What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It'll be one of the quieter weekends for video games I've had in a while, but there are a few things that I'll invariably end up doing. There's one game that simply can't get away from, and I've got a new toy to play with as well.

The one game that I've become completely lost in again is Endless Space, the space 4X from Amplitude Studios (also responsible for Dungeon of the Endless and Endless Legend). I tried getting into Endless Legend over Christmas, but found myself coming back to the cosmos instead.

I'm constantly losing time every night because of this, which is less than ideal given that the sequel is due out this year. Although refining up on my management of dust and my ship-building skills will probably come in handy at some point.

The cool toy I've picked up recently is a CronusMAX Pro, a device that lets me use any controller with any console. I got it so I could use the Xbox Elite controller with my PS4, but I've since discovered you can get a mouse and keyboard working via the CronusMAX too.

Currently it's setup so it has to reauthenticate with the console every 10 minutes, which makes it less than ideal for any games that automatically pause whenever a controller disconnects (like NBA 2K16). But the controller's back up and working by the time the notification comes up on the screen, and fortunately Gauntlet, Need for Speed and HELLDIVERS all worked without a hitch.

Apparently with the latest firmware all you have to do is get any cheap USB 2.0 hub (4 ports, usually) and then you can connect your PS4 controller and controller of choice into the CronusMAX, which then plugs into one of the console's USB ports. That's how I've seen it work online, anyway, and I since I could use another USB hub I'll undoubtedly be checking this out.

Also, the prospect of trolling people in Call of Duty by playing with a mouse and keyboard seems like a great way to spend an evening or two. Am I a terrible person for saying that?

Anyway, what are you playing this weekend?


    I'll be holidaying is Tassie for half of it, but when I get home I'll be on some Bravely Default. Might continue plugging away at Lego Star Wars: Complete Saga.

    Just started MGS5 this week, so I'll be playing that this weekend, and probably every other weekend for the forseeable future.

    Got back into Persona 4 Golden over xmas holidays, so might give that a bit of time, too.

    Probably meander through more of just cause 3 and crack open my 3ds again just to get through some more of a link between worlds.

    Probably try to finish Ori and the blind forest on the Boner. Awesome game, deceptively tough

    Just Cause 3 for me! And maybe some Uplink. And maaaaaaybe Pony Island off steam (for the DARKNESS.)

    I have some space whales to take down in xenoblade. They've been taunting me for the last 80 hours, but it ends now!

    I'm in a bit of a gaming rut at the moment. I haven't played anything substantially since start of December last year. I got halfway through Bloodborne at the start of the year and stopped playing for some reason, been meaning to go back to it but am tossing up whether to start again or not. I'll probably end up playing nothing though and continue being indecisive.

      I go through this once or twice per year and the way I usually get over it is to start playing a short Indie game so I don't get over whelmed and I can finish it in a short period of time. It's sort of like a gaming detox from the massive AAA games that take ages to finish...

    Probably TOR - want to start getting through my backlog (managed to knock two games off over the holiday break), starting this year with the three big RPGs I want to finish at some point - TOR, Witcher 3 and Pillars - hopefully make a dent in them while it's pretty quiet.

    It's been years, but thanks to Dragon Quest Heroes (which I've yet to complete) I'm addicted to Dynasty Warriors again.

    Picked up DW8&XL for a song second hand & can't put it down. Am seriously considering buying a Samurai warriors which I be never played.

    Also grabbed Super Meat Boy & Volume on vita the other week.

    And hoping Trails in Cold Steel finally arrives in the post.

    But yeah, Dynasty Warriors.

    Steins;Gate on the vita, been really slow so far but it's meant to pick up soon so I will persist.

