Frozen Synapse Is Getting A Sequel This Year

Frozen Synapse Is Getting A Sequel This Year

It’s been given away in countless Humble Bundles, plays excellently on mobiles and probably echoes the vibe of Counter-Strike in a turn-based format better than some of those browser games out there.

Mode7 Games hasn’t been talking about Frozen Synapse for a while though, having spent the last couple of years focusing on Frozen Cortex. But the more tactical shooter is getting a sequel, and it’s due out this year.

I’ve contacted the developers for further information, but for now the only tidbit available is a line on the site that says “Open World Tactics”.

There’s also a release date of 2016 and one of the developers posted on Twitter that “most of the 50 things” that make the sequel interesting haven’t been announced yet.

Mode7 will be showing off the game at GDC next month, so expect to hear more about the top-down simultaneous wall-destroying simulator then.


  • Frozen Synapse… I seem to recall the PS3 verison of that being on PS+ way back when and the damn thing didn’t actually work! Kept freezing on the adjust-screen-size screen. Not sure how that ever got past QA at both the developer and Sony.

    • The PlayStation (PS3/Vita) version was a remake made by DoubleEleven. And it certainly worked fine for me on Vita. One of the few games I’ve platinumed.

  • Sounds good… huge fan of Mode7 and very sad that I couldn’t get my friends into Frozen Cortex… despite buying them copies!

    Love the whole play-by-mail aspect and I hope that continues into this new title.

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