many too early, it becomes trivial for the runner to steal them.

        Action Jackson merely plugs that gap. Literally the only problem with the card is that he is in NBN instead of a neutral card, so players not using an NBN ID have to spend precious influence to slot him into their decks. He should've been a one influence neutral card.

    Huge weekend. Spent the last three days making use of the empty house by embarking on the gargantuan task of attempting to clean my room.

    And was met with some success!​​ Started just moving as much as I could out into the family room, and already started getting pretty encouraged by the newfound empty space. Didn't quite get as much done in the end as I'd hoped, but there's a whole tonne of floorspace now, so I at least have room to shuffle things around as I reorganise what's there and continue putting things away. Came across one box that had a bunch of chilli sauces, a bottle of Herrljunga and a box of Lindors. Between the mid-2012 Best Before dates and the sealed 2012 calendar that was also in there, I guess they must've been 2011 Christmas presents. I'm sure they're fine :P

    Best of all though I managed to have exactly enough space between the pinball machine and my door to move this corner unit of shelves that had been sitting out in the middle of the family room for the last ~ever​​, so Mum'll be happy that's finally gone once they get back. Brownie points get!

    Speaking of, looks like they mightn't be back til Wednesday now. Thankfully I'm supposed to be out the next two nights so won't have to worry about dinner. Fridge is started to look pretty barren :P

    Also, yesterday I noticed I have a huge sore lump under my arm. I figure it's just a swollen lymph node or something, though it feels like it's gotten even bigger today. Surprising just how in-the-way it seems to be able to get. Good thing (sorta) I'm being forced to skip climbing tonight I guess, probably would suck to try and do that atm.

    I'm still in bed getting cuddles from the new addition.

    That was basically my weekend!

    I fudged that a little - we finished watching Making a Murderer. Leaves me feeling highly disturbed.

    There was also a home invasion down the road from me. 2 guys ended up shot, not fatally thankfully. Went to leave for swimming on Sunday morning and there were cops everywhere and the news trucks parked on the side of the road.

    Time for more cuddles.

    Yesterday my workplace had a catered lunch. So I sat down for my half-hour lunch, enjoyed a good plate or two of food.

    Then I eloquently decided, since it was my last day there, "Fuck it." So I sat in the lunchroom and kept eating for a hour more.

    Oh yeah, that crazy psycho storm last Thursday. Walking to the station this morning, the path I usually take was covered in fallen branches, and at one point even an entire tree.

    If I'd missed my train that afternoon, not only would I have ended up completely soaked I probably could've ended up squashed too :/

      Be very, very, very careful around fallen branches and trees (especially near train stations), because that's how most people die after storms - fallen power lines, usually hidden in debris.

        The big gum just on the corner of the road did take down a power line that afternoon, though the guys were on it and had fixed it by the time my uncle came around. Thankfully my house isn't attached to that line :P

    Hi all.
    I have an interview at a gallery for possible work.
    Also, I may need to get a new HDMI splitter.
    Oh, and I've been watching Steven Universe in my downtime.

      I'm about a dozen eps through Steven Universe and really enjoying it.

      ...Gallery? What is do?

        Steven Universe is my go-to show for when I just want to have fun. It's a nice comparison to Adventure Time (when I stopped watching it a few years ago) because while it does deal with some adult stuff, and does hit mature themes, it's still quite happy to be a kids show.

        Which has reminded me, I think there's a few new episodes since I last checked, need to get on that.

    Saw a cool mod the other week for the iPhone 6/6S where you replace the back Apple logo with one that lights up when the screen turns on & dims when the screen does. I'm kinda wondering why Apple hasn't done that already given they have it on the MacBooks..

      Probably power/space concerns. Space especially. Space is at a premium in smartphones; it's a huge factor in everything they design in the thing, directly responsible for the end-result specs. Every fraction of a milimetre counts.

        The replacement LED one is the same size as the plastic one in there though from what i've seen. Also I dare say 0.1w or how ever little it is would have barely an impact on the bettery :P

    Another Xbox Games with Gold review

    D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die
    I loved the style of this one, the gameplay was a bit odd at first but thankfully it's point and click with very limited QTE "stunt" action scenes thrown in. The story really got me hooked with it's batshit weirdness and intrigue and then... it ended. Season 1 was limited to a prologue and a couple of episodes which was all they had ready for launch as an Xbox One exclusive. I can understand why people who paid $15 for this game would feel ripped off, not because you don't get $15 worth of content (in my opinion) but because with no season 2 on the horizon, you feel like your time got wasted. Most of the achievments are linked to collectibles and getting perfect "sync" which means nailing the QTEs and picking the "in character" responses to dialogue which is kind of a trial and error thing since there's no real consistency to it. your character, David Young, is an asshole at sometimes and a nice guy at others. He reminded me a lot of Bigby from Telltale's The Wolf Among Us, but at least that game let you choose your personality and only really penalised you for inconsistency.
    I hope there's a season 2 at some point, it'll convince me to reinstall this game and chase some achievements. As it stands I have 285/1000 which includes finishing the story, finding some collectibles, and nailing one stunt sequence (which was the first one in the game - the rest were significantly tougher).