    Skyforge and Duelyst; both games I wasn't expecting to get much out of but am enjoying a hell of a lot :O

    I Actually had a huge get an old game to work adventure last sunday night that had me up to 1am. The game was Battle for middle earth 2 rise of the witch king. If you bought that through Origins before 2014 and didn't register it like me then don't even bother. It's got a client side registeration form that is trying to talk to a server that no longer exists anyway I tried to get EA support to fix it for me but they couldn't. So i decided to figure out what was bringing up the registration form and cut it out.

    So I ended up finding the file that pulls the registration form up but deleting it would cause a fatal error, so next I tried to edit it so that it thought it got an affirmative reply but couldn't get that to work, then I tried to make it talk to local host but obviously I didn't know what it was expecting in reply. So I tried to edit the exe which it didn't like and then lastly I tried to reverse engineer the launcher but that was a bridge too far. Anyway EA gave me a free game which as you can all imagine isn't good enough when you want to play a specific game.

    Long story short I ******* it, apparently there are still torrents for it..... All this just to play the Edain Mod that Kotaku reported on last week. :P

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    We've been playing a large amount of Renowned explorers: International society
    Such a great game. The world map selection is very similar to FTL (as is the rougelike nature) but the encounters have been replaced by a strategic turn based combat system.
    That combat system is amazing. You basically attack the enemies spirit and this can be done with three ways by being Aggressive, friendly or devious. Each of those has a sub grouping so friendly you can use Excite, Impress or Confidence. Different enemies have defense buffs or weaknesses to different abilities.
    But the real kicker in the combat is that the fight has a mood that provide a buff / debuff depending on what the mood. If you are both friendly then the next aggressive attack will do 50% more damage. But if you turn aggressive to friendly people they get upset and are likely to turn devious, would gives you a debuff unless you can switch your mood.
    Add to that you select a part of 3 from 4 main classes (Scientist, scouts, fighters and speakers) with a range of different skills to get through the non combat challenges on the map it is a game with a surprising amount of depth

    The wife bought me Xenoblade Chronicles X for Xmas which I want to finish. Then back to Fallout 4, Witcher 3 and MGSV, all of which I haven't finished but really want to.

    Playing some stuff on my new 3DS.
    Probably Monster Hunter 4 and Mighty Switch Force.

    Splatoon and maybe some NBA and even PE of minecraft to keep the eldest happy.

    Change of mind after seeing the video about NBA Jam being created i might download a rom of it and play that to see if the code to stop the Bulls from winning exists in the SNES version as well.

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    Also, the prospect of trolling people in Call of Duty by playing with a mouse and keyboard seems like a great way to spend an evening or two. Am I a terrible person for saying that?
    Definitely, but I won't hold it against you :D

    I've recently jumped back into Boderlands: The Pre-Sequel to knock off the DLC, but once that's done I'll be trying to finish off the main story of Fallout 4. As usual, I got so distracted by side stuff that my focus on it is slipping a bit.

    Now that I've finished Rise of the Tomb Raider, I've decided to get to work on my pile of shame...

    Starting with Arkham Knight, with a bit of Hearthstone thrown in.

      I just started in on my Pile of Shame last week. Unfortunately I'd upgraded my computer since starting lot of my games, so all my progress got wiped.

    I'm trying to decide between FFVII (PS4) or Xenoblade (Wii U). Most of my time is going to be eaten by moving into my new apartment but I won't have an internet connection so this is really 'what are you playing to kill the boredom next week?'.

    Just got the flight mod in Xenoblades Chronicles so much exploring to do :D.
    Also have 2 months left in Pandemic Legacy which we are hoping to finish tomorrow night.

    AC3 and Freedom Cry... If I finish, I'll continue my quest to plat Bloodborne.

    Currently alternating between AC Syndicate and Fallout 4 so probably those. Have also been trying to work on my pile of shame. Played through Her Story and started a couple of others so will try to finish those.

    My love affair with Fallout 4 is waning, so I may bite the bullet this weekend and just do the main story quests to finish it all off. Other than that it will be getting back into AC:Syndicate and some online gaming with friends.

    Have a great weekend all! :)

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