    Pneuma: Breath of Life
    A fairly interesting puzzle game with some kind of annoying narration which seems silly at first but you realise that every line of dialogue is really a clue to the puzzle, which makes it essential to listen. You get used to it after the first couple of puzzles. I guess it was trying to have a philosophical message about the nature of free choice and the illusion of self but it was ultimately a bit pretentious and underwhelming. 850/1000 achievements just for finishing it (which took about 2 or 3 hours?). The rest of the achievements were for collectible. Couldn't be bothered even with a walkthrough. Fun, but in the sense that it was better than doing nothing. A very pretty game and I'm sure that some people worked very hard on it, but I wouldn't have paid money for it.

    A beat 'em up sidescroller with an overly complicated fighting system. Combat feels unsatisfying and dull. The game gives you a gun but you run out of ammo so quickly and do so little damage that it's pointless. You have to beat a par score on each level to earn points to buy upgrades which feels like artificially forced replay. Maybe if I'd stuck with it past the third level I might have seen something new and interesting but I feel like I gave the game a fair chance and got very little in return. I may return to it on a rainy day... actually no, that's exceedingly unlikely. No.

    In other news, went out on Saturday for my wife's birthday, checked out the Spawn Point gaming bar and proceeded to the Retro since my wife and I haven't been there since we got married. Dismayed that "retro" is now 80s & 90s instead of 70s & 80s. Several middle-aged women who were upset with their husbands insisted on dancing with me while my wife wasn't around then getting upset and asking me if they were ugly when I tried to decline.
    Stayed out til 4am for the first time in forever. Remembered how much Nightride buses sucked. Slept all day sunday because old and also have a toothache. :/

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    So i had been feeling like garbage for a few days and decided to bite the bullet and go to the doctor on friday which i despise doing. The doctor told me i had a viral infection which means im gonna be super lethargic for over a month. The best part is theres nothing to do about it except drink some sugar free redbulls and hope they keep me awake. I dont feel as bad today but i was struggling on the weekend.

    Had a rad time at DC's birthday do, Teasing Mrs Freeze is sooo much fun.

    Back to the ole grind this week i guess.

    Moseys off

    I've played 90 hours of xenoblade and I STILL haven't found any auroran bones! I've have this stupid quest taunting me for 80 hours now...

    I also picked up several games for my xbone care of that Harvey Norman sale. Dead rising 3 is significantly less fun than the first one, nick is less fun than frank, and the way kinect and smartglass integration is constantly pushed in your face gets wearing.

    Sunset overdrive is better, it definitely picks up, but the tower defence sections are as lame as can be. Spiderman 2 didn't have tower defence, why try to improve on perfection?

    Forza 6 has my mr2 in it, so that's pretty cool! Handling is a bit hilarious, and you can't hear the supercharger, but the model detail is nice.

    It's very stupid that my Peugeot 205 gti isn't in the game though, as literally every rival it had is (even the really bad ones, like the xr2!). They even have most of the model already in there thanks to the t16!

      I have one single item missing from my collectopedia that I haven't found in over 160 hours of game time :P I'll find it one day...

        The collectopedia is a nightmare, and yet I can't help myself.

      Also finally received a watch part from the Philippines that I ordered in November, I'd pretty much given up on it.

      Here's it installed on my pebble round, working as a screen protector:

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    My boss left for good on Friday /o\ so now we're without a store manager, the manager from the BWS in town is gonna be checking in on us, but officially we have no one in charge of us, and it'll probably be at least 2 weeks maybe 3 or 4 until they find us a new one.

    Edit: the area manager knew about this for months (like 6+ months) that my boss was leaving (transferring up Brisbane) and she still didn't line up a replacement. Apparently they only started interviews for the position last week, uh...

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    Morning, TAY.

    Went and saw some tennis on the "weekend" (technically Friday but I had the day off work, so...). It was great! Bit of rain but didn't delay things too much. Got to see a Legends match too which was hilarious (basically they trot out some popular retired players, hook them up to mics and they just muck around). The womens final was underwhelming though. The loser just got dominated the whole time. No contest :P

    Saw Hateful 8 as well which was pretty fantastic. Not his best movie but it's up there for me. Starts off a bit slow but ramps up really well and just tells a small, complete story which I liked. Doesn't really leave any major loose ends.

    Also, if any Sydney people go to the doughnut bar in the Sydney Festival village, get the "Better than Vanilla" doughnut. Easily the best thing they have! (Second favourite is the Bearded Lady ice-cream)

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    Hi everybody, feel like I haven't properly "checked in" on here in a while.

    Weekend was good. I did the last of my unpacking and my bed frame got delivered so I'm now "fully" moved in to West End. What? Yes I still need to pick up my microwave, shut up! And... yes, part of that unpacking was putting a misc box of cables away in the cupboard, shut up! You've got a problem. I'll tell you when I've had enough! *cough*

    My reward for "finishing" unpacking and keeping up my exercise goals (Goal: M, W, F, Su swimming / T, T, Sa running) was @dc's birthday dinner & drinks which was a blast as always. Was great to see those who were able to make it, lots of laughs, lots of smiles, lots of memories to be filed away and never spoken of again.

    So Sunday I spent some time getting to know Netflix (still don't have any chill though?) and then decided to do another photo from my balcony. I know, I know, they're getting old, but I haven't done a HDR stack yet and I'm again happy with how it came out considering I haven't done anything like that in years. - I particularly like the cloud motion. Feels "dramatic"

    Monday question: What are you reading, and why?

    A: Terminator Gene (Ian Irvine) - Sequel to a book I picked up in the early 2000s "The Last Albatross" and I've been trying to get in to it for ages but it's just not capturing me. I'm at the stage where I'm going to give it one last go and then shelve it for good if I can't slog my way through it. This feels bad to even think about.

      Where are you keeping your bread without the microwave?

      Thanks for coming to the dinner! <3

        Thanks for the invite buddy! Sorry again that I couldn't come, and I hope lady @strange passed on my gratitude to @transientmind for his kind offer.
        I may have been able to make it had my dad been in mobile reception range, but he didn't get my message til the day after, so as such, I didn't even have enough money to get in there, unless I parked in Valley Metro and walked to the BBC, but with my leg the way it is, that was never going to happen.
        Was glad to see people tweeting pics of the good times though :) Not the same as being there, but at least I could feel somewhat included ;)

      Who's this guy?! :p

        I feel it's more appropriate to ask that of me these days, but I like jokes!

      I really like Ian Irvine's fantasy stuff but couldn't get into his SF work.

        Last Albatross / Terminator Gene / The Life Lottery aren't SF. They revolve around worldwide eco collapse, and they're set in the near future (e.g. 20ish years from now?) but ... I dunno. I guess that sort of qualifies them as SF but they're supposed to be about the people, not the science.

        Raises an interesting question. At what point does SF become SF?

          Science Fiction is any fiction that involves a change in conditions brought about by technology or anything else that happens either before or during the story, and then speculating forward what the impact would be on humans as a result of that change. There's a grounding in theory and things are properly explained, theories put forward are used consistently etc.

          I like Heinlein's definition: "Realistic speculation about possible [...] events, based solidly on adequate knowledge of the real world, past and present, and on a thorough understanding of the nature and significance of the scientific method."

            Works for me!

            In that case, the Human Rites trilogy is SF.

      I am in between books right now, im trying to decide if i read something fun or i delve into the world of battery enclosure design and battery protection circuits. I want to design a electric skateboard and i feel like i dont know enough about LiPo cells to work with them safely.

        Battery enclosure design and battery protection circuits sounds electrifying. Read that.

          Man.. that Haggis guy has just unleashed page 6 everywhere now! Dad jokes ahoy!

            I was making dad jokes everywhere long before Haggis.


              Same, but I was referring more to his early page 5 post last week ;)

                It didn't make page 6 and I had way too much energy to contain it in an enclosure so I had to discharge it.

          Also i really love electronics books but the people who write them need to take a class in how to energize their writing. I know the subject matter isn't dragons attacking a village but a joke or pun never goes astray when dealing with relatively dull subject manner.

            a joke or pun never goes astray when dealing with relatively dull subject manner

            I'm getting mixed signals here...

              Sometimes, depending on subject matter, the capacity for jokes can be impeded. Given the reactance however, logic dictates that the impedance would be minimal, therefore hard to resist.

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      I'm reading World War Z. A podcast I listen to mentions it every time they talk about zombies and they made it sound really interesting. But I'm finding it a bit boring, too fragmented in its presentation and not engaging enough as a result. Some really cool ideas in it though, pretty inventive for a zombie narrative.

        I've heard mixed things about it, I tend to be a bit hit or miss with zombie narratives anyway. But that does remind me that I need to pick up Vol 2 and 3 of The Walking Dead anthology editions. I'm "hit" on those ones.

        I agree that the presentation is a bit wonky with it hopping around a lot. It reads more like an anthology of short stories set in a zombie apocalypse rather than a simple linear narrative. Some of the individual stories/chapters are downright fascinating (my favourite was the one about the ISS) but some of them were pretty bland.

      What: The ring of Allaire
      Why: Most likely so I can donate/discard the series

    Unfortunately I couldn't make it to @dc's birthday on Saturday but it looked like everyone had fun. Sorry again about not being able to make it. I had to be involved in driving a Macharius Vanquisher in a long lapsed game after the GM was in a better mental state than he was a few months ago. His brother was up from Melbourne as well so it was good to hang out with them again after such a long time.

    On Sunday I was former gang thug turned mercenary turned voluntary drug tester. And then I was mind controlled by a vengeful spirit and almost killed our priest. That was an interesting experience.

    What up TAY?

    I had a pretty cool weekend. Spent Saturday morning/afternoon binge watching Daredevil (TV series) with @rocketman. Spent Saturday night with the Brisbane TAYbies for @dc birthday. It was a blast, it's been a while since we've done a proper meat-up.

    Didn't do too much on Sunday. I started playing Dragon's Dogma(n) on PC and it's a pretty cool guy. I love the combat in the game, it can get pretty hectic and climbing a giant cyclops to attack it's eye is pretty great and makes you feel pretty epic.

      Thanks so much for attending, bud. Was a great night! :)

    I enjoyed your shouts of "really, REALLY" at dragons dogma while i was watching Lord of the rings. I was like "man nob really doesnt like Frodo or Sam."

      Maybe I'm just racist towards Hobbits?

        Jerk! What did we ever do to you?

          nobody wants your disgusting feet on our carpets.

    I was going to write an article about my experiences with Android: Netrunner. How I bought into the game a few years ago and let the cards collect dust until I started recently going to my FLGS for casual game nights. How I went to a tournament and got completely trounced. How I initially blamed my loses on not having as many cards as my opponents.

    Except a story about how I'm improving feels a bit silly. Every time I try to sit down and get all of this down, I realise that there are more areas that I need to improve on and, more importantly, there are areas that I have already improved on since last trying to get my thoughts together.

    In a few weeks, the local Netrunner community is starting a league where you play a new opponent every week. I'll be doing this (and losing, with gusto!). That seems like a much more solid thing to base the story around.

    Also I'm learning to play bridge.

      Except a story about how I'm improving feels a bit silly.

      tell that to every sports movie ever made.

        Pretty much anything I write about Netrunner (aside from the thing I just sent Mark) will be about how I'm improving. I just don't think I've reached the point where I can give insightful commentary :p

      I used to know how to play Bridge (I could probably remember if I tried) but I gave it up for Canasta. I think I just prefer matching games (Rummy, etc) to trick taking games.

        I played a ridiculous amount of 500 in high school. Although one of the main reasons I'm doing this is that Freya's dad has represented Australia while playing Bridge. Seems a waste of a perfectly good resource. There's also a guy at the dog park who is apparently quite good at Backgammon.

          Well, yeah if that's the case you kind of have to. Would be like living next door to Bobby Fischer and not asking for help on your chess moves.

            Plus, if I start doing a series on classic games I can finally bust out this pesky Mahjong set I've had sitting on shelf for the last 3 years.

              I've only ever play Mahjong on digital devices. Don't know what I'd do if suddenly faced with physical tiles.

                Are we talking about proper Mahjong, which is basically Rummy, or Shanghai, which gets called Mahjong all the time because it's a solo game that uses Mahjong tiles?

                  ... Shanghai, I guess?

                  I've played Rummy with tiles (e.g. Rummikub) so if "proper" Mahjong is similar to that I guess I could pick that up easy enough.

                  @beeawwb real mahjong is very different. Not terribly difficult to get the basics, but man.. some of the people I met in Shanghai would walk circles around most people who 'think' they know how to play!

      Except a story about how I'm improving feels a bit silly. Every time I try to sit down and get all of this down, I realise that there are more areas that I need to improve on and, more importantly, there are areas that I have already improved on since last trying to get my thoughts together.
      So rather than concentrating on specific improvement examples, a big part of how you're getting better is the awareness of what to improve as well as what has already been improved.

        Mostly, it's that there's always something that's more interesting right around the corner.

    Hi all! Spent entirely too much time in Warframe after vowing my weekends to SWTOR... Also worried I might annoy friends in party chat with my frantic button mashing... :P Upside: have my first two new frames crafting with a third to be kicked off tonight. Downside: I think I need to buy frame slots to be able to use them once I've crafted them... Time to look at the trade market.

    Aiming is getting easier - the Boltor basically forced me to learn, but once I got the hang of it, Boltor is amazing fun - reminds me of the HV Penetrator from F.E.A.R (which I used at every opportunity :P). Moved on to try a bow now that my aim's improving - still undecided.

      Yeah, start doing those void missions with your tower keys ASAP so you've got prime parts to trade for plat.

      I highly recommend that you do anything within your power to grind up a Frost. They're invaluable for Defense missions. Borderline necessary for the harder ones.

        I find Oberon is also pretty great for Defense missions. Certainly one of the better healer frames around unless they've added something else recently.

          Trinity Prime is flat-out amazing. Energy Vampire, shield overcharge, the Armor debuff, and the best healer Ultimate in the game. Also has some of the highest shields, too. I put it ahead of Oberon, which I put a bit ahead of Nekros (which is too squishy).

        Spent hours and hours trying to get Control Modules to drop for me - then I tried a T1 Survival, and got be about 8 in the one run, and a BP for a prime archwing part (most useless prime part :P). New bane is Neurodes - cannot get them to drop anywhere... Have Rhino and Nyx crafting now - heard Rhino was a good starting support, but more offense-focused; Gonna start putting Valkyr together tonight. Will look into Frost, but need to unlock the rest of the planets, first - only just unlocked Phobos and Sedna.

          You really wanna make it rain prime parts and get great value-per-key, you wanna be doing the defense towers. Preferably with some friends. Pop the snow globe up on the middle part, then everyone just can sit back and plink away at oncoming hordes. One drop of something (rare mods or prime parts) every five minutes. Pretty great. Survival can be good too, but things start getting stupidly ridiculous at the 40min mark. As in, frost globe getting popped within seconds, finding it near impossible to kill heavy gunners.

          Captures are AMAZING for blitz runs. If you simply ignore all the enemies, run directly to the target, capture, then run back out, you can probably manage a prime part per five minutes that way, too. Sabotages can be good once you've learned the tile-sets intimately. Every sabotage has three caches hidden in the level, which can also yield gold cores, credits, and prime parts in addition to the part you get from mission completion.

          Oh, get a Loki ASAP, too. They're one of the best frames to cheat your way through spy, sabotage, and capture missions. Get the mods which max out duration for invisibility. It's a kind of god mode, really.

          Last edited 18/01/16 1:38 pm

            I've been strongly considering a Loki (and eventually Ivara) - the spy and rescue missions are starting to get ridiculous, after barely making it through the Corpus Spy mission for the artifact quest. Might look into getting some cyphers - the hacking in my most recent rescue missions (Alerts especially) have been insane. Sabotage is awesome fun, tho, just flying past everything in both directions. :P I guess that's why the caches exist.

            I've got a couple T1 capture keys, might quickly run them. Have something like 6x T1 sabotage missions, which I might save until I know the tilesets better and where the caches spawn.

              Shitty thing about some of the spy missions is some terminals don't actually have a Cipher option at all!

              Don't feel bad if you can't get all three caches in the sabotages, though. Some of the maps seriously fuck with you on it. My youngest brother has been playing nearly every day for the last couple years and knows most tilesets like the back of his hand and STILL has trouble getting them all, sometimes.

              Oh, and if you need more keys, then regular survival, defense, and excavation missions are great ways to get them. (More reasons to get a Frost. They make all of those easy-mode.)

    TAY RPG Pathfinder on tonight at 7:30pm AEST, 8pm ACDT, and 8:30pm AEDT. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @beeawwb

    The party is about to board a whaling boat and head to the northern Cold Coast. The local whales are behaving oddly and the party is being paid to investigate why they beached themselves.

    Is everyone still good for tonight?

      I'm all good, I'm magically armed and ready to burn... literally!

      They're whalers of the moon
      They carry their harpoons
      But there ain't no whales
      So they tell tall tales
      And sing this merry tune.


      And that's just Lundgredolph.

      I'll be there

      Hey popdart, I'm going to be running late tonight due to train trouble, I'll be on as soon as I get home, which will be most likely after 8

